Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2018 Set Dinner at Tanzini and The Club, GTower Kuala Lumpur 圣诞佳节套餐

I feel like I say this every year but I honestly can’t believe Christmas is upon us again! The most wonderful time of the year warrants some delicious food. So if you have not made plans for Christmas yet you might want to take a look at what I’m about to share.

我觉得我每年都在重复这句话,但我真的不敢相信那么快圣诞节又将来临! 一年中最美好的时光当然需要美食来庆祝。 所以如果你圣诞节还没有计划,就来看看我将要分享的内容吧。

Last week, Kevin and I sampled the Festive Menu at Tanzini and The Club, and GTower Kuala Lumpur. That’s right, two different menu! It was indeed a feast for us. Let’s take a look at the menu at Tanzini, and I will also show you how to stay low carb even when eating at a fancy restaurant.

上周,Kevin和我在Tanzini和The Club, GTower吉隆坡品尝了圣诞节日菜单。 没错,两个不同的菜单! 这对我们来说确实是一场盛宴。 让我们先来看看Tanzini的菜单,顺便告诉你如何在高档餐厅吃饭时保持低碳。 

Tanzini is offering a Xmas as well as NYE set menu for RM245nett per person. 


Starter 前菜

 photo IMG_20181203_191118.jpg

Scallop and Coconut Timbale 带子及椰子沙拉

A medley of diced scallop and coconut fresh topped with tropical fruits and greens. Refreshing and clean flavours. (For Keto: Skip the fruits and stick with the greens and scallops, a little bit of coconut flesh is okay.) 

口感相当清爽。 (低碳者需略去水果,一点椰子肉还可以接受。)


 photo IMG_1958.jpg

Aglio-olio Angel Hair with Bacon, Yabbies and Caviar 蒜油意面佐牛培根,小龙虾及鱼子酱

Obviously I had to skip the pasta, and I think the dish is good enough without the starch anyway. 


Soup 汤

 photo IMG_1971.jpg

Zuppa Di Pesce (Classic Seafood Soup) 意式海鲜汤

Fresh seafood, refreshing broth. Best of all it’s low in carb so eat away! 

Sorbet (Palate Cleanser) 冰糕

 photo IMG_20181203_193238.jpg

Well, too bad for us we do have to skip desserts but luckily there are berries to cleanse our palate. This sorbet contains pop candy to bring back a little bit of nostalgia. 


Main Course  主菜

Option 1 (第一选项)

 photo IMG_20181203_201839.jpg

Stuffed Rolled Turkey with Polenta, Stewed Lentils and Cranberry Sauce 火鸡卷,玉米糕,扁豆,酸果蔓酱

Turkey cooked this way is juicy and succulent. For Low-carbers skip all the trimmings and just eat the meat. 

这种方式煮熟的火鸡能保持肉质的嫩度,多汁。 只吃肉就可以保持低碳哦。

Option 2 (第二选项):

 photo IMG_20181203_201900.jpg
Sous-Vide Lamb Rolled with Polenta, Cannellini Bean Puree and Au Jus 低温烹煮羊肉佐玉米糕,白芸豆泥

The Lamb is superbly tender! Not gamey at all, lovely with the herbaceous jus. Plus is it me or that flower looks like a penguin’s face?


Dessert 甜品

 photo IMG_20181203_204605.jpg

Orange Creme Brulee and Mixed Valrhona 橘子焦糖布丁,巧克力

First time I’ve seen Creme Brulee served outside a ramekin. The orange aroma is definitely coming through here. (Not Keto Friendly)


We move on to the Christmas Set Dinner at the Club, which is priced at RM155 nett per person. You can see that the dishes here are more local with a touch of flair. 

The Club的圣诞套餐晚宴,价格为每人净价155令吉。 这里的菜肴比较偏向本地风味,当然也有加入一些小小心思。


 photo IMG_20181203_191046.jpg

Marinated grilled sea prawn infused with classic “kerabu pucuk paku” salad sered in a Top Hat. 娘惹小金杯,烤海虾佐蕨菜沙拉

Love the fresh crunchy prawns against the texture of the fern vegetables.


Soup 汤品

 photo IMG_20181203_191151.jpg

Asian inspired oxtail soup infused with Malaysian spices & herbs 马来风味牛尾汤

Very hearty soup with great depth of flavours, a touch of spice just gently kicking in. 

很丰富的一碗汤,带一点辣 ,非常开胃。


Mains 主菜

Option 1 (第一选项)

 photo IMG_20181203_195426.jpg

Twice  cooked stuffed chicken breast, russet potato cake, semidried tomatoes, spinach and fusion ‘percik’ dressing 椰汁烤酿鸡胸肉,马铃薯饼,日晒番茄

Personally not a fan of chicken breast, and this dish is a little bit on the dry side. I’d say the next dish is the better choice


Option 2 (第二选项)

 photo IMG_20181203_193140.jpg

Brined king barammundi fillet infused with ‘asam pedas’ salsa verde style 阿萨姆酸辣澳洲肺鱼 

This dish ticks many boxes for me. It feels rich with all the seafood in a parcel, much like a Christmas present. The fish is cooked just right, with great balance of tang and spice. Delicious! 

这道菜给我打了很多勾勾。 包裹中有很多海鲜及很大块一份鱼,就像圣诞礼物一样。 鱼烹饪得是恰到好处,酸味和辣味拿捏的很好。好吃!

Dessert 甜品

 photo IMG_1984.jpg

Poached pear in manuka honey, Bentong ginger infused with rose and mini petit cheese cake with homemade artisan chocolates 玫瑰蜂蜜文东姜水煮梨,佐芝士蛋糕,手工巧克力

Quite a fusion dessert. Each flavour is coming through harmoniously. But pairing it with cheesecake and chocolate is a little unnecessary.

相当融合的甜点。 每种口味都和谐地结合在一起。 但是将它与芝士蛋糕和巧克力搭配起来有点不必要。

Thank GTower Kuala Lumpur for hosting us!

Overall I’m leaning towards The Club’s set menu for its great value and the use of local flavours, but Tanzini’s menu is more decadent with solid main courses. This is a decent option for your Christmas or NYE dinner for its reasonable pricing and great location.    

总的来说,我比较倾向于The Club的本地风味套餐菜单,价钱也相当公道;但Tanzini的菜单更加气派,主菜的选择都很好。谢谢主家的招待!


Tanzini and The Club are located at:
GTower, 199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone: 03-2168 1899

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Phong Hong says:

    Everything looks wonderful and very Christmassy. So in order to stay on course with your keto eating plan, that would mean you set aside those bits of food (like fruits, pasta) and leave them uneaten?

  2. kyspeaks says:

    Yabbie dish looks more like a toy than food, so cute.

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