My Mother


I’ve always thought that my mother is one of a kind. Growing up, she was very much the career woman. Fashionable, cool, professional but at the same time gentle and loving in her own way. Although in my adult years things changed and we all went through some ups and downs together; in a way, I have a lot to thank her for, for becoming who I am today. If I were to explain this, it will take me all day (might involve a couch and a therapist). So let’s start with something a little more relevant to this blog.

One thing that has always connected us together is of course, food. I come from a line of good cooks and that includes my grandmother too. Fortunately, my mom inherited most of my grandma’s recipes and has definitely inspired me to continuously improve my skills. My parents have always believed that cooking is a basic survival skill and I’m glad I had the training when I was younger.

Most of you know that I’ve practically done the unthinkable when I moved from Medicine to Music, Melbourne to KL. Understandably, this would come as a shock to any parent. Truthfully, it’s selfish of me to want my own happiness, but my mom has remained quietly supportive about all this. Needless to say, without her, I wouldn’t be courageous enough to go ahead and pursue my dreams

I know that I don’t normally talk about my family that much, but since Mother’s day is just around the corner, I guess it’s the right time to express my gratitude via this post. I’m glad to have her living in the same city now, after being separated for more than 10 years when I was overseas (Even though practically it’s still quite a drive away). Thank you mommy for all you have done for me and I sincerely wish you all the happiness in the world for being so imperfectly perfect. Love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Most Recent Photo of us while celebrating her birthday at Barn Thai.

In the spirit of upcoming Mother’s day, here’s a little heart-warming tribute.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day in advance to your mum. Wow!!!! She’s so/looks so young! You two are like sisters… 😀

    1. kellysiew says:

      Yeah there was a time when we used to share our wardrobe. That’s how cool she is. 🙂

  2. Shirley Khor says:

    Happy Mother’s Day in advance to your dearest mom. You look so much like her!

    I cried a little while reading this post because she reminds so much like my mom (except for her culinary skills). I miss her 😥 I should call home soon.

  3. kellysiew says:

    Hope you had a good Mother’s Day celebration then! 😀

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