Women Deal – Group Buying for Women [ADV]

I have a short attention span when it comes to shopping, quite unlike a typical woman. My maximum tolerance for shopping is round about the 1-2 hours time frame. I also have a slight aversion to crowds in shopping centres. Therefore, I’ve always preferred to do online shopping. With increasing secure payment systems available, it’s now very safe to shop online.

As the popularity of group buying websites grow, there are not shortage of them in Malaysia. I admit to occasionally browsing some of them mainly to buy the discounted products. I’m also partial to the pampering deals, though not so much the restaurant deals. If you are like me, then here’s something for you: a new one especially for the ladies!


Introducing Women Deal http://www.womendeal.my/ – a Malaysian website especially for women to get the best deals relating to their lifestyles.

Womendeal.my is a voucher platform which provides daily special deals just for women! At womendeal.my you can purchase special deals from 30% to up to 90% discount everyday. You will find deals featuring restaurants, spas, clothes, handbags, accessories, cosmetics and many other lifestyle related products or services.


Safe and Secure Transactions

Payment can be made via PayPal or iPay88 Payment Gateway which ensures that your transaction is safe and secure. I’ve used both systems numerous times and never had any problems with them.

The thing that separates Womendeal to just your regular group buying websites are the rather unique deals which caught our attention. Some are clever little designs for our lifestyles, some are just a little….weird.

Check some of these deals out!


With this you can say goodbye to messy stains!


womendeal4Mmmm, no more saggy boobs! Although I don’t think I need it as mine don’t have enough to sag anyway.


There are also something that vibrates! No, not the one you are thinking of.




Become a nail design expert yourself with this pretty nail kit. And you can save money on visits to nail saloons too.


And now…. on to the weirder side…


Remember those urinal cup for women so women can stand up and do your business like a men? It’s no joke, this site has it!



If you have a little vampire streak you might be interested in this. Not sure about the cleaning bit though, personally.



Another product to prevent saggy boobs. Hehe. Well you know the importance of a sport bras when you exercise. Going for only RM19!


Apart from all quirky products, there are of course deals related to food. And here’s one just in time for Christmas.



Get your product or service featured on Women Deal.

If you are a business owner and you’re selling products/services which caters to the women you might want to consider featuring it on Women Deal.

When your product is featured on Womendeal.my Women Deal provides exposure to thousands of visitors per day through it various channels which includes the website, newsletter and ads.

Women Deal offers new channels to reach new customers who have spending power! These customers are not just looking for some sort of “the perfect deal”, they’re looking for the unique deals and to try something new. An average Womendeal customer normally spends more than the value of the deal itself.

Efficient, Measurable and Risk Free Marketing

It doesn’t cost merchants anything to be featured on Womendeal. Women Deal only takes a very small portion of each sale. It is totally a win – win situation for all parties – customers, merchants and Women Deal.

You may contact feature@womendeal.my for more information on how you can feature your products and services on womendeal.my.

Website: http://www.womendeal.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomenDeal
Women Deal
No 16-1 Jalan 8/38 A,
Taman Sri Sinar Segambut,
51200 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone: 03-6261 6846
Email: info@Womendeal.my

Shopping in Oversized T and zero Make Up is my kind of thing. Hehe
Shopping in Oversized T and zero Makeup is definitely my kind of thing.

Have a browse, you might find something that tickles your fancy. I know I’ll mark http://www.womendeal.my/ as my first distination for female products.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. wow.. its quite a visual website… lol…. and yes.. so many ‘interesting’ things for sale… I will definately go check it out… 😀

    1. kellysiew says:

      Haha Yeah, a bit different from the usual ones.

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