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Eco Life Kitchen

I received an invitation from Cheng Yi to visit a Vegetarian restaurant together and I had to do a double take. Cheng Yi? Eating vegetarian food? I have a mental image of him gnawing on a bone… (better still, I have a real image…click here). Anyway apparently a meat man can be meat-ed out afterall. To be fair, Kevin and I had been a little out-of-control with our eating spree lately, so an all organic meal could probably do us much good. Though, as you will find out, we still overate anyway.

I almost had to cancel the dinner because it was day 1 of my Dengue fever (as I found out the day after when I was diagnosed). I run super high fever and felt like I was hit by a truck, aching all over and could barely get out of bed. But a promise is a promise, so I popped a couple of Paracetamol tablets and soldiered on. Turned out, good thing we did because Eco Life Kitchen opened on their off day just for us, how nice of them.

This restaurant is located in Fraser Business Park (which is completely foreign to me), it’s apparently not hard to find if you know the area, just look for Munich Cafe & Bar which spots a very bright signage at night. The owner also runs an Eco Leisure Village called Song Yan in Bukit Tinggi, which comes with a farm. This means the vegetables they use in the restaurant mostly comes from their own farm. The kitchen is run by Chef Steven Siew (long lost cousin?), who has also turned vegetarian himself.

Our welcome drink was a very thirst quenching Fizzy Calamansi Lime Drink, which truly hit the spot for me (as I soon find out I need tons of liquid for my illness).

Mango Sushi Roll

First we were presented a pretty looking sushi roll. It had mango on the top complete with mayo and black sesame seeds, inside there are cucumber, pickled radish, purple cabbage, and pumpkin floss. This item is not yet on the menu, though I can see it being popular if it is. I love the natural sweetness of the vegetables and the lovely textural contrast.

Omelette Roll (RM11.90)

This is not vegan of course because there are eggs. But I love the idea of wrapping the omelette on top of seaweed. Inside there are a variety of vegetables not dissimilar to the Mango roll above. Personally I prefer this one more than the Mango roll just because I’m an egg lover.

Pumpkin Tofu (RM9.90)

The Pumpkin Tofu is done Thai style with julienned cucumber, green mango, pineapple, turnip, carrot and topped with a Thai chili sauce. Kevin as a huge fan of tofu approved of this. I enjoyed the fresh vegetables and fruits although the peanuts kinda put me off the dish (can’t eat peanuts because I’ll lose my voice).

Penang Rojak (RM9.90)

How do you make the Rojak sauce without prawns? Chef Steven said that the sauce is derived from Seaweed for the ocean taste. The group enjoyed the dish, while I had to avoid it again due to you know what.

Mushroom Satay (RM8.90)

Of course, it won’t be surprising to see a lot of mushrooms in the menu. Because of the earthy note and the chewy texture, mushrooms can be very good meat substitute. By the way, you won’t see mock meats (basically gluten… eeww) on the menu, which can be a turn off for many. The mushroom satay is made with Coprinus Comatus mushrooms (杏鮑菇), which are typically very big and chewy. These are great as beer (if beer is allowed) snacks.

Vegetable Steamboat (RM23.90)

It’s nice to see a whole platter of fresh organic vegetables and I was happy to spot some of my favourites: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Enoki Mushrooms, Bitter Gourd, Pumpkin and various green leafy veg. The foojuk (fried beancurd skin) is popular amongst the table too. There are 2 types of broth to choose from: miso and old cucumber soup. Both are lovely.

Nasi Lemak (RM14.90)

This is a very photogenic dish. The nasi lemak here is made healthier with brown rice cooked with coconut oil (instead of coconut milk), curry vegetables made with cashew nut milk instead of (coconut milk), and on the side we have sambal, belinjo, tempeh, cucumber, and an enoki mushroom tempura (I’m deliberately ignoring the peanuts, of course). I thought that the curry is packed with flavours and I enjoyed the homemade sambal with the rice. The coconut oil isn’t so pronounced though. Nevertheless it’s quite a filling dish and I’d say it’s suitable for sharing, unless you are focusing on this dish alone.

Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh (RM16.90)

Bak Kut Teh in an Vegetarian restaurant? Are they crazy? In fact, this dish is one of their pride and joy, as there are over 14 herbs used in the recipe for that maximum flavours. Instead of fatty pork, you get a variety of mushrooms, tofu, foojuk etc. The broth is surprisingly flavoursome, though cleaner tasting. There’s a very meaty tasting mushroom in there called Monkey Head Mushrooms, which I must try and source and cook one day.

