Triumph My Beautiful Me Campaign

Recently I had the pleasure to attend Triumph’s My Beautiful Me campaign, held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Partnered with Parkson, this campaign showcased Triumph’s winter 2016 collection, while highlighting Triumph’s expertise, style, evolution and dedication of being the purveyor of women’s confidence.
 photo 15443188_1157171824338799_5255474678493242192_o.jpg

It was an evening of glitz and glamour while guests were dressed according to the theme encompassing “My Beautiful Me”.

 photo 15540724_1157171881005460_7582879275268564953_o.jpg

To inaugurate the momentous occasion a spectacular fashion show was held encompassing the campaign’s highlights of My Beautiful Me – Adore, Cherish and Shine. These three highlights showcased different themes; Cherish being pretty yet sassy, Adore encompassed fun yet beautiful and Shine showcased glamour with a hint of sexiness. Models walked the runway in different Triumph’s stylish designs with beautiful dazzling shades of colors.

 photo 15578184_1157170597672255_1519265518455689183_o.jpg

A familiar face in the local music scene, Poova also performed while the models were doing their thing. Looking every bit the model herself in a sparkly dress strutting up and down and runway, her voice definitely brought plenty of soul and not to mention excitement to the event.

Here are a couple of video demostrating her vocal prowess.

Let me treasure you! Emcee of the evening Julie Woon grooving along as well.

Take me down like I’m a domino!

Here are some photos from the fashion show.
 photo 15577920_1157170781005570_3161294555320868004_o.jpg
 photo 15403678_1157171244338857_4384640585374901356_o.jpg
 photo 15443026_1157171521005496_6627924163570708755_o.jpg
 photo 15440483_1157171661005482_5138260333810977849_o.jpg
 photo 15440331_1157170954338886_6632729750301442774_o.jpg
 photo 15443269_1157171377672177_3874708610759529491_o.jpg
 photo 15590913_1157170561005592_834797264968583965_o.jpg
 photo 15578188_1157171137672201_1027492218746802720_o.jpg
 photo 15591076_1157170484338933_7871738333979599463_o.jpg
 photo 15440367_1157171604338821_9152166853049357148_o.jpg
 photo 15419643_1157171157672199_7527965413227497995_o.jpg

My Beautiful Me campaign reflects the journey of Triumph, from wanting women to find the one (the perfect bra), to ending the year with encouraging women to love and appreciate themselves for who they are. The campaign allows women to discover their true selves within regardless of age and shape. It’s an opportunity for women to embrace their bodies, individuality and openly express themselves. Join the journey and feel beautiful with Triumph.

 photo 15403716_1157171144338867_6187351647528657992_o.jpg

Thank you Triumph for having us at the meaningful event.

Photo credit: Triumph Malaysia

For more information about “My Beautiful Me”, please visit Triumph Malaysia

Häagen-Dazs™ Introduces A New Way To Send Flowers With Its “Little Gardens” Collection

Running out of ways to impress your partner? Want to show a little appreciation to your mom in a creative way? Well, here’s an idea for you. You can send flowers along with Ice Cream for that special person in your life. It won’t be just any ice cream of course, in fact let me just give you a glimpse:

 photo P1210906.jpg

And it’s not just any Häagen-Dazs, either. This is a very special limited edition called the Little Gardens Collection. Partnering with from BloomThis, bespoke luxury flower arrangement and delivery specialist; you can send your loved ones the glorious gift of blooms perfectly complemented with a pint from the Little Gardens Collection of flavors, from May 16th till July 15th.

 photo P1210912.jpg

The Little Gardens Collection, latest to the Häagen-Dazs™ renowned line up of ice cream flavors, is inspired by the beautiful and aromatic world of flowers. Ethan Lim, Marketing Director of General Mills Southeast Asia said; “These 2 limited edition flavors were inspired by Spring and the idea of flowers in bloom and they have been carefully crafted to balance the aromatic floral notes with sweet fruit to deliver a truly unique ice cream indulgence.”

