Samy & Min Bak Kut Teh Oasis

I think by now it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Bak Kut Teh (BKT), especially Klang style with all those fatty meat parts and thick herbal soup. Ever since we embarked on our Low Carb journey, BKT has always remained top of the list for Breakfast choices. You could refer to my previous post on Klang BKT to check some of the really good spots in Klang.

Of course, there will be compromises made in order to keep the carb count low: Skip the rice, don’t finish the soup and don’t pile on the garlic and soy sauce. Chinese herbs contain carbs, and the soy sauce is not low on sugar either. On the other spectrum, it’s easy to go high fat, just order the right parts as shown below.

So one day when we were in Oasis Damansara, we stumbled upon the newly opened Samy & Min BKT and our mind was blown. A Klang BKT branch right in our neighbourhood! Will it live up to the expectations? We had to pay a visit!

 photo IMG_20181101_110754.jpg

And 4 visits later, we could safely say that this is THE BKT place for us whenever we need a quick fix and can’t drive all the way to Klang.

 photo IMG_20181101_110808.jpg

Samy & Min has been operating in Bandar Botanic Klang for over 25 years, and this is their 5th Outlet now. We have not been to their original outlet yet so we can’t make a direct comparison. Here’s a general review for you.

 photo IMG_20181101_104630.jpg

Of course, we have to start with the soup. The broth here has the signature Klang herbal note and is nice and thick. Consistency wise, the salt level does fluctuate but in general, it’s acceptable. The depth of flavours could be deeper but to satisfy a craving, this is pretty competent.

Let’s get to the various fatty parts!

 photo IMG_20181104_104921.jpg

Tua Kut (Big Bone) is normally our favourite part to order at any BKT joint. Here the Tua Kut is not gigantic like some other outlets, but it comes with a good portion of skin and tender enough meat. The broth gets quite gelatinous as a result.

 photo IMG_20181101_104540.jpg

Ka Wan (脚弯, part of the pigs leg). This is the fattiest part you can get and it’s boneless. Soft meat, slightly chewy fat and melty skin. Superb.

 photo IMG_20181101_104553.jpg

Pork Belly/3 Layer meat, another of our favourite here. Excellent ratio of fat and meat and cooked just right.

 photo IMG_20181104_104911.jpg

Intestines. Nicely cooked so it’s just a little bit chewy, but not rubbery.

But the best thing in Samy & Min, is that you can also order Half-boiled eggs there. Which we did to dip the meat in.

 photo IMG_20181101_105414.jpg

Is it weird? Not at all! The egg helps to dilute the soup a little and the yolk lends extra creaminess to the meat. Heavenly! High recommended especially with the Pork belly! One egg per person is sufficient so we only order 1 set.

Service wise, the workers are still learning how best to serve so there might be some communication problems here and there, but at least they are friendly and polite. I noticed they are getting better each time ww visit though, which is a positive sign.

As for the pricing, they have decided to keep it the same as their original branch. The meat is priced between RM10-14, so it’s really reasonable. So now the PJ folks can also enjoy authentic BKT at the same price!

Samy & Min Bak Kut Teh
D-G-02, Block D,
Oasis Ara Damansara,
No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operating hours: 0800 to 1500, 1800 to 2200
closes every 1st and 3rd Monday.

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