Assam Laksa (RM13.90)

The noodles used in the Assam Laksa is the Korean Sweet Potato Noodles which is one of my favourites, however I’m not a fan of Assam Laksa at all so can’t say much for this dish (no benchmark, you see).

Indo Curry Mee (RM13.90)

The Indo Curry Mee however, fared a lot better owing to the same delicious curry from the nasi lemak. I like how they used thick udon noodles to soak up all that lovely gravy, though few bites later this does feel a little cloying for me because the curry is really quite thick.

Lei Cha King (RM14.90)

Lei Cha (Hakka Thunder Tea) is a very foreign dish for me because I’ve never had it in my life. Here it’s made really colourful with brown rice, carrot, pumpkin, peanuts (again), radish, beancurd, Chinese white cabbage, chickpeas and a green sauce made with basil, mint, and a host of other herbs is poured on top before eating.

Green sauce pouring action.

Once again I have no benchmark for this dish so I can’t compare it with the rest. However, I really liked the combination of texture and the clean flavours of the vegetables and herbs. This is something I’d probably order again, sans the peanuts.

Spinach Pesto (RM13.90)

I wasn’t kidding when I said we overate. There were 4 of us for all these dishes! The last dish that came out was a very good looking plate of Fettuccine coated in pesto topped with spinach and mixture of carrot and pumpkin. If I wasn’t so full I’d gladly devour more of this because I really love the pesto!

To finish, we had a couple pots of flower teas (caffeine free of course) to cleanse our palate.

Thank you Eco Life Kitchen for accommodating us and we can’t wait to visit the resort in Bukit Tinggi!

Eco Life Kitchen
40-4 Fraser Business Park
Jalan Metro Pudu
Off Jalan Loke Yew
Tel: 03-2389 0228
Closed Wednesdays

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Topshelf, TTDI (Revisit)

Time really waits for no man. I remember saying to myself following my first visit to Topshelf that we definitely want to come back again. Who would have thought that one year could pass by so quickly? Chef Christopher Yee has kindly extended an invitation for us to sample the new menu, and I was not about to say no to good French food! Although it did take me almost 2 months to schedule this in due to frequent sickness (I really need to buck up and get healthy, have recently just recovered from Dengue fever…. more on that later perhaps).

Topshelf is blessed with a proximity to many well-known pubs/bars in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, though it’s situated at the quieter side of the shophouses. The ambiance can be quite romantic at night though remains casual enough for all kinds of customers. The menu here is kept tight for better quality control, offering mostly French favourites along with some Italian influences. The new menu now includes Pork, which is good news for the Porcine lovers.

On the night we visited, Truffles happen to be in season so we were lucky enough to be treated to this beauty:

Truffles, Poached Eggs on Red Wine Braised Puy Lentils.

Look at the generous shavings of Truffles! The alluring aroma tickled our noses as this dish hit the table and of course I couldn’t wait to poke at the egg.


What a sight to behold! And this tasted as good as it looks, of course. The lentils fully soaked up the full bodied red wine sauce and the overflowing egg yolk adds to the richness, while the truffles just complete the whole gastronomic experience. I loved the simplicity of it too, as nothing is overwhelming in flavour profile.

Hand Dived Scallop (RM30), Braised Leeks, Miso Eggplant

I love the presentation of this dish. A single scallop sitting atop an Eggplant round, a bed of braised leek, complete with white wine jus. The scallop has a beautiful sear on it while remaining lovely and soft in the middle, just the way it should be. The sweetness goes well with the umaminess of miso on the eggplant, while the braised leeks have been cooked enough for its natural sweetness to be released too. While the Truffle dish was the bf’s favourite, this was my highlight of the night.

Orange Quail (RM27), Bacon Hash, Poached Egg.

I don’t often order poultry at restaurants though this was a great choice by Chef Chris. The dainty quail is roasted to a perfect golden brown, nesting on a bed of fried leeks. On the side is a bacon potato hash and a poached egg. It’s obvious that the dish has been given a lot of thoughts. Before digging in, another YolkPorn is warranted. The bf obviously saw this dish in a different light and took a rather obscene photo which is inappropriate for this blog (let me just tell you a ‘kangkang’ quail can be a little porn-ish)…. so I’ll spare you the pain…

Ooooooo sexy!