Häagen-Dazs™ has a core philosophy of using the best ingredients to produce their signature dense, rich and indulgent ice cream and these limited edition flavours are no exception. Only available for 3 months, the Little gardens Collection fresh fruit flavours will be enhanced and complemented by delicate floral notes.

 photo P1210878.jpg

Lychee Raspberry Rose

An intoxicating blend of rose, lychee and raspberry flavors. Inspired by the sweet allure of the world-famous Ispahan Macaron, this delicate dessert is crafted with rose extract from Turkish roses, juicy handpicked lychees from Taiwan and the sweetest raspberries to create a fragrant ice cream with the perfect balance of rose and sweet fruit that will exhilarate the palette.

 photo P1210836.jpg

Apricot Lavender

Made with lavender from the Mediterranean coast and plump apricots from Morocco and France, this recipe refreshes and relaxes the senses. The lavender entices the palate while a thick apricot sauce and generous scattering of apricot pieces bring a tartness that goes on to tingle the tongue.

Personally, I really really dig (get it?) these floral flavours. The apricot and lavender has a lovely tang and a subtle lavender note.

 photo P1210845.jpg

Disclaimer: Don’t be over-zealous with the sprinkling of Lavender or you’ll risk eating potpourri.

 photo P1210860.jpg

I’ve served this on top of homemade waffles along with some fresh apricot. Makes for excellent afternoon tea.

However, I have a special weakness for anything related to roses so of course the Lychee, Raspberry and Rose would be my choice. And thus, it deserves special treatment. In a form of Ice Cream Tart.

 photo P1210886.jpg

Isn’t it just exquisite? I’ll be posting the recipe up soon enough. The Ice Cream itself is just delightful, with delicate rose note which brings you instantly to a gorgeous garden, finished with the tart raspberry and the unique aroma of lychee. It’s out of this world. Too bad it’s only available for 3 months, I will be stocking up for sure.

With BloomThis, you can get an arrangement of flowers and a pint of your choice delivered for RM119. This bundle is only available for 3 months, so make sure you take advantage of it. And I’m going to give you a Promo code which entitles you to get a 15% discount off the package price, just to make it sweeter. And the code is: KELLYDAZS15. Head over to to make your order.

Deliveries of ‘Little Garden’ bundles are limited to certain Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley areas. Terms and conditions apply. Visit BloomThis’ website ( for more information.

Ko SkinCare Specialist Pt.3 – Ko Dermacare Aqua Gel Sunscreen

Recently, I’ve replenished my skincare products at Dr Ko Clinic, and I’ve been recommended a few new things. Today I shall share with you my favourite product of the lot, with more in come in the next posts.

We all commit our shares of beauty sin, and I’ll say the worst sin for me would be neglecting sun protection. I’m well aware of the effects of sun damage and currently suffering consequences of not applying regular sun block in the forms of melasmas and lentigos on my face. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy tan, but we shouldn’t ignore the harmful effects of UV rays either.

One of the reasons I loathed applying sun block is that many products in the market have that undesirable texture. Most of them are also too greasy for my liking. As my skin is ultra sensitive (I sound like a broken record here), I have developed many a times allergy reaction to various sun block, so in the end I just didn’t dare to try out new stuff.

And that is until I met this beauty.

The Aqua Gel Sunscreen is completely water-based. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and fragrance free.
Containing chamomile extract, hydrolyzed silk protein, antarcticine, pearl extract, aloe vera extract, provides high SPF protection (a whooping 55) while calming skin discomfort caused by sun exposures. Ideal for oily and acne prone skin.

Personally, I love the texture of this gel. It doesn’t leave anything behind at all, and works well with or without makeup. I usually use a primer before applying foundation, and after a few weeks usage, there has been no problem with my skin so far. The gel absorb super fast as well, which is another bonus.

Thanks to Dr Ko, now I can step out of the house confident that I won’t get anymore new spots!

The KO Dermacare Aqua Gel Sunscreen SPF55 retails for RM180, but you can now get it here for only RM162!

For more information, visit


Chili’s Grill & Bar Chef’s Cuts Menu


Chili’s Grill & Bar is a popular international restaurant chain with several branches in Klang Valley, and it’s great for groups and families to gather for casual dining or special occasions (many birthdays are celebrated here, that much I know). The first outlet in Malaysia is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre, opened since 1994, and it grew strong enough to branch out to nearly every popular suburbs. This one we went to in particular, is the closest branch to me at Citta Mall (almost walking distance, I might add).

The concept here is Souhwestern-inspired, Tex-Mex, I guess you can tell by its namesake, and Chili’s here means Chili Con Carne not just the spice. Things like Fajitas, Burritos, and Burgers regularly make their ways out of the kitchen. But they are also constantly updating their menu to spice things up a little. Well, the girls of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers were invited to taste their new promotional menu called the Chef’s Cut menu, featuring a number of delicious beef dishes with interesting twists. This menu is created in mind for those who have a little more premium taste, especially since it’s come to year end with the festive celebrations.

