Buns & Meat at Lakefield, Sungai Besi

After living in KL for so long, there are still places that I’ve never visited and more often than not, it makes for fun discovery. Just a week or so ago, I was invited to a new restaurant located at Lakefield (what a pretty name), Sungai Besi. This new kid on the block is Buns & Meat, specialising in burgers, hot dogs and plenty of porcine to satisfy any pork lover.

The restaurant itself is decked out in bright colours, its ambiance casual and relaxed, with feature wall filled with coloured bottles and even a couple of Idarts machines for those who want a little bit of extra entertainment. Soothing Bossa/Jazz music fills the air as we walked in, and my mood instantly lifted.

Looking through the menu, nearly 70% of the menu contains pork; and not surprisingly there are some unique burgers and hotdogs to satisfy the gourmands. The owner very generously ordered a few of their signature dishes for us to try and boy did we have a feast! To ease us into our journey, we started with a soup.

Mushroom Soup RM14.90

The mushroom soup is definitely made from scratch, with wonderful earthy flavour of the mushrooms and just enough cream to provide a luscious mouth feel without being cloying. As it was the first meal of the day for me, I happily tucked in for comfort.

From then on, things got a little hot and heavy though, as we were served this glorious sight…

The Runny Mess (RM20.90)

The Runny Mess consists of a pork patty, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, topped with a poached egg and homemade cheesy sauce. The cheese sauce sure packs a punch as we can smell it a mile away. But of course, I’m sure you’ll want to see the yolkporn.

Oooooooo so sexy!

How was the burger? Personally I love the umami cheesy sauce pairing with the bacon and juicy pork patty; the runny egg yolk of course completes the picture. The buns were decent and of the soft variety, good to transport all that flavours. Didn’t care much for the fries though because I can’t really eat fried food. But I must say the small side serving of macaroni is surprisingly good.

The Char Siew Burger (RM18.90)

Putting Char Siew in a burger is not a bad idea at all, especially for those who love the sweet and savoury combo. Here the pork patty is cushioned by the usual lettuce and tomato, topped with cheese and char siew. The char siew is a little lean for our liking but has good flavours.

Deep fried Chicken Burger (RM18.90)

Doesn’t this just look amazing? There are 2 Chicken Burgers on the menu and one is grilled for the more health conscious, well, I’m glad we got the unhealthy choice (umm…. once a while won’t hurt right?). The Chicken Leg is deep fried to perfection, I mean just look at that super crunchy looking crust! It’s then topped with coleslaw, mustard (once again the lettuce and tomato is omnipresent) which I think is brilliant. All the flavours work well together and even though technically I shouldn’t be eating fried chicken, I stole a bite anyway and loved it. The other half only has this to say: “Awesome”; sorry hun that is why you are not a food blogger. Heh.

Hot dog with Pork Bacon Baked Beans (RM17.90)

There are few interesting choices for the dogs such as Japanese Okonomi, Mac & Cheese (!!) etc and we got to try the one with baked beans, which is also a rather unusual topping. I liked the slight smoky hint of the baked beans and the dog itself is pretty decent.

Japanese Stir Fry Pork Pasta (RM20.90)

Buns & Meat also serves Pizza and Pasta and while we didn’t get to try the Pizza, we were served the Japanese Stir Fry Pork Pasta; packed with chunky pieces of pork, bacon, cabbage, capsicum and then topped with bonito flakes. Although it looks pretty hearty (I’d suggest you share this dish), the flavours are addictive and not to mention appealing to the Asian palate.

BBQ Pork Ribs (RM44.90)

Of course, Pork Ribs are on the menu, and here there are 2 versions: BBQ and Spicy Korean BBQ. We had the BBQ version and boy isn’t it a sight for sore eyes? The thick BBQ sauce is both savoury sweet with a nice smoky note. The ribs? Cuts through like butter. It’s. Just. Perfect. I think the price is also quite reasonable because this is good for 2-3 persons as well. Very well-executed.

Cendol Cake

We picked the Cendol cake because Gula Melaka and Pandan. Sold, and sold. Flavour wise, it’s a lot like Pandan layer cake, though I’d say this suits my taste as it’s not too sweet. There are few other interesting cakes as well as supply of forty licks ice cream if that’s more your thing.

Thank you Buns & Meat for the fabulous hospitality!

Buns & Meat
72A, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lakefield, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 12pm-12am.
Tel: 03-9055-3378
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BunsAndMeat

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  1. suituapui says:

    I like that! Keep calm & drink beer! LOL!!! The runny mess looks so good! And the BBQ pork ribs too! Rather pricey though, does not look like it’s a very big slab.

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