The marinade for the quail is subtle but complementing. I highly recommend putting bits of everything together and savour at once. The juicy quail flesh, slight crispy bacon and potato, crunchy fried leeks, and luscious egg… just an explosion of flavours and texture.

Whole Baked Snapper

It’s rare to see whole fish presented in an non-Asian restaurant, but of course we live in Malaysia, which allows us to experiment with different presentations. For me, I always feel that serving a whole fish is pretty impressive, not to mention celebratory. Here we have a whole red snapper (locally sourced), baked with Provencal vegetables in a white wine bouillon. Once again it’s a simple dish with super clean flavours, and you’ll need the fish to be super fresh for it to be good. Did it pass our test? Flying colours. I love the light broth with a hint of wine.

Iberico Loin (RM56)

The Iberico Loin features a thick piece of pork loin cooked to just right (a hint of pink in the middle), served with mash and sauteed vegetables. It was decent at best, the loin has a nice bite to it while the vegetables remains sweet and crunchy, though not as impressive as the previous dishes.

Chocolate & Coffee Cremeux (RM19)

I forgot to inform Chef I don’t eat chocolate (not that I don’t love it, but it’s to protect my voice) so this amazing looking Chocolate & Coffee Cremeux came to our table, not that we would complain. Made with 70% noir dark chocolate,the dark bittersweet chocolate and coffee cream had a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt (because salt and chocolate is a match made in food heaven), complete with berries and a touch of olive oil. I love the sweet and savoury combo, and despite my ban on chocolate I finished a good portion of this (coughing afterwards, but worth it).

Thank you Chef Christopher Yee for you fabulous food! And hopefully we’ll return sooner this time.
61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727 7277
Website: www.topshelf.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/topshelf.kl

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World Kitchen presents Corelle’s Rosabelle Collection

As someone who loves photographing food (especially when it comes to my own cooking), it’s always nice to have a variety of good looking dinnerware to enhance the visual experience. Not only that, it’s often said that we eat with our eyes (well I definitely do), so a nicely presented dish will automatically win extra brownie points. Yet, in modern household it’s often an luxury to have multiple sets of tableware especially if they are bulky and heavy. Well, not with Corelle!

I’ve long heard about Corelle as my mum is a super big fan. She has 2 different sets of the tableware in the KL home (only a 2 person household… so this is perfect) and have been telling me about the products ever since she acquired them. With me now moved in to the same household it was time to get another set and what better timing of World Kitchen to come out with a brand new collection?

Introducing Rosabelle, launched in time to celebrate Corelle’s 45th anniversary. Its name is inspired by French words, Rosa meaning Rose and Belle meaning beautiful. The Rosabelle is now one of the over 200 different Corelle patterns, featuring Apricot Candy rose with a colour palette of pink petals and green leaves. The roses are very pretty indeed, looking very lifelike with their reflective pinkish petals. Chip-resistant, stain-free, durable, easy to clean and fashionably designed, Corelle Rosabelle is ideal for home use, for the busy yet innovative Malaysian home cooks. Well, World Kitchen very kindly sponsored their products for me to test out and I have to say, it integrates perfectly into my daily cooking lifestyle.

Let’s walk you through the products I now proudly own. Firstly, the casserole dish (which is part of Corningware) is probably my favourite product out of the all:

This is a Chicken Stew dish I created for another recipe development project, but what I wanted to highlight is the versatility of this dish as you can also cook with this, which means less dishes to wash! It’s amazing something so pretty can also be so durable.

The next most utilized piece would be the large plate:

Some pork dumplings.

Versatile enough to use for Asian/Western dishes, savoury or sweet.

I need to tell you about these Banana Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Compote, but that will be story for another day.

What makes Corell’s dinner plate so durable yet light? Vitrelle®, a remarkable three-layer sandwich of thermally laminated glass; is the answer. This also means Corelle is suitable for reheating or even used in conventional, convection or microwave ovens. Here’s a video about Corelle if you are keen to understand more about the products.

Round shallow bowl. Featuring some sticky BBQ ribs

Small dessert plate featuring some Zespri Kiwis that I’ve been consuming to aid my Dengue recovery.

Last but not least, I just adore this teacup/saucer.

So gorgeous!

My mom actually has her Corelle dinnerware for quite a few years and the patterns stay nice and fresh. I’m actually pretty clumsy and have tendency to break things in the kitchen, but with Corelle, I can be assured that even my klutziness won’t kill the dinnerware. Perfect! I can see myself continuing building the collection in years to come.