To kick start our very meaty dinner, here’s a trio of appetisers to whet our appetite.

12339106_975729549140179_2198465181234127990_oBattered Chicken Crispers, Buffalo Wings and Deep Fried Southwestern Eggrolls along with some celery sticks to go with a trio of dips. Sitting closely beside were the mountain of tostada chips armed with tomato salsa. I needed to save my stomach space so I bypassed the whole starter. ‘

Oh by the way, the gorgeous photos are shot by none other than Andy Kho, so all credit to him.

Now, the main stars. The first dish that came to the table was a very pretty plate of the Texas Trio.


Those who can’t decide which protein they want to have, or plainly prefer a bit more varieties, this is the dish for you. Three amazing tastes on one plate – tender 4 oz. salmon on slaw drizzled with honey-chipotle sauce, juicy 8 oz. beef ribs on mashed potatoes drizzled with classic BBQ sauce, and grilled 4 oz. chicken breast on corn salsa drizzled with roasted garlic BBQ sauce, all sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese and chopped fresh cilantro. I’d suggest eating the Chicken first, followed by the Salmon and Beef in order of flavours.


Personally, I liked the sauce on the beef rib as I’m partial to sweet and savoury combination, and you can tell that the rib has been slow cooked for hours for that level of tenderness. The honey-chipotle on the salmon is also quite a lovely combination, although I’d prefer my salmon to be slightly undercooked, these are quite well done (perhaps good to specify your order, we didn’t). Not a fan of chicken breast in general but I did try a bit of that garlic BBQ sauce and arrived at the conclusion that Chili’s does do pretty good sauces.

The second dish was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Who would have known you could pair beef with crab?


The Spicy Crab Fillet features a tender 8 oz. fillet resting on bed of slaw, covered with spicy crab meat and melted Monterey Jack cheese, sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese and chopped fresh cilantro.


It’s difficult to tell the flavours of the crab because it was so cheesy with both the Monterey Jack and Feta, but it ain’t a complaint because I love the interplay of textures. The cow in question hails from Australia, which explains the robust flavour. This particular cut is cooked to medium, and you all know how I like my beef (still eating the grass on the plate), so I shall keep my verdict for the other steaks cooked more to my liking.

And if that wasn’t cheesy enough, this dish also comes with a cast iron skillet full of sexy macaroni and cheese.


I’m a sucker for Mac and Cheese, and this I can verify is a satisfying version. I’d happily JUST have this.

A pungent scent hit the nose and it’s unmistakably Bleu Cheese. That’s right, Bleu Cheese actually goes really well with steak (ever try a Bleu Cheese sauce at Squire’s loft, Melbourne? That’s amazing stuff I tell you), and here they went up a notch pairing it with some Chipotle magic. Throw the sauce on another piece of steak sleeping on a bed of slaw, and you have the Chipotle Bleu Cheese Fillet.


I’d say that this one is an acquired taste, as you do taste the spice, and the stink (cheese), but they do gel together strangely. Good to have some refreshing slaw to cut through the richness too. This dish also comes with some mash potatoes (a rather huge portion of it actually).

My favourite one though was the Glazed Prawn Fillet.


Here, the fillet is resting on a bed of corn salsa, topped with succulent glazed prawns, sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese and chopped fresh cilantro.


It’s not uncommon to see Prawns with Steak, otherwise known as Surf’ n Turf’. What I love about this is the crunchy sweet prawns, and the steak here is cooked to my preferred doneness, which is superbly juicy. You don’t even need additional condiments with this. To complete the dish, a nicely balanced corn salsa to add to the fun textural play.

Here’s me enjoying the perfect steak.


The last steak to arrive on our table was the Southwest Beef Ribs Fillet.


The corn salsa, the steak, and the crumbled feta cheese plus cilantro are still there, but this time with some shredded beef ribs and pickled onions.


My favourite part of this dish would probably be the pickled onions though, it was surprisingly sweet with just the right amount of tang, complement the steak quite well.

So that’s all 5 main courses done! But without desserts, it wouldn’t be a complete meal. The Chef Cuts menu also features a new dessert, the Chocolate Chipotle Cheesecake, with delectable layers of chocolate chipotle cheesecake and cracker crumbs topped with a dollop of whipped cream. As I’m sensitive to chocolate, I didn’t get to try the whole dessert but I did sample the top layer…….


