Stoked KL x John Doe: A Pop-up Dining Experience

2015 sees quite a few exciting restaurants opening up in Klang Valley and Stoked is definitely one of them. Formerly Ribs by Vintry, this restaurant remains a brainchild of the Vintry group. Owner Yin How has many plans for this place, and one of it has materialised just last week; A collaboration with John Doe London for a few days of Pop-up Dining Experience. I was among the lucky ones to be invited to dine at this event, many thanks to Cheng Yi who insisted I should go out anyway despite being all stressed out about the R.AGE Food Fight.

The main attraction of Stoked is Bertha; a British-built, cast iron charcoal & wood-fired oven. This beast cooks meat and vegetables at super high temperatures (up to 600 degree Celsius) to lock in the juices and flavours while imparting a lovely smokiness in the dish. John Doe London happens to be a Bertha equipped Restaurant too, the Guest Chefs should feel almost right at home then.

All Smiles from the Chefs, while busying assembling our dishes.

Featuring a 6-course menu, it was a mixture of recipes brought in directly from London and experimental ones using local produce, some of the ingredients were even flown in from London, bringing an authentic London dining experience to our doorstep. We had the wine pairing (of course) and the first pour was a surprisingly floral Chardonnay, Heritiers Lafon Milly Lamartine 2013 (Macon, Burgundy).

Ash-roasted leeks, with lentils & a creamy tarragon dressing

Leek is such an underrated vegetable. With proper cooking technique, it can be quite unforgettable. the pungent aftertaste mellowed, giving in to gentle sweetness. Here, the leeks are roughly chopped, roasted until succulent, with enough caramelization for flavours, and a tangy herbaceous dressing to complete the picture.

Grilled Cornish octopus with chickpeas, paprika & aioli

It’s hard not to like Octopus, especially when it’s grilled to perfection. Once again another perfect vehicle to carry the smoky flavour, these chopped up tentacles were further enhanced by a combination of herb vinaigrette and mustardy aioli. I’m not a fan of chickpeas so they all went to Ciki’s mouth! This one’s paired with Domaine Trimbach Pinot Gris 2012 (Alsace, France), which I thought it’s a little on the light side, but nevertheless delightful to drink.

We moved on to poultry dishes and first starter is not for the faint hearted.

Seared Duck Hearts

Yes! I am partial to all things offals so this is definitely right up my alley. People should really eat more offal, not only it’s a cheaper alternative, it’s much tastier too; plus it’s packed with a lot more nutrients. That aside, the hearts here are a little over-seared to my taste, then again I prefer my offals slightly pink (or red, depending on circumstances). The capers and herbs help offset the slight gamey taste for those who might be a little afraid. Great dish. Better when paired with Domaine Vieux Telegraphe Telegramme Chateauneuf du Pape 2012 (Rhone, France).

Brined chicken satay with wood-roasted peanut sauce.

The other choice for starter was the chicken satay. Here we see them attempting a local dish, where the chicken is soaked in brine before grilling to retain its juices. The satay itself, was decent enough, but that accompanying salad really stood out, especially with the prized crispy chicken skin.

Coal Baked Crab Craw with Keralan Curry Sauce, Cucumber Tomato Salad, Coconut Chutney

Flower crab, though not the meatiest of crab, was chosen for its distinct sweetness. The curry sauce surprised me with its depth of flavours; but the star of this dish has to be that coconut chutney, complementing the rice and curry perfectly. I’d be happily devouring a full portion of this.

Berkshire Pork Chop with Salsa Verde

The choice for main course is a tough one. First, you have the Berkshire Pork Chop, served with salsa verde, a medley of green herbs (note that herbs are used very extensively in this menu, which totally ticked my boxes). Succulent meat with sufficient bite, and fatty bit for true porcine lovers like me. I personally love this, although I’m not a big fan of lentils (legumes, in general), these were tasty with that meaty broth.

Venison Haunch with Bone Marrow & Watercress.

