What exactly is the Ketogenic diet and How do I do it? 如何执行生酮饮食

In my previous post I shared the reasons we decided to follow a Low Carb High Fat/Ketogenic diet and you have seen the obvious results on us. Maybe you even wonder how does it all work? Well, here’s the science of it.

在我之前的文章中,我分享了我们投入生酮饮食的原因,您也看到了我们的明显的成果。 也许你甚至想知道这一切是如何运作的? 让我来稍微解释一下生酮饮食的原理。

When we deplete our body of sugar by eating really few Carbs (by definition: as low as 20g nett Carb or less), our body starts producing ketones. Ketones are produced in the liver from fat, which will then be used as fuel for our body. Essentially, we become a fat burning machine. This is not only great for weight loss, but also comes with other less obvious benefits, such as less hunger and a steady supply of energy, and mental clarity. This process is called Ketosis.


 photo MACROCHART.jpg

So what do we do? To begin this lifestyle, first we have to understand that on this diet, we refer to macronutrients: Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates. In order to go into ketosis, we will need to be eating 70-80% Fat, 20-25% Protein and 5% Carbohydrates. We eat as much good fat as possible from meat, natural fat, dairy and eggs to hit our fat percentage, then supplement our meal with some vegetables (but remember to only eat those grown above the ground). Eat when you’re hungry until you’re satisfied. It’s that simple. You do not need to count calories or weigh your food. Although for the initial period it will help to record down what you eat to make sure you eat the correct macronutrients. Eventually, you will learn to eyeball the portion though.

开始这个新的饮食方式最重要的是要明白三大宏量的比例。我们需要吃70-80%的脂肪,20-25%的蛋白质和5%的碳水化合物。 为了达到脂肪百分比,尽可能多地从肉类,天然脂肪,乳制品摄取; 然后用一些蔬菜补充我们的膳食。 肚子饿了就吃,直到你满意为止, 就这么简单。 不需要计算卡路里或称量食物。刚开始时最好是把一天所吃的食物记下以确保你吃对宏量。久了你就会本能的知道大概怎么吃了。

 photo dreamstime_m_112857829.jpg

To break it down even further, these are things that we can eat in abundance:

Pork (belly, shoulder, leg, head, tail, organs)
Beef (Rib eye, Brisket, Striploin, Organs etc)
Lamb (all parts)
Chicken (with skin, preferably lower parts)
Fatty Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Cod, Butterfish etc)
Natural Cheeses
Heavy Cream
Coconut Oil
Animal fat (Lard, tallow, chicken fat etc)
Avocado (watch the carb content)




Here are the things we eat only a little:

Seafood (most of them contain carbs)
Green leafy vegetables
Tomatoes (bigger tomatoes contain less carbs)
Capsicum (all colours)
All berries (small amount)
Citrus fruit (small amount)



Here are things that we avoid totally:

Sugars (all kinds)
Honey and all other syrups
All starches including: Rice, Pasta, Noodles, Potatoes, Cereals, Baked Goods
All vegetables grown below ground: Carrots, Beetroot, Onions, Yam, Sweet Potatoes etc
Fruits except those in the list above
Beer (liquid bread)
Soy Products (this extends to soy bean oil as well)
All Corn products (including corn syrup and all other by products)
Processed Meats (Sausages, Ham, Cured meats that contain sugar)
Other synthetic oils like Canola oil, Vegetable oil, Margarine etc


The easiest way to visualise this is that you will be eating food in their original shape, and good news is, cooking becomes a lot less complicated! With good fresh ingredients, you don’t need long cooking process to make them taste good. Many say this way of eating is sustainable because we get to eat plenty of delicious food and never get hungry. Well, I can’t disagree!

简单来说,我们只选择吃原形食物。好消息是烹饪变得一点都不复杂! 只要有新鲜的原料,我们不需要长时间的烹饪过程来让它们变得好吃。许多人认为这个饮食方式非常容易维持,因为我们还可以吃各种美味的食材,而且也不需要挨饿。

Some delectable examples: 


 photo IMG_20180423_102914_959.jpg

Bacon, Egg, Avocado, Tomatoes and Alfalfa Sprouts. Delicious and nutritious breakfast (or anytime dish) 番茄,蛋,牛油果,培根,苜蓿芽。营养有美味的一餐。

 photo IMG_20180507_185017_156.jpg

Minced Pork, Cauli “Rice” and Egg. 肉燥,花椰菜伪饭,蛋。

 photo IMG_20180515_185137_229.jpg

Roast Porchetta, Choy Sum, Homemade Sauerkraut. 100% flavours, 100% nutrients. 烤猪,油菜,自制酸菜。这餐完全没有浪费卡路里,100%营养。

Ready for your Low Carb Journey? Here are a few steps to ease into the lifestyle/way of eating.


