Appearing in “The Star”

The wonders of social media landed me an opportunity to be interviewed by Rage, The Star, a local newspaper. In the article, I talked about how I plan my meals using a food plan and the abundance of resources online to help us do that. Here’s is my updated food plan for the rest of the month:

I suppose I need to add a disclaimer to this too. I made the plan for myself according to my lifestyle: freelance, lots of time sitting down and generally not too active. That’s why I do not require as much calories consumption as say, a construction worker who generally spends a lot of time outdoors putting in hard labour. Or a dance instructor. I’d also like to still have some fun so I would not totally restrict or deprive myself of a certain food item. Therefore, you’ll see me eating a piece of cake at a party, or sample that burger (without the bun if possible) a friend has made for me. And once in a while, a pasta dish will appear on the dinner table.

Bottom line is, that this is about a lifestyle change and not a ‘weight loss’ diet. However, swapping over to healthier choices does help you lose a few unwanted pounds, and that is not a bad thing at all.

By the way, if you are interested, I’ll show you the exercise video I’ve been using recently. Check out her other exercise videos too. Jun Dayeon is a 45 year old Korean lady who has become a fitness instructor who has managed to lose 20kg through her diet and exercise regime. While I’m not aiming to lose 20kg, this particular video is fun, easy and works the whole body.

So what do you think about D.I.Y Health and Fitness? Are there any rules you follow? Are there websites that your refer to religiously for this purpose?

To view the article online, head to:

And….. I know!! I do love that Pink Pot too. 🙂 Photo taken by Josh Chong Wedding | Portraiture Photography.

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  1. Congrats on the interview.
    I am trying hard to be healthier. Start to work out everyday, and I feel way better.

  2. Frank says:

    Interesting. But they should have given you a bigger picture and more blurb. Many of us don’t care about Siva.

    Hoping there are many, many more articles.

  3. Frank says:

    Eating healthier is always a good option. Exercise is another story. Cannot lah.

  4. Congrats with the interview 🙂 you’re definitely an inspiration with all your lovely vegetarian recipes ~ Even thought my bf and I are meat lovers even though I’m intrigued to try your dishes! I also like how realistic you are ~ not crazy with dieting but just trying to be healthy!

    Keep up the great work Kelly!

  5. justasdelish says:

    Congrats on appearing in the star. hope you will inspire more people to eat more healthily. I’m really amazed by your meal plan. usually i cook on adhoc, you inspire me to start a plan too 🙂

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