Creamy Beetroot Pasta with Bacon

It’s already 11 days into 2015 and I have yet to post up anything remotely reflective, nor have I done my New Year’s resolutions (I actually don’t remember doing it last year either). But here is my first post of the year, and if this is anything to go by; my first New Year’s Resolution would be to share more recipes on this blog.

I have finally acquired a Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Cutter. Many of you have asked where and here is the link. I believe this is the best way to purchase if you live in Malaysia. But of course, have a look through eBay and you might be able to find it too. Here’s what it looks like:

Image from Amazon.

For the uninitiated, this is basically a very fancy vegetable slicer than cut vegetables into spirals, so it turns things like zucchini, carrot, potato etc into long noodle like strands. You then can use them anyway you like, and I love to substitute noodles and pastas with these vegetables. For example, this gorgeous looking plate of Pasta made with Beetroot:

Creamy Beet Pasta.

I love using the Spiral Cutter because it’s fun and somewhat therapeutic to watch the transformation (I know I am weird). Potato noodles are the most fun because it’s the most versatile, zucchini noodles are rather delicious in stir fry, but Beetroot noodles are simply beautiful no matter what you do with it.

This dish is super simple and it’s a relatively guilt free version of Carbonara. And since Beetroot is already full of vitamins and antioxidants, there is no need for extra vegetables (of course, don’t let me stop you). Best still, it cooks faster than actual Pasta so you have a delicious meal in about 15 minutes or less.

Creamy Beetroot Pasta with Bacon
1 Medium Beetroot, spiralised
6 Strips of Streaky Bacon cut into lardons
3 Cloves of Garlic, thinly sliced
Handful of thyme leaves
70ml Heavy Cream
Handful of cheese of your choice, I used cream cheese for that extra luscious texture for the sauce.
Squeeze of lemon
Chili (optional)

Heat oil in pan and add bacon. Cook until starting to brown, then add garlic, thyme and beetroot and stir for 3-4 minutes. If you prefer beetroot to be softer feel free to go for extra 2-3 minutes.

Add cream and cream cheese, stir until combined, and then squeeze over lemon juice before serving. I like to add some chili too because I can’t live without spicy food!

Yeah… that’s it!! Anyone can cook this, as long as you have a spiral cutter. By the way, there are other types of spiral cutters, but a lot of them are limited to only long cylindrical shaped (wanted to use another word but stopped myself in time) vegetables and won’t be able to spiralise potatoes and beetroot, for example. So if you want to get serious in the Spiralising businness Paderno is the way to go.


Back to New Year’s Resolutions: I don’t have anything specific but I am just going to continue working hard for my dreams and continue to bring quality content on this blog for you. The past couple of weeks have been really stressful and I nearly had a nervous breakdown, so I hope the next few weeks I can readjust my mindset and focus on what really matters. 2014 had been productive, fruitful and certainly very, very interesting. Looking forward to a great year ahead!

By the way, check out the Real Pasta version here too.

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  1. Wishing you an awesome start to 2015! Always looking for some delicious gluten free options and this is a great alternative to pasta. Light and delicious and a very cool device too!

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