Sorry, I obviously took the term foodporn a tad too far.

And here are the MHB Girls!


The Chef’s Cuts Menu is available until 17th January 2016, so visit your nearest Chili’s now! There’s also an instagram contest for you to win some vouchers, check this out:

Chef Cuts Activation


Dr Ko Clinic – Carbon Laser Peel

Following my last consultation at Dr Ko clinic, I’ve been using a range of their products for several months now. You can read about them here and here. My skin is sensitive so I’m always very careful with changing skincare regime for fear of breakouts or worse, allergy reaction. Luckily for me, Ko Skincare range has been agreeing with me and I’ve been seeing some benefits with using the products. Which is why when they offer for me to try out some of their services, I did so with confidence.

This time, I was invited to their USJ Clinic (there are quite a few of them, do check out their website for one near you) and I met Dr Chan, who’s friendly enough to put me at ease talking about my skin concerns. This clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments as well as body contouring treatments. One thing of note is that the surgical treatments are only available at the Dr Ko Specialist centre which is located in Klang.

During our consultation, we talked about a few things that I’m not happy with and numero uno has always been my pigmentations. No, I’m not talking about freckles (I’m quite proud of them), but the mild lentigos that I’ve starting to get on my cheeks, due to aging and sun damage. I’ve been given products to combat sun damage but it sure wasn’t enough. So Dr Chan recommended a few things, one being the Carbon Laser Peel.

Carbon Laser Peel is increasingly popular for its multiple benefits and convenience. It’s a “lunch time” procedure with zero downtime, and works well for aging skin and pigmentation. The process involves a laser beam focused on skin that has been covered by a thin layer of carbon powder. The laser beam is absorbed by the carbon particles due to its dark colour. Throughout the procedure, skin pores are simultaneously minimised. Due to the thermal effect, the growth of connective tissue increases while the carbon particles exfoliate the skin and purge skin pores. It’s effective in treating scars and wrinkles to0 and provide an overall brightening effect.

So off we went to the treatment room when the assistant gave me a quick face wash, then apply the carbon powder on my face.

You can see from the picture that I have few obvious spots on my face, one located right next to my nose.

It’s not as black as I thought it would be, but then again Dr Chan did instructed her to go lighter on my sensitive skin.

Then, it’s time for the laser!

Because of my specific concerns, I was given 3 rounds of laser. The first one is the long pulse, with the aim of firming and lifting. It’s really tolerable, with just a tiny bite each time the laser fires off. The second round was a little more interesting, as the 1064 wavelength which burns off the carbon powder, creating mini ‘explosions’, those exfoliating the skin while also refining the pores. And for the last round Dr Chan changed to a different applicator for the 532 laser. This is the target the epidermal pigmentations. This one is a little more intense, but still a walk in the park basically.

After the laser, a cooling mask is then applied on my face. It’s made with peppermint, so it smells absolutely amazing and also feels great on the skin.

The effect of Carbon Laser Peel should be immediate, and here’s a pic of my face.

Of course the spots are still there (usually need more than one treatment to get rid of them), but my skin was visibly brightened after the treatment. Excuse the flat hair.

Generally, a carbon laser peel is around RM900 per session, and it’s recommended you do about once a month, although some will benefit from just a single session. Do visit your nearest Dr Ko Clinic for more info, or check out their website. I’ll be following up with more posts about Dr Ko Skin Care soon!

Klinik Dr Ko
Unit 4A-C/D, Jalan USJ 10/1A.
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-80230232
Consultation hours: Mon – Fri 10am to 7pm
Sat 10am to 6pm

Triumph Finds The One For You

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How many of you are guilty of not getting your bra fitted regularly? According to a survey conducted by Triumph International, Malaysia’s leading lingerie brand, 7 out of 10 women would wear the wrong size bra and many are clueless on the right ways to find a bra that fits perfectly. What are the consequences of wearing the wrong sized bra? Apart from not having the perfect elegant look for your outfit, there can also be health risks like bad posture, sagging breasts, back/neck/shoulder pain, and even things like scarring of your breasts. Scary right?

Just as important as choosing a life partner, finding THE perfect bra is crucial for every woman. And recently Triumph has launched its “Find the One” Short animated movie that brings to life the magical experience of finding the perfect fitted bra. Here’s the very much Disney inspired musical with a lovely song:

The launch was set at Blue Concourse of Sunway Pyramid, where the area was turned into a fairy tale setting, with triumph products displaying for our viewing and shopping pleasure.