The Corelle Rosabelle 16-piece set is priced at RM729 and the Corningware Rosabelle 6-piece Casserole Set (1L, 1.5L & 3L) is priced at RM629. Both are available in leading departmental stores. Find out more here!

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Uber Malaysia Launches Momentum Partner Driver Rewards Program

I think by now, most people in Klang Valley (and many other cities in the world of course) would have heard of Uber, the world’s leading on demand transportation platform. I’m a personally a huge fan of Uber and rely on it heavily for my daily transport needs. It’s pretty much a lifesaver because of the state of the taxi system in Malaysia (don’t have to go into details here right?). Plus, I love the cashless transaction, the cleanliness of the vehicles and the politeness of the drivers.

But today we are not just talking about the good things for the consumers, Uber has also launched a Partner Driver Rewards Program called Momentum that will deliver meaningful business and lifestyle rewards to our driver partners.

As Uber empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs, Momentum is aimed at furthering that mission by lowering operating costs for driver partners; giving driver partners access to lifestyle rewards; up-skilling the industry with academic opportunities; and creating a supportive community amongst driver partners.

Momentum is a global program that has proven widely successful in the US and UK by generating significant rewards and savings for driver partners, and now Uber is introducing Momentum to Asia, starting with Malaysia.

JJ from Red FM doing his welcoming remarks.

Uber Malaysia introduces Momentum to encourage more Malaysians to take charge of their lives, their careers and #rideinthefrontseat with them. The impact of Momentum will be 100% local; Momentum will help accelerate Malaysian jobs and income growth by increasing activity on the Uber platform, decrease operating expenses of Malaysian small businesses, and bring more business to Malaysian rewards partners.

The rewards of Momentum were designed based on feedback from thousands of driver partners across the nation as they identified their biggest needs as entrepreneurs on the Uber platform.

Ashok, a Malaysia-based Uber driver partner said, “I am delighted that Momentum is launching in Malaysia. As a professional driver, the cost of running my car is my biggest expense, so it’s great I can now save money on essential maintenance. The lifestyle perks are also a fantastic edition to the programme and I am excited to see what other rewards Uber will add in the future.”

Starting 1st July 2015, all Uber driver partners in Malaysia will have access to Phase One of the following rewards in the form of large discounts and cash vouchers, across participating outlets in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang.

Chan Park, General Manager for Uber in SEA.

Speaking at the launch, Chan Park, General Manager, South East Asia, Uber reiterated, “Our driver partner community is a critical part of our business, and the key to our ongoing success. Momentum is about enhancing their experience when driving on the Uber platform and we are delighted to be able to give something back to them through these fantastic rewards. The partnerships formed with these select organisations are designed to provide our driver community with the things they want most.”

Uber Team with their partner drivers and their Momentum Rewards Partners

Some of the Momentum Rewards Partners including Lazada, Happyfresh, Lim Tayar, Zalora etc.

Momentum is designed to lower business costs for driver partners. Added lifestyle rewards also help reduce living costs, and increase savings. For Momentum rewards partners, the growing number of Uber driver partners daily will generate additional sustained income. With Momentum, driving on the Uber platform becomes an increasingly desirable opportunity for anyone with some free time and the desire to serve the local community, giving the Malaysian workforce the option for an alternative income stream, and increased economic spending power.

Momentum Malaysia, is also a programme designed to upskill driver partners. These partners can learn how to better manage their capital and operational costs, reduce maintenance expenses, increase asset utilization using smart technology all while being rewarded for exceptional performances via a badges programme.

Leon Fong, General Manager of Uber Malaysia.

Speaking at the event, Leon Foong, General Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Uber said,

“Uber Malaysia is focused on creating economic value by providing desirable opportunities to all Malaysians and upskilling them so that they can move up the value chain. It’s now in their hands to take charge of this opportunity, and truly drive in the front seat of their lives.”

Momentum is bringing driver partners together through a dedicated read-only, dual language smartphone app as well as an online website which highlights fellow driver partners, and brings more information to aid Uber driver partners in becoming better service providers.

Thousands of Malaysians already drive on the Uber platform. With Momentum in the picture, driving on Uber has never been more rewarding. If you’re interested in becoming part of the family, visit partners.uber.com.
Come #RideInTheFrontSeat with Uber!

And for the riders, from now until 30th June you can use the promo code #MyUberRamadan to enjoy free rides between 4pm to 9pm daily (to the value of RM25). Never a better time to try this fabulous service!

