Flingstones Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

Ever since I moved to my current address with Kevin, we've been leaving our footprints all over PJ, and SS15 especially, is an area we visit a lot for its large amount of eateries, local and non-local alike. It's quite a buzzing spot, owing to the college in the vicinity. Which is why there are... Continue Reading →


Oktoberfest at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Oktoberfest is upon us again and this year, we were invited to witness the beer tapping ceremony at one of my favourite German restaurant, Brotzeit. Located on the outside dining strip of Midvalley Megamall, Brotzeit is a popular watering hole and it serves pretty authentic German cuisine. The kitchen is head by a friendly German chap... Continue Reading →

Sang Nyuk Noodle 東風生肉麵, SS15

Sang Nyuk Mee, or 生肉面 in Chinese), is an iconic food of Sabah. In literal translation, Sang Nyuk means Raw Pork. Now before you get squeamish, it actually refers to the tender, fresh, smooth meat slices served in soup. Essentially pork noodles but totally Sabah style. Originated from Tawau in 1970s, it's now popular enough you... Continue Reading →

Topshelf, TTDI (Revisit)

Time really waits for no man. I remember saying to myself following my first visit to Topshelf that we definitely want to come back again. Who would have thought that one year could pass by so quickly? Chef Christopher Yee has kindly extended an invitation for us to sample the new menu, and I was... Continue Reading →

Creamy Beetroot Pasta with Bacon

It's already 11 days into 2015 and I have yet to post up anything remotely reflective, nor have I done my New Year's resolutions (I actually don't remember doing it last year either). But here is my first post of the year, and if this is anything to go by; my first New Year's Resolution... Continue Reading →

Pigs & Wolf, Pavilion KL

This is my final post of the year, so it's only apt that I finish it with a porky one. The reason the updates are scarce this month is because, well you guessed it: I've been super busy with shows and gigs, which is not surprising at all for the festive season. I have only... Continue Reading →

Tiffin by Chef Korn, Midvalley Megamall

Tiffin by Chef Korn is another newbie in town at Midvalley Megamall. If you think Chef Korn sounds familiar to you, that's because he's behind the well-known Thai restaurant Erawan. This new outlet is more casual in setting, featuring Chef Korn's village-style cooking, dishes he grew up loving and eating. The location is a little... Continue Reading →

Ante Kitchen & Bar Brunch Menu

The dining scene in KL has changed so much over the 3 years I've been here. I remember when I first arrived I was complaining about the lack of decent brunch spots, but over the past year or so the concept of "all-day-breakfast" has been lovingly embraced by the F&B industry and consumers. Truly, there's... Continue Reading →

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