Anne Lourdes – Southern European Deli

Meat lovers in Klang Valley would mostly be familiar with Anne Elizabeth, a deli style restaurant that lets you pick your choice of carnivorous delights at the counter to be cooked fresh and then sent to your table. One could even say that they serve the best tasting Iberico pork dishes at super reasonable price. Naturally, we are huge fan of this place and even had our post ROM luncheon there.

So when we found out that they are opening a sister restaurant nearby, called Anne Lourdes, we knew we had to give it a try! Make no mistake, even though it’s operated by the same people, and that the restaurant also spot an impressive deli counter for you to pick your meat from, you can expect a completely different dining experience here. And one great advantage is that parking is way easier here too. The booking process is the same and they have the same efficiency when it comes to seat allocation and ordering.

If you are familiar with the offerings at Anne Elizabeth, then you might notice that there are no homemade sausages here, instead they have a variety of home cured bacon. The types of Iberico dishes on offer are also different here. Lastly, there are more seafood choices here as they do serve tapas here. The owner pointed out they serve different range of side dishes. We didn’t waste too much time to pick out our selections and sat down eagerly to wait for our dishes.

We saw these fresh looking prawns and decided to try it. Cooked in wine and garlic and topped with Arugula, the prawns still had the heads on but have been shelled for convenience. The picture might not look like much but our little minds were blown at how delicious it was! Fresh sweet flesh of prawn with plenty of head juice and that gravy was calling for some bread to soak it up. So. damn. good.

We chose Paprika and Spiced Rub Pork Bacon which came perfectly cooked with just the right ratio of meat and fat. Being cured meat, this can be on saltier side for some but great pairing with wine or beer. A sprinkle of Cannellini beans is a cute touch too.

The staff brought over this gorgeous chili oil and chili flakes because we couldn’t resist ordering their pizza! They explained that their pizzas are supposed to be single slice but when it arrived, I think the proper way to describe it is more of a personal pizza size. It can easily be shared between two though. Easier to show you what it looks like of course.

We ordered the Jamon Serrano pizza and it comes with freshly made tomato sauce, just the right amount of cheese and covered in Jamon! The thin crust has a nice crunch to it but what I did may be criminal to others as I only eat toppings off pizzas! The chili oil is fabulous with it by the way, clever addition.

We did not think the meal could get better but we were wowed once again! This was the dish I set my eyes on before even stepping foot in the restaurant. This, my friends, is the Iberico Roulade with Mushroom Jam. And when I say this dish is perfection! The Iberico was cooked in a way that the meat is still juicy but has that amazing crunch when you bite into it. There were 3 pieces on this plate and each had mushrooms in the centre. That mushroom jam tied everything together and was definitely the highlight of our meal. So umami, with just a tinge of sweetness and elevated the meaty dish. I wonder where the putting Arugula on every dish habit come from, seems to be rampant in Klang Valley haha. Not a huge problem as I can help Kevin polish every single strand of them.

Drinks are reasonably priced there too. Service there can be improved, as the new staff are definitely still learning and inexperienced, there were definitely some language barriers, hopefully this will get better overtime. Meanwhile, counting down the days until we can visit this place again!

Anne Lourdes

21, Jalan Jintan, Taman Supreme, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bookings: 010-200 1180

Monday to Thursday 16:00 – 23:30


Saturday and Sundays 12:00 – 23:30

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