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Wine tasting with Wine Talk, La Bodega BSC

There are few better ways to spend your weekend afternoons than sampling exciting wine along with some fine Spanish food. So if you get an invitation to attend wine tasting at La Bodega Bangsar Shopping Centre, make sure you don’t miss it. Well several weeks ago, Umei very kindly extended one to me so who am I to say no right? Especially since we don’t get to catch up much nowadays due to everyone’s busy schedules.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of La Bodega, and also a huge fan of Wine Talk (no surprise here), and whenever Wine Talk organises a party, you bet it’ll be good. And if you spot sommelier David Stephan in the crowd, make sure you say hi and pick a little of his brain as he knows everything there is to know about wine.

The wines featured included great cuvees such as Bodega Garzon Tannat, Chateau d’Antugnac Limoux White ‘Terres Amoureuses’, Chateau Fontarèche Corbières ‘Vieilles Vignes’ White, Domaine Fontarèche Syrah, Leeuwenkuil Vineyards ‘Family Reserve’ Red, Leeuwenkuil Vineyards ‘Family Reserve’ White, Tucumen Malbec, Viu Manent Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Viu Manent Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Viu Manent ‘Secreto’ Syrah and the Viu Manent ‘Secreto’ Viognier.

I stuck to all the white wines (had a gig that night, didn’t want to go crazy) and my favourite was the Chateau Fontarèche Corbières ‘Vieilles Vignes’ White.

And I was a little excited to see these:

Fresh Tasmanian Oysters!

Of course these were the first things I went for.

Mmm so good with just some lemon and Tabasco

Other delicious things available:

Almejas Con Manzanilla – Clams with Sherry

Going through a seafood loving phase at the moment and these are so good with the wine.

Estofado De Carrileras De Ternera – Braised angus beef cheek

Wasn’t going to do the red meat but Umei insisted I try a bit of these… those exquisitely tender beef was just full of robust flavour. Probably the best dish of the day.

Tumbet – Grilled Zucchini, potatoes, eggplant, & capsicum with pepper sauce.

A bit like the French’s ratatouille, a mixture of all my favourite vegetables in one, what’s not to love?

And…. the highlight is of course the humungous Paella cooked from scratch in full view of everyone!

I cannot begin the describe my love for all Paella. And this Seafood version is especially alluring!

Clearly a little too excited! Picture credit Umei Teh.

The Paella is cooked with saffron, peppers, peas and topped with Prawns, Chicken, Spanish Mussels, and Clams. I loved the fluffy rice, each grain soaked up the delicious broth and is aromatic with saffron. Yum!

For Dessert there were some Spiced Pineapple Terrine and Crema Catalana.

The Wine Tasting at La Bodega is priced at just RM100 nett per head, which is really good value for money! The next one is on the 25th July so make sure you book your seats soon! Here’s the event page. Please RSVP to secure your reservation by 6pm, 20th July 2015 to samantha@gastrodome.com.my

For more information on Wine Talk, visit: https://www.facebook.com/winetalkmalaysia

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My Clinic Beauty & Medi Spa, Damansara Utama

I’ve always been blessed with a round face and have always wondered about quick ways to slim my face apart from the conventional diet and exercise. Unfortunately, I do have to lose quite a lot of weight for it to be reflected on my face shape. Hence when My Clinic extended an invitation for me to try out an aesthetic treatment, this was one of the first things I asked about.

There are a few options for treatment when it comes to face slimming, of which, the most non invasive would probably be Botox. Now before you freak out, Botulism Toxin can do a few things for the face. Essentially it weakens the muscle of your choice for a few months period. Cosmetically, it can be used to prevent development of wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscles; or in my case, weaken the masseter muscle to reshape the jaw.

MY Aesthetic, Beauty & Medispa Clinic is a One-Stop center for skin,aesthetics, facial and spa providing the highest quality cosmetic treatments in an extremely professional, yet relaxed and friendly environment. MY Aesthetic, Beauty & Medispa Clinic has expertise of a doctor who has received numerous recognition, beautician and spa therapist. To view a list of the services available, feel free to visit their website.

