Pigs & Wolf, Pavilion KL

This is my final post of the year, so it’s only apt that I finish it with a porky one. The reason the updates are scarce this month is because, well you guessed it: I’ve been super busy with shows and gigs, which is not surprising at all for the festive season. I have only just recovered from a long bout of viral (turned bacteria at some point) Upper Respiratory Tract Infection so imagine how it was like to pull through multiple gigs with that. In any case, I’m glad to get my normal voice back and definitely pumped for the coming week of shows.

Rambling aside, let me introduce yet another new restaurant which has just set foot on the 7th floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. I never knew that there was a 7th floor in Pavilion, and later I was told it was for beauty stores, well I supposed perhaps I’m not vain enough after all. Anyway, this new outlet is not entirely brand new because it’s the third branch following the success in Bangsar Village and Tropicana City Mall; that’s right I’m talking about Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf, which is now shortened to be Pigs & Wolf.

The concept is interesting, Pigs for the day (casual-ish all day breakfast) and Wolf for the evening (more formal-ish, wine bar-esque), hence the menus are slightly different but rest assured that it is fit for the biggest pork lover out there. So if you like bacon as much as I do, read on.

A group of us were there for the very first night of operation, and boy did we stuff ourselves! Let’s walk through the dishes we tried.

Wolf’s Favourite @ RM29++

First up is their signature Pasta, Wolf’s Favourite, which is essential Spaghetti Carbonara on Steroids. I think you can top a poach egg on anything and I will be happy, add some more crispy bacon bits and I will love you forever. Ok, perhaps not. But this is good indeed.

Gorgeous runny yolk!

Gotta love proper orange egg yolk, signifying happy hens (although not so happy now that we are eating their eggs, hmm). The pasta itself was cooked to the right doneness with just enough amount of cream sauce to coat the strands. There are plenty of mushrooms and bacon to go around too.

Big Bad Burger RM32++

More bacon, this time in a burger. The patty is thick while remaining relatively juicy.

Mighty Piggy Burger RM28++

The mighty piggy burger is topped with a fried egg and herbed mayo. While the patty is just like the other one, I would have preferred the egg yolk to be less cooked.

Pork Steak Sandwich RM35++

The Pork steak sandwich is worth a try, for it’s thickly sliced marinated pork remains toothsome and made better with some wasabi mayo. I enjoyed the fluffy buttered Ciabatta more so than the burger buns too.

Ready for some main dishes? Don’t say I didn’t warn you yeah… here’s another crowd favourite.

The one that didn’t get away (Pork Ribs) RM79++

I want to feel sorry for the piggy, but how to when I am faced with such deliciousness? It looked impressive enough on its own, but when I attempted to cut it, the knife just glided through the flesh like butter.

I mean… this is ridiculous!

So tender, so full of smoky flavour and the sweet and savoury note of the marinate. Only complaint I have, that is my stomach is too small to have more of this.

We tried not 1, not 2, but 4 different Pork steaks. I think I will list them according to my preference.

Like Buttercup RM38++

Not sure if my photo does this dish justice (it’s not easy to make a white sauce look good), but I love that rich creamy, garlicky sauce, pairing with succulent pork cooked to perfection. If I wasn’t so full at the time, I would so drench the rice with sauce and forget about my diet. Oh, sorry I think I threw that word out the window long before.

Just another Pork Steak RM38++

No doubt I like heavy flavours and here the BBQ sauce has the nice balance.

Snug Piggy RM39++

This one comes with a mushroom sauce, and truly you can’t really go wrong with that.

Green with Envy RM39++

Theoretically this should have been my favourite as the sauce contains some of my favourite ingredients: lemon and capers. However, I was surprised by the amount of sugar in that sauce, it almost tastes like lemon curd. I would much prefer it to be piccata like with the distinct sharpness from the lemon. But I guess that would be an idea for me to try at home next time.

Oh, we are not done yet. When this monstrosity came out from the kitchen, I think most of us made far too much noise.

German style Pork Knuckle RM98++

Let’s take a moment to admire the gorgeousness of the pink flesh, crispy crackling and glorious fat! I was so stuffed by then and could only manage one slice. I need to go back to have more. Needless to say, this made some of us very happy. Just take a look:

Cue Fatboybakes gnawing on the bone.

Oh and we also had desserts. Fatboybakes’ desserts no less. How to say no?

Nutty Macadamia Tiramisu (I simply name it according to what I taste yeah feel free to correct me, Cheng Yi)

This. Is. AMAZEBALLS. For a non dessert eater I wanted to wallop the whole thing. Why you bake so good?!!

Rum & Raisins Cheesecake.

I want to cry tears of joy. Oh and you can definitely taste the rum, a lot of it.

Pandan & Gula Melaka

Two perfect match, one delicious cake. Ok, I am officially out of dessert quota.

Thank you Pigs & Wolf for a scrumptious feast, I shall be back soon!

Pigs & Wolf
Level 7, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Phong Hong says:

    Kelly, everything looks scrumptious! I must visit this place 🙂 Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    1. kellysiew says:

      Have a lovely year ahead with more delicious food!

  2. lonelyreload says:

    nice photos of the food taken, still remember me? long time no see~

    Changed to http://www.reloadfood.com liao~ XD

  3. foodlover says:

    To me, I like their signature Mighty Piggy Burger, a very delicious pork burger indeed.

    However, I don’t like their pork chop. The pork is not as succulent as mighty piggy burger pork. 🙂

    I have been a regular customer for the restaurant, just for the burger. :p

  4. Have a lovely year ahead with more delicious food!

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