Keto Pad Kra Pow

Welcome to the fourth week of Movement Control Order in Malaysia! How are you coping so far? Have you been keeping busy with hobbies and projects? Eating lots of homecooked food? Chilling out with books, movies and Netflix (finally watching that movie you meant to catch)? Becoming a pro-gamer? No matter how you choose to spend this period, just know that our effort of staying at home is not in vain and we can all flatten the curve together.

To be honest, when the MCO was announced, I was a little bit freaked out because not only my shows were cancelled, our school were also forced to close which means a complete loss of income for me for the entire month. Fortunately, the hardwork over Christmas and CNY period means I don’t get to starve yet at least for a few months. It does give me a chance to get involved with several projects and an opportunity to really rest and plan for the future. So, all is not lost. Plus, I get to update my blog again! 😂

Today’s recipe is an easy one. Only a few ingredients are needed, as are most of my recipes nowadays. It is true that when you are cooking with good produce, you don’t have to overseason. Pad Krapow is a lovely Thai dish that the whole family can enjoy. And our version of course features cauliflower rice. Although a gripe I have is that Thai basil is quite hard to find in my local grocer. Is anyone a garden enthusiast and can share tips for growing herbs?

Pad Krapow, literally means Stir Fry basil, is commonly made with either pork or chicken. It’s spicy, aromatic and savoury, like most of the Thai dishes. In our household we will always have a bunch of mince pork so whenever I get my hands on Thai Basil, this dish will be on the table. It’s super easy as well. Let’s get to it!

Keto Pad Krapow (serves 3)
500g Mince Pork (I use mince pork Jowl for extra fattiness)
2 cloves of Garlic, Minced
2 small Shallots, chopped
3-4 Chili Padi, sliced (or more if you like it spicy)
1 pack of Thai Basil
1 teaspoon Best Quality fish sauce you can find (either Ong Ky or Red Boat)
1 teaspoon Tamari
Half a head of Cauliflower

Heat some lard (oil of your choice) in pan, and stir fry garlic and shallots until aromatic. Add pork to cook for 2-3 minutes until no longer pink.

Season with fish sauce, Tamari and chili and let everything mix well for 2-3 more minutes.

Stir in the Thai basil and turn off the heat immediately. Give everything a good mix and serve.

To make the cauliflower rice. Simply break the cauliflower in small floret, use a food processor to chop into rice size. Or if you are good with grater, you can opt for that as well. Fry in a little bit of lard until it dries up and slightly softened.

Optional: You can also add a fried egg on top. We normally go without as we do eat quite a fair bit of eggs for breakfast.

Also optional: I find that this dish is sufficiently seasoned but if you do miss the sweet taste you can also add in a bit of Sweetener while seasoning.

Time to serve the Pad Krapow! ❤️

And have a great week, everybody!

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  1. PH says:

    That looks absolutely noms! The MCO in a way if looked positively is a blessing or sorts. I got to clean my garden, something I had been wanting to do for years and never had the time! Speaking of planting herbs, it is a good idea since you can get supply anytime. It is not difficult.

    You need a flowerpot with some soil, Then go and buy the Thai basil. I used to get mine from Jaya Grocer. Choose those with woody stems, harvest the leaves(but leave some small ones on the stems) and nip off any flowers or flowering tips. Soak the stems in water (use a suitable jar) for a day or two (change the water daily). Then simply stick the stems into the soil. Make sure the soil is damp (not wet) and leave it be for a few days to root. Everyday just feel the soil. If still damp, do not water or else the cuttings will rot. It will take about a week or two for new shoots to form. You can do the same for mint and daun kesum (laksa leaves). Good luck!

    1. kellysiew says:

      Wow thank you so much! I do not have confidence in growing herbs because even my spring onion cutting dies after a few days 😂 I think 2020 might be the time to really try gardening.

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