Throw all non-compliant ingredients out so there will be no temptations. Start with the pantry: That carton of instant noodles? Give it way. Bag of rice, flour, sugar will all have to go. Same goes for bottles of soy sauce, tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce. Sweet treats like biscuits, cereals, chocolate, coke and other soft drinks have no place in your kitchen. Out of sight, out of mind.

丢掉或捐出所有不合格的食物,这样就不会有诱惑。 从干粮开始:方便面,米,面粉,糖都必须清掉。 同样的,酱油,番茄酱,烧烤酱等等也不行。 饼干,麦片,巧克力,可乐和其他软饮料等甜点都丢了吧! 眼不见为净。 

Plan your meal. It’s as easy as deciding what meat you’ll like to eat for each meal, the cooking method and the accompanying vegetables. For example, Salmon for lunch accompanied by some Spinach, Steak with some asparagus and tomatoes, Grilled Chicken thighs with Choy Sum. Keep it simple and delicious, then it’s easy to stay compliant and eat the correct macros.

计划好每顿餐要吃什么肉,烹饪方法和想配的蔬菜,就这么简单。 例如,煎三文鱼佐菠菜,牛排配一些芦笋和番茄,烤鸡大腿配油菜。 这样就可以享受简单和美味的餐点,也容易保持合规及达到宏量。

Stock up compliant food. Buy good quality meat, poultry, seafood and lots of fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to keep some good fats handy. Butter, rendered animal fats, avocado, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil are some of the best choices. Learn to read labels for ingredients and nutritional info. Too many things have hidden carbs/sugar so you will need to be extra vigilant. Chances are, the more processed the food, the more likely to be non-compliant.

库存合规的食物。 购买优质的肉类,家禽,海鲜和大量新鲜蔬菜。 别忘了你需要的脂肪。 牛油,动物脂肪,牛油果,橄榄油,棕榈油,椰子油是一些好的选择。 学习阅读成分和营养信息的标签。 切记许多食品都隐藏了碳水化合物/糖,所以你需要格外警惕。 食物加工越多,不合规的可能性就越大。

Home cooking is best. Try to eat mostly homecooked food. But if you must eat out, order meat, eggs and low carb vegetables, avoid all sauces and most soups. Refer to this post for some of the places you can go.

尽量自己在家煮。 但如果你必须外出就餐,可以只点肉类,鸡蛋和低碳蔬菜,避免所有酱汁和大多数的汤类。 我之前有分享一些外食的建议,请参阅此帖子

Drink lots of water. Add Himalayan salt in the water during the initial period because you will be losing a lot of the water retention and electrolytes along with weight loss. This will also help soothe the Keto flu you might experience when you are getting into ketosis.

尽量多喝水。 尤其是在最初阶段可以加喜马拉雅盐在水中,因为你的身体会流失大量的水分和电解质。 这也有助于缓解您在初期可能会患的酮症。

Eat when you are hungry. If you feel hungry, it usually means you are not consuming enough fat. Snack on eggs, cheese, more meat, pork rinds, Avocado etc. Pick fats and protein over vegetables.

饿的时候就吃。 如果你感到饥饿,通常意味着你没有摄入足够的脂肪。 鸡蛋,奶酪,肉类,猪皮,牛油果等都可以当零食。

Tell everyone around you and explain in details why you choose to make the change. Trust me, this is important. Ignore the naysayers and silence them with your results. And on that same note, find like-minded individuals. Join a facebook keto/low carb group for extra support, either for recipe inspirations or places to check out. It’s also a good place to ask questions, or search for answers to your questions. You might also find local keto market or sharing sessions that you can join to enrich your knowledge or just gain more support through the community.

告诉你身边的每个人,并详细解释你选择低碳的原因。 相信我,这很重要。 找到志同道合的人可以帮助你得到更多的支持和正能量。 脸书有许多低碳的群组,这也是提问或搜索答案的好地方。 您也可以找到当地的酮市场或分享会,以丰富您的知识或通过这些社群获得更多支持。

Making a major change like this requires the shifting of mindset with a good understanding of the concept. I hope this little guide can be helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions in the comment section or just track me down on social media (links are all below). Don’t be shy, I won’t bite! Good Luck Keto-ing!

做出这样的重大改变自然不容易,需要充分理解这个饮食习惯的理念。 我希望这个小指南对你有所帮助。 如有任何问题请随时在评论处留言,或是在社交媒体上私讯我(链接都在下面)。 不要害羞哦!加油(偷笑)!

More useful resources (更多资讯链接):



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