Flingstones Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

Ever since I moved to my current address with Kevin, we've been leaving our footprints all over PJ, and SS15 especially, is an area we visit a lot for its large amount of eateries, local and non-local alike. It's quite a buzzing spot, owing to the college in the vicinity. Which is why there are... Continue Reading →

Sang Nyuk Noodle 東風生肉麵, SS15

Sang Nyuk Mee, or 生肉面 in Chinese), is an iconic food of Sabah. In literal translation, Sang Nyuk means Raw Pork. Now before you get squeamish, it actually refers to the tender, fresh, smooth meat slices served in soup. Essentially pork noodles but totally Sabah style. Originated from Tawau in 1970s, it's now popular enough you... Continue Reading →

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