The gorgeous Daphne Iking hosted the event, and shared with us some benefits about finding the right bra through her own experience. With this campaign, Triumph hopes to address the various concerns that Asian women are facing while searching for a bra with the perfect fit for themselves.

To our surprise (pleasant, of course), the animated movie came to life when the 3 girls appeared on stage and started prancing around the concourse.

Daphne Iking was soon joined by supermodels whom also talked about how a perfectly fitted bra gave them more confidence.

After the formality, we had the opportunity to spend some time with the fitting expert for a free fitting consultation. My last fitting was several months ago, so nothing much has changed, though I was recommended a few very pretty bras to complement my body type. We also did some measurements to find my bust age and I’m glad to report that my bosoms are keeping young and healthy.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of Triumph lingerie and I’ve been wearing them since high school. Since I’m not particularly blessed in that department, I’m really impressed to find that the Maximiser collection really delivers its promise. I usually don’t like to wear push up bras, but these are really comfy. A great secret weapon to have in my wardrobe for sure.

Here are some tips for you to find your perfect fit:

Starting from 21 September 2015, Triumph launched a fitting campaign nationwide, targeting to fit 50,000 women across Malaysia ensuring they find the right fitted bra. Every woman who visits any Triumph Boutiques or counters will receive a free fitting consultation conducted by Triumph professional fit experts. From measurements of the correct bust size to finding your actual bust age and body shape, the comprehensive fitting consultation will help women find their perfect one!

So visit your nearest Triumph Boutique/Counter today!

For more information about “Find The One”, please visit Triumph Malaysia

Ko Skincare Specialist pt.2

I’ve shared my experience with Ko Skincare Specialist in my previous post (along with the background of Ko Skincare Specialist and the range of products they offer). And here are the rest of the products prescribed to me, in addition to my current basic skincare regime.

KO Dermacare Vitality Purifying Essence II 30ml RM180

Because I have occasional breakouts (especially when hormonal or stressed), this essence is recommended for me to use on problem areas (T zone and chin). Basically, it’s designed to reduce skin imperfection while balancing sebum production for a clear and refined complexion. It’s suitable for oily skin, or combination skin. Furthermore, it’s also alcohol free.
Contains: Aloe extract, witch hazel extract, licorice leaf extract, job’s tears extract.

KO Dermacare Perfect Brightening Cream 30g RM380

This product is prescribed for me for extra boost of brightening and hydration. It combines mandelic acid, kojic acid and tranexamic acid to brighten the skin gently and safely. It also works to resolves pigmentation problems such as freckles, sun spots and melasma.

Ko Dermacare Miracle C Powder – RM299 (2 Vials)

In addition to the perfect brightening cream, they have also recommended the Miracle C Powder. High dose of Vitamin C aids in reducing pigmentation as well. I’ve had experience using Vitamin C serum in the past and find it too oily for my skin. This one comes in powder form to mix in with my regular moisturiser which I think is ingenius! I was told they are changing their packaging for this product too.

Dermax Dermax Bio Defence UV Foundation SPF60 6N 30gm RM199

I have a bad habit of not being vigilant enough with my sun protection. It’s mainly because I don’t like to cake on products on my skin. So a product with dual properties is definitely a bonus. Here the sunscreen also doubles as foundation, which saves me putting on additional layer. The coverage is really good though, and it’s suitable for dry skin as it’s on the oily side.

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask 5pcs/box RM280

Last but not the least, I was recommended the Intense repair whitening masque (starting to see the pattern yet?). This mask is made with 100% natural bio-gel, free from chemicals, preservatives and toxicities. It’s supposed to remove dead skin cells and brightens skin tone. I like how gentle it feels on the skin (the bio-gel has a peculiar texture which is strangely exciting). That reminds me I should apply this tonight (I tend to be too lazy and procrastinate on my skincare).

After using all the products for couple of months, I’m quite sure I’ll be continuing with some of the products, especially the Perfect radiance cleanser/toner, Aqua moisturiser and the Miracle C powder.