Run by Dr Hoe, My Clinic is located at Damansara Utama. It’s facing the main road, so isn’t hard to locate. Before any treatment, a consultation is of course needed. And for me, the consultation itself was quick as I’ve already done my research prior to the treatment. The reason I decided to go for this:

1. Minimally invasive (just needles)
2. Quick (only couple of minutes)
3. No downtime (I had a gig that night and had no problem)
4. Fast results (typically within days and weeks)

Dr Hoe was extremely friendly and polite and showed me a few examples before proceeding with the treatment. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared to have needles in my face, but he reassured that it would be quick and relatively painless, only some topical anaesthetic is needed. So off we went to the treatment room.

I was asked to clench my jaw when he injected the Botox, and he was right; I barely felt anything before it was all over. Literally a lunch time procedure.

So let me show you some after pictures.

This is a day after treatment, obviously nothing has changed yet.

3 weeks later:

Note that there are still slight bump on the side of my jaw.

One month later, at IndiePG:

Optimal result.

And 2 months later:

Just a random selfie at my music school

Generally, I’m quite pleased with the results. It’s supposed to last for a few months, though since I do use a lot of my facial muscles (to sing, of course) my masseter might strengthen slightly faster, but I guess we’ll see!

For more information on Botox for Jaw reshaping, or other aesthetic services, visit:

My Clinic Beauty & Medi Spa
Phone: +603-77109889
General information & appointment: info@myclinic.com.my
Address: 8G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya

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Tales of Nusantara Buffet at Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL

The Ramadhan month is officially here! First of all I want to wish all Muslim friends who are fasting “Selamat Berpuasa”, and non-muslim friends to practise extra sensitivity during this holy month. And I’ll be looking forward to visiting the Ramadhan bazaars, can’t wait! Anyway, here’s the last of the Ramadhan buffet series from me, and this is another buffet restaurant that I’ve been to way more than once: Essence at Sheraton Imperial KL.

If you want to treat your family and friends to a buka puasa event with a difference, this is it. This year, Essence is bringing the “Tales of Nusantara” experience to you, where you can find your favourite Ramadhan delights at a collection of stalls and live cooking stations with each traditionally decorated to its food origins.

During the media preview, we were definitely taken on a journey with more than 200 mouth-watering specialties from a variety of cuisines. I shall start with the local delights here:

So many interesting kerabus and appetisers, needless to say we were spoilt for choice.

There are more to the cold sections:

Of course, let’s zoom in the prawns.


More prawns is always good.

All matters of fried food available too, such as these:

As well as fried noodles

One of the live cooking stations is Tandoori, which they do quite well here.

Which you can pair with your choice of gluten:

Such as these naan bread.

Heavily spiced dishes are of course amongst the most popular.

Okra, which is my favourite.

Singapore Chili Crabs

In fact, just pick your protein! Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Prawns, Fish; you name it, they have it.

Happy to see these beautiful Roti Jala, pairing perfectly with the curries.

Want a bit of textural contrast? Have the keropok.

This time, the centre piece is the famous Essence’s Whole Baby Lamb with Mandi Rice.

And next to it, the Baked Whole Sea Bass Bumbu Bali (this was really good)

I tried to colour correct, but sorry for the weird hue.

Moving on, more Chinese dishes:

Roast Duck

Including a noodle station where you get to choose your toppings and noodles. Nyonya Curry Laksa comes highly recommended.

Of course, there are non-local dishes too, and my favourite would have to be the Moussaka.

If there are still space in your tummy, go for their amazing dessert spread.

The Malay Kuehs


And all matters of sweet treats.

The Buffet is priced at RM 138 nett per person with an early bird promotion priced at RM 90 nett until the 17th of June. It is available for dinner only from 18th of June until the 16th of July. Kids below 4 years old eat for free and kids from 4 to 12 years old will received 50% off.

If you are staying with us a like to have your sahur in room, you will be able to choose from 3 different set menus which includes favorites such as Braised local catfish with chilli paddy in coconut milk, River patin fish cooked with coconut and “pegaga leaf”, Oxtail soup with potato and carrot and many more. Deliver to your room for just RM 52nett.

For those who prefer to break-fast at home, we recommend you to indulge in the fragrant Ramadan Mandi Rice special, available for take away at Toastina Café & Bar from 18th of June until the 16th of July. Priced at RM15nett per person, the Mandi Rice will be available for sale from 4pm until 6pm.

Wait no longer! Go ahead and plan your Ramadan gathering with your loved ones today at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel’s Essence restaurant. For reservations, call 03 2717 9933 or email to restaurants.imperial@sheraton.com to book your seats today or log on to http://www.sheratonimperialkualalumpur.com to find out more.


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