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I’m a girl with a big dream, who has taken a sabbatical from Medical career for a seachange and now concentrating on pursuing a Music career. This is where I share my experiences in the kitchen, out dining, and from time to time what’s going on around me. Born and raised in Bintulu, Sarawak, and then moved to Melbourne for over 10 years, finally settled down here in Kuala Lumpur, you can expect a wide range of cuisines I love experimenting with while touching base with my root.

To find out more about me you can check out:



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  1. Hi Kelly,

    Your first posts just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:

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  2. Hi Kelly,

    We received a request from Urbanspoon user “Kelly Siew” (662336162@facebook.user) claiming that they are the author of Kelly Siew Cooks. It sounds like you, but I’m writing to verify that this is the case and that you want to allow Kelly Siew to manage your blog on Urbanspoon.

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  4. Hi Kelly
    I came to know KellySiew when you were the contestant in the Nutriplus….well Im being the silent reader inQuaypocooks and Wendy of Table for two…or more. As I have browsed thru your blog, I think you are a multi talented person. Hopefully one day I can be one of your patron to where you perform.

  5. Hi Kelly! I stumbled upon your blog through Arthur’s and I like what I read. To put on hold a medical career to pursue your dream is truly courageous and inspirational!

    Enjoy what you do and you have a new follower!

  6. Hello Kelly, how’s life? Nice to meet you at the recent hangout at Burger Junkyard.

    If you have a few minutes off from your multifarious schedules, do send me a beep and check out our salmon burgers.



  7. hello Kelly, I have set up a Facebook page “Authentic Sarawak Food and History” which shall capture selected Sarawak Cuisines representing all races. My intention is to make this place a center of Sarawak Cuisines where those who are interested in Sarawak cuisines can come here to share and to learn.

    I will write a short note on the cuisines and linked them to various food blogs including yours.I have include you cuisine

    13. Foochow Red Wine Mee Sua – http://www.kellysiewcooks.com

    I hope all of you can support this page by liking the page and give valuable comments on Sarawak Cuisine. Your expertise and sharing will definitely benefit the page.

      1. Really thanks. I have a lot to learn from you. Let make Authentic Sarawak Food & history a success. You are free to post any Sarawak related recipe provided no interaction! Thanks again

  8. Hi Kelly! I just nominated your blog for The Liebster Award (I noticed that you have a greater number of followers but your blog is definitely worth sharing!). Please check on my webpage: spicytones.com for more information and the rules of the award. If you choose to accept this nomination, kindly include your answers to the following questions in your acceptance post:

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    6) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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    Congratulations and all the best to you!

    Kind regards,

    Eva Wong

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