Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2018 Set Dinner at Tanzini and The Club, GTower Kuala Lumpur 圣诞佳节套餐

I feel like I say this every year but I honestly can't believe Christmas is upon us again! The most wonderful time of the year warrants some delicious food. So if you have not made plans for Christmas yet you might want to take a look at what I'm about to share. 我觉得我每年都在重复这句话,但我真的不敢相信那么快圣诞节又将来临! 一年中最美好的时光当然需要美食来庆祝。 所以如果你圣诞节还没有计划,就来看看我将要分享的内容吧。... Continue Reading →

Cape Mentelle Wine Pairing Degustation Lunch, Tanzini.

I usually have a rule of not drinking before the sunset. But that rule was well and truly broken couple of weeks ago at a very special wine pairing degustation lunch hosted by Cape Mentelle. I've always been fond of wines of Margaret River, so this wasn't something I would want to miss. So despite... Continue Reading →

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