Sang Nyuk Noodle 東風生肉麵, SS15

Sang Nyuk Mee, or 生肉面 in Chinese), is an iconic food of Sabah. In literal translation, Sang Nyuk means Raw Pork. Now before you get squeamish, it actually refers to the tender, fresh, smooth meat slices served in soup. Essentially pork noodles but totally Sabah style. Originated from Tawau in 1970s, it’s now popular enough you can find it everywhere in Sabah. And if that’s not enough, we can even find it in Klang Valley now too, to cater the Sabahans who miss hometown food, and folks like us who basically love a good bowl of pork noodles.

If you are near Subang, and feel like having something different (or familiar, depends where you are from), there’s Sang Nyuk Noodle 東風生肉麵 . It’s a stone throw away from the famous local Pork Noodles without the one hour wait, by the way. Operated by a husband/wife team (Wife is from Kota Kinabalu), you see hungry patrons happily slurping the noodles, along with many Sabahan dishes they serve on a daily basis.

Now the main attraction itself: you can have Sang Nyuk Noodles in 2 styles, either in soup or dry (kon lou). Generally people would opt for the dry style, where the noodles are tossed in dark soy sauce, oyster sauce and pork oil, and served with the tasty pork broth filled with meat slices, meatballs and offals. And the best part? The crispy pork lard floating in the soup. And at 東風 (East Wind in case you are wondering) you can even order extra pork lard for RM0.50. Music to my ears. GIVE ME THE FAT! Let’s take a moment to admire the gloriousness of this dish.

Dry Sang Nyuk Noodles (RM7.90) , RM1.50 extra for Fried Egg

I ordered the handmade noodles and added fried egg on top. The noodles are tasty with the distinct aroma of pork lard. Adding the fried egg really enhance the experience too, nothing better than strands of noodles coated with egg yolk I must say.


There are a few other choices of noodles, and Kevin always asked for the Dong Guang Mee Hoon which are thicker than usual rice vermicelli, and is usually the default choice for Sang Nyuk Noodles. Both have different textures; I liked the chewiness of the handmade noodles, but also enjoy the smooth mee hoon. One thing of note is that they brought in their soy sauce, oyster sauce and chili sauce from Sabah, to ensure authenticity. The chili sauce here is made with vinegar for that sour edge, and has a nice good kick.

The broth is boiled with pork bones, which means you see that signature milkiness in the soup, with natural sweetness of pork. I was impressed with how tender the meat was, and I was told the meat is marinated overnight with their own blend of ingredients as well as meat tenderiser. As I’m a lover of offals, the liver and intestines ticked the right boxes for me, although as a Sarawakian, I do prefer the liver to be slightly undercooked, maybe I could try asking that next time.

We tried a few other dishes as well, including these Tendon Meatball Soup (RM5.90)

Love the bouncy texture of the meatballs, and note somemore pork lard floating in the soup. Yum!

Jiang Bao Meatball soup

Jiang bao refers to the fillings which spills out as you bite into the meatballs. I love the surprise centre and would definitely order this again.

Oh and I have to show you the plate of extra Pork Lard.

You. Come to mama!

Another of their signature would be the Mushroom Chicken Feet. I think I’m quite partial to eating weird things, the good thing about being a Chinese is that we’ve been trained to eat these stuff growing up. Heh.

The Chicken feet has been cooked in Chinese Yellow Wine and various Herbs, so it has a very strong herbal taste (the most prominent aroma being the dong guai). The chicken feet was not deep fried before braising (which is also how my family does it, and we have a pretty kick ass chicken feet dish if I may say so myself), which gives it a super soft texture, while the meat falls off the bone easily. My kind of dish!

We’ve already been to this place 3 times and I’m pretty sure we’ll be returning again soon! Having said that, if you have other suggestions for Sabahan food around Klang Valley feel free to throw it our way.

Sang Nyuk Noodle
53 Jalan SS15/4e,
Subang Jaya
03-5612 2868

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  1. suituapui says:

    Eekkkkk!!!! Not that last one, no, thank you! LOL!!! Everything looks nice here. Wowww!!! RM1.50 for an egg? I think it is still RM1.00 here – the stewed hardboiled ones are, that I know.

    1. kellysiew says:

      KL price ma… You no like chicken feet?

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