To find out more about Ko Skincare Specialist and purchase the produce, you can visit

To celebrate the opening of their e-store, Dr. Ko Skincare is running the following promotions from 20 July 2015 to 20 August 2015:

– 20% storewide discount
– 50% discount on Ko Series
– Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr. Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

Google Play –

Apple App Store –

The Dr. Ko Skin Specialist headquarters is located at:

Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,
T:+603 3343 3140
You can also head over to to find the complete list of branches.
Telephone: 1-800-22-33-22

Ko Skincare Specialist

I’ve been lucky enough to not have too much trouble with my skin in general, except for a period of time in my uni days when I suffered from quite bad acne due to the oral contraception pills. It took me a long time and frankly quite a lot of money to get my skin back to optimal condition so I’ve been very careful with my skincare ever since. If the products work for my skin, I’d gladly fork out for them. I’ve heard of Ko Skincare Specialist before but didn’t know that they had their own range of products, so when I was approached to give their products a try, I was curious enough to find out more about them. Here’s a little background on Ko Skincare Specialist.

The founder of Dr. Ko Skin Specialist – Dr Ko Chung Beng, spent 17 years in UK and obtained his specialist qualifications prior to his return to Malaysia in 1994. He headed the Dermatology Department of Seremban Hospital until 1997, then founded the KO Skin Specialist which has since been providing a comprehensive range of in-depth services from dermatology to cosmetic surgery.

When he first started out on his own in 1997, KO Skin Specialist was just a little clinic in Klang, located on the first floor of a shop lot. However the effectiveness of his prescriptions soon spread and today, that little clinic is now the headquarters for the 26 clinics of KO Skin Specialist centres across Malaysia. KO Skin Specialist now has their very own formulation of skincare products which are formulated by their team of professionals to combat signs of aging, acne and other skin problems. The centres also offer the most complete range of laser therapy equipment in Asia. No longer just a Malaysian brand, KO Skin Specialist has a branch in Xiamen, China, and will be opening more branches in the future! How’s that for a Malaysian success story?

There are 4 ranges of skincare under Dr. Ko Skincare Specialist: Dermax Clinicare, KO Dermaceutical, KO Series, and eKo and here’s a brief overview:

Dermax Clinicare

The Dermax Clinicare series is known for its effectiveness in preventing new acne formation. Products in this series are meticulously blended with a natural botanical extracts under strict quality control. It removes impurities; refines open pores; soothes and heals the skin for an acne-free face.

This series comprises a broad range of products, even for dry and sensitive skin. Products from the Dermax Clinicare series may be used together with products from other Dr. Ko Skincare series depending on your needs.

KO Dermaceutical

The KO Dermaceutical series speeds up recovery; protects the skin from sun exposures; combats dullness, pigmentation, dehydration whilst reversing the signs of aging. The serums, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreens complement the needs of most skin types, and is also ideal for post-treatment care. Like Dermax and the KO series, products from the KO Dermaceutical range can be used together with products from other series, depending on your skin condition.

KO Series

The KO series offers a gentle solution to reduce blemishes, which is great news for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin as most blemish fighting products can irritate sensitive skin.


The eKo series is infused with amaranthus caudatus — one of the best sources of vegetable protein known for its antioxidant and skin revitalization properties.

Before I was given the products, I attended a consultation with a Doctor at their 10 Boulevard Branch located in Petaling Jaya. The consultation was to discuss my skin concerns as well as for the Doctor to assess my skin condition. As I’m in my early 30s, I’m realising the importance of combating sun damage in the form of pigmentations and spots (I have a couple of lentigos on my face and has always been prone to freckles), and I suffer the occasional pimple whenever I’m hormonal and stressed. So these are the products prescribed to me:

Since there are quite a numner of them, I shall divide them into 2 groups and I’ll talk about the basic 3 step cleansing and moisturizing routine first.

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Cleanser 1 120ml RM198

First of all of course, the cleanser. This cleanser is designed to cleanse, hydrate and firm the skin without stripping the surface of its natural moisture and protective lipid layer, giving your skin a fresh and radiant glow. Enriched with botanical extracts, it’s gentle enough for those with dry and traumatized skin. The cleanser is clear in appearance and doesn’t product much bubble unlike the commercial ones. And my skin feels clean and fresh but not dry after each wash. It’s even good enough to remove makeup, although I generally do a double cleanse with that.
(Contains: Cactus pear extract, trehalose, lavender essential oil, salicylic acid.)

