Get Premium Ingredients delivered with Pacific Shore FineFood

I’ve mentioned before that during the MCO, I’ve become quite an expert in getting stuff delivered to me so I don’t have to step out of the house at all. Online shopping has really advanced and matured during the period we now can get anything delivered to us, be it groceries, kitchen appliances, alcohol, homemade goodies, even musical instruments! Kudos to all the delivery partners for doing such a good job too.

Today’s I’d like to share a premium online grocery store with you: Pacific Shore FineFood. They specialises in Imported Products mostly, bringing in premium meat and seafood from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc. I’ve ordered a few things from them and would like to show you some of the dishes I’ve cooked with them.

But before that, let’s talk about the service. The website is easy enough to navigate and all the food item are attached with sufficient description. Delivery was quick enough too, they promise 48 hours and I did get mine within 2 days. The items were separately packed for easy storage too. So no complaint there!

I immediately went to work with the ingredients, starting with these Australian Halal Gourmet Wagyu Patty. They come in 5, all packed together but separately with parchment paper for easy separation. I fried one patty as is, seasoned just with salt and pepper and enjoyed with a nice dollop of my own homemade KL Chili Lardy (plug my own product haha).


As the patty is only 100g, it’s not big enough to fit a regular burger bun but perhaps more suited to a small dinner roll or slider bun. I’d say a Keto Bun would be lovely as well. I’m good with eating the meat as is, so I’d say for satiety I’d probably eat 2 patties at once. The meat is tender, juicy and full of beefy flavour. Note that this is 80% meat 20% fat with no fillers.


I also got myself an Australian Wagyu Striploin Steak, with a marbling score of 4/7. As it is quick a thin steak, I gave it a quick sear on my cast iron pan so not to overcook it.


It was more of a medium by the time I was done with it though, but luckily the meat was tender and you do still get that burst of juice thanks to the fat content.

Seafood wise, I’ve ordered some Frozen Buri Fillet (Japanese Amberjack) which comes in 5 cut slices. Amberjack is a robust flavoured fish so the grilling and frying would be more suitable. I marinated a piece of it with Miso, and another just with salt to keep it simple. Both were airfried and then refreshed up with a squeeze of lemon.


The taste of Buri is close to that of Mackerel or Saba, but maybe even more pronounced here. It definitely tasted fresh, but perhaps needs a strong marinade to match its flavour.


Here you can see how meaty the flesh is.

I’ve also tried some New Zealand Scampi and have it cooked with some Mala sauce.


The Scampi before cooking.


Tada! These scampi were our least favourite because the meat is actually pretty little despite the appearance. I wasn’t sure if it was freshness issue, but the meat did break apart easily thus the mouth feel weren’t the best. But gotta say it did tastes pretty sweet, which is as advertised.

Last but definitely not least, I also had these lovely Sakoshi Bay Oysters from Japan. Sakoshi Bay Oysters are from Akoh City in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. All the oysters are harvested ONCE a year in May when the oysters are at its Plumpest. These oysters are quick frozen using the most advanced freezing technology from Japan. They were frozen in full shell so at first I was wondering if I had to get shucking knife just to enjoy this. But turns out it is very easy to open by hand! Since there were a dozen of them, we tried half of them raw just with Lemon juice and Tabasco.


I’m honestly surprised at how good these are! Rich, creamy, briny, umami and also refreshing at the same time. I baked the other half with Garlic, Butter, Tamari and Wine for just 5 minutes.


OMG these are so good! I’m pretty sure I’ll be reordering these. 

Thank you Pacific Shore FineFoods for taking care of my dietary needs! You can get your orders by click on this link:

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  1. kyspeaks says:

    I want those oysters!

  2. I have been a fan of online grocery shopping since MCO and I am looking for some fresh seafood delivery to my condo. While I am having mycondo painting now, I will get some of this delivered to my condo with Pacific Shore Finefood. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. This is a super helpful seafood review. I had to deal with the same problem of finding a high quality and convenient seafood website. I haven’t heard of Pacific Shore Finefood before, but I have used Quality Seafood Delivery. They provide good info about all sorts of fish and give you links to find the best prices.

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