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Radiance Toner 21 120ml RM198

I always avoid toners containing alcohol so this one is perfect for me as it’s formulated with plant extracts to sooth the skin while inhibiting melanin production (the stuff that causes pigmentation and spots). It works to transform dull, tired skin into a brighter and luminous complexion with long-term use. I love the feel of this toner as it’s absorb pretty quickly in the skin leaving my skin feeling fresh. As a bonus, it can also be used to set or refresh makeup, and it’s fine to use at anytime of the day. I think it has definitely worked its magic because I’ve received a few compliments that my skin looks more radiant now.

(Contains: Cactus pear extract, trehalose, centifolia rose extract, witch hazel extract, cucumber extract, orange flower water, raspberry fruit water, lavender essential oil.)

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer I 60g RM280

My favourite product of all would be this moisturizer. The texture feels incredibly light yet it’s very hydrating. It also feels a bit cool on the skin, which soothes any irritation. It’s water-based, so it’s perfect for acne-prone and oily skin. Since I have combination skin, I also use another additional moisturizer which I’ll review in my later post.

I’ve been using the products for over 2 months now and I’ve noticed my skin is more radiant, although it’s near impossible to get rid of pigmentation just by using skincare products but they are not as noticeable due to the increase luminance. Thank you Dr Ko for the recommendation!

One recent selfie, even complete with Dr Ko's shade of blue!
One recent selfie, even complete with Dr Ko’s shade of blue!

You can now purchase Dr. KO Skin Specialist products online at

To celebrate the opening of their e-store, Dr. Ko Skincare is running the following promotions from 20 July 2015 to 20 August 2015:

– 20% storewide discount
– 50% discount on Ko Series
– Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr. Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

Google Play –

Apple App Store –

The Dr. Ko Skin Specialist headquarters is located at:

Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,
T:+603 3343 3140
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World Kitchen presents Corelle’s Rosabelle Collection

As someone who loves photographing food (especially when it comes to my own cooking), it’s always nice to have a variety of good looking dinnerware to enhance the visual experience. Not only that, it’s often said that we eat with our eyes (well I definitely do), so a nicely presented dish will automatically win extra brownie points. Yet, in modern household it’s often an luxury to have multiple sets of tableware especially if they are bulky and heavy. Well, not with Corelle!

I’ve long heard about Corelle as my mum is a super big fan. She has 2 different sets of the tableware in the KL home (only a 2 person household… so this is perfect) and have been telling me about the products ever since she acquired them. With me now moved in to the same household it was time to get another set and what better timing of World Kitchen to come out with a brand new collection?

Introducing Rosabelle, launched in time to celebrate Corelle’s 45th anniversary. Its name is inspired by French words, Rosa meaning Rose and Belle meaning beautiful. The Rosabelle is now one of the over 200 different Corelle patterns, featuring Apricot Candy rose with a colour palette of pink petals and green leaves. The roses are very pretty indeed, looking very lifelike with their reflective pinkish petals. Chip-resistant, stain-free, durable, easy to clean and fashionably designed, Corelle Rosabelle is ideal for home use, for the busy yet innovative Malaysian home cooks. Well, World Kitchen very kindly sponsored their products for me to test out and I have to say, it integrates perfectly into my daily cooking lifestyle.

Let’s walk you through the products I now proudly own. Firstly, the casserole dish (which is part of Corningware) is probably my favourite product out of the all:

This is a Chicken Stew dish I created for another recipe development project, but what I wanted to highlight is the versatility of this dish as you can also cook with this, which means less dishes to wash! It’s amazing something so pretty can also be so durable.

The next most utilized piece would be the large plate:

Some pork dumplings.

Versatile enough to use for Asian/Western dishes, savoury or sweet.

I need to tell you about these Banana Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Compote, but that will be story for another day.

What makes Corell’s dinner plate so durable yet light? Vitrelle®, a remarkable three-layer sandwich of thermally laminated glass; is the answer. This also means Corelle is suitable for reheating or even used in conventional, convection or microwave ovens. Here’s a video about Corelle if you are keen to understand more about the products.

Round shallow bowl. Featuring some sticky BBQ ribs
Small dessert plate featuring some Zespri Kiwis that I’ve been consuming to aid my Dengue recovery.

Last but not least, I just adore this teacup/saucer.

So gorgeous!

My mom actually has her Corelle dinnerware for quite a few years and the patterns stay nice and fresh. I’m actually pretty clumsy and have tendency to break things in the kitchen, but with Corelle, I can be assured that even my klutziness won’t kill the dinnerware. Perfect! I can see myself continuing building the collection in years to come.

The Corelle Rosabelle 16-piece set is priced at RM729 and the Corningware Rosabelle 6-piece Casserole Set (1L, 1.5L & 3L) is priced at RM629. Both are available in leading departmental stores. Find out more here!

Uber Malaysia Launches Momentum Partner Driver Rewards Program

I think by now, most people in Klang Valley (and many other cities in the world of course) would have heard of Uber, the world’s leading on demand transportation platform. I’m a personally a huge fan of Uber and rely on it heavily for my daily transport needs. It’s pretty much a lifesaver because of the state of the taxi system in Malaysia (don’t have to go into details here right?). Plus, I love the cashless transaction, the cleanliness of the vehicles and the politeness of the drivers.

But today we are not just talking about the good things for the consumers, Uber has also launched a Partner Driver Rewards Program called Momentum that will deliver meaningful business and lifestyle rewards to our driver partners.

As Uber empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs, Momentum is aimed at furthering that mission by lowering operating costs for driver partners; giving driver partners access to lifestyle rewards; up-skilling the industry with academic opportunities; and creating a supportive community amongst driver partners.

Momentum is a global program that has proven widely successful in the US and UK by generating significant rewards and savings for driver partners, and now Uber is introducing Momentum to Asia, starting with Malaysia.

JJ from Red FM doing his welcoming remarks.

Uber Malaysia introduces Momentum to encourage more Malaysians to take charge of their lives, their careers and #rideinthefrontseat with them. The impact of Momentum will be 100% local; Momentum will help accelerate Malaysian jobs and income growth by increasing activity on the Uber platform, decrease operating expenses of Malaysian small businesses, and bring more business to Malaysian rewards partners.

The rewards of Momentum were designed based on feedback from thousands of driver partners across the nation as they identified their biggest needs as entrepreneurs on the Uber platform.

Ashok, a Malaysia-based Uber driver partner said, “I am delighted that Momentum is launching in Malaysia. As a professional driver, the cost of running my car is my biggest expense, so it’s great I can now save money on essential maintenance. The lifestyle perks are also a fantastic edition to the programme and I am excited to see what other rewards Uber will add in the future.”

Starting 1st July 2015, all Uber driver partners in Malaysia will have access to Phase One of the following rewards in the form of large discounts and cash vouchers, across participating outlets in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang.

Chan Park, General Manager for Uber in SEA.

Speaking at the launch, Chan Park, General Manager, South East Asia, Uber reiterated, “Our driver partner community is a critical part of our business, and the key to our ongoing success. Momentum is about enhancing their experience when driving on the Uber platform and we are delighted to be able to give something back to them through these fantastic rewards. The partnerships formed with these select organisations are designed to provide our driver community with the things they want most.”

Uber Team with their partner drivers and their Momentum Rewards Partners

Some of the Momentum Rewards Partners including Lazada, Happyfresh, Lim Tayar, Zalora etc.

Momentum is designed to lower business costs for driver partners. Added lifestyle rewards also help reduce living costs, and increase savings. For Momentum rewards partners, the growing number of Uber driver partners daily will generate additional sustained income. With Momentum, driving on the Uber platform becomes an increasingly desirable opportunity for anyone with some free time and the desire to serve the local community, giving the Malaysian workforce the option for an alternative income stream, and increased economic spending power.

Momentum Malaysia, is also a programme designed to upskill driver partners. These partners can learn how to better manage their capital and operational costs, reduce maintenance expenses, increase asset utilization using smart technology all while being rewarded for exceptional performances via a badges programme.

Leon Fong, General Manager of Uber Malaysia.

Speaking at the event, Leon Foong, General Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Uber said,

“Uber Malaysia is focused on creating economic value by providing desirable opportunities to all Malaysians and upskilling them so that they can move up the value chain. It’s now in their hands to take charge of this opportunity, and truly drive in the front seat of their lives.”

Momentum is bringing driver partners together through a dedicated read-only, dual language smartphone app as well as an online website which highlights fellow driver partners, and brings more information to aid Uber driver partners in becoming better service providers.

Thousands of Malaysians already drive on the Uber platform. With Momentum in the picture, driving on Uber has never been more rewarding. If you’re interested in becoming part of the family, visit
Come #RideInTheFrontSeat with Uber!

And for the riders, from now until 30th June you can use the promo code #MyUberRamadan to enjoy free rides between 4pm to 9pm daily (to the value of RM25). Never a better time to try this fabulous service!