Luckily we didn’t have to make the choice and got to taste both dishes (sharing’s caring, as we always say) and while the venison is a little on the gamey side for me, that bone marrow however, is the bomb. Completely unctuous, it’s only for those who can truly tolerate animal fat. Maybe not an experience you want to repeat too often, but I say embrace it when it’s there.

Tenuta Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino 2009 (Tuscany, Italy)

The Brunello deserves a picture on its own, a full bodied red, which is perfect match with the main dishes.

Valrhona Chocolate Terrine, Roasted Pistachios.

Probably one of the most chocolate-y dessert I’ve had to date, this chocolate terrine is intense! Sad to give away half of mine because I had to sing the same day, needed to preserve my voice. But enough for me to remember for days to come.

Thank you Stoked for having us and I hope to return soon (like really soon).

Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 12pm-3pm, 6pm-late.
Tel: 03-2096-1645

Hot Assist: Personal Protection and Lifestyle Program for Ladies


Let’s face it – times are bad and the crime rate is going up with snatch thefts and roadside robberies is all too common in urban cities like the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang and even Malacca.

Almost every single day you’d see news regarding crime shared on social media. Snatch theft can happen anywhere and to anyone – a pedestrian walking by the roadside, a driver stopping to pump fuel at a petrol station, even a diner happily having her meal at a restaurant.

Here’s an attempted snatch theft in Sunway.

Here’s an incident in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Snatch theft in Johor Bahru.

Here’s an incident in Malacca.

While rob and run incidents are even happening in busy and upscale neighbourhoods with police beat bases barely 100 meters away.

Here’s what happened at The Social along Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar Baru recently.

Even the Malaysian government is expecting it to rise in the near future.

Crime rates could increase over the next two years as the economy slows down, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said.

( )

It’s gotten so bad that even the US Department of State has issued a warning to its citizens in Malaysia:

“There has been a noticeable increase in crime in Kuala Lumpur in 2014, including several reported assaults and robberies, sometimes involving weapons. Petty theft, particularly purse snatching and pickpocketing, and residential burglaries are the most common crimes committed…”

There’s nothing much you can do about it…well, you can always just stay at home and not go out but that’s not very practical, right?

Imagine if there was a program to protect you and your belongings so you can just let go in such a situation knowing that your loss will be covered?

Well here’s some good news for you because Hot Assist which is powered by the Card Protection Plan from the United Kingdom has launched a new personal protection and lifestyle program in Malaysia.

Rob & Run Assist is a lifestyle program to protect you in case unfortunate incidents occurs while giving you great lifestyle benefits such as well!

This program provides immediate assistance for snatch theft and (outdoors) robbery victims. As most ladies have their wallet, car keys, and mobile phone in their bag, when it is taken they will often be left feeling very helpless and lost. With protection by Hot Assist, you need only remember one (1) phone number to call for assistance.

With just one call to 1800-888-HOT, Hot Assist will block access to all registered credit and debit cards to prevent their usage, while the Emergency Taxi Service will be dispatched to take the member to the police station, hospital or home.

Hot Assist will also reimburse members for loss of personal belongings, documents and personal effects as well as hospitalization and medical expenses.

Rob & Run Assist is powered by CPP Malaysia Sdn Bhd. MPI Generali Insurans Berhad (14730-X), formerly known as Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd is the underwriter for Rob & Run Assist.

CPP Group Plc is an international assistance business operating in the UK and overseas within the financial services, telecommunications and travel sector. CPP Group Plc has over 30 years experience, and is currently serving 5.1 million live policies around the world which includes me.

I’ve had my handbag stolen once when I was at a cafe. The thief moved so fast that I didn’t even realise my bag was gone until a good while later. Needless to say, I couldn’t track it down and had to then control the damage. You don’t realise how long and how troublesome it is to cancel bank cards one by one until you had to do it, by then, the thief could have used the cards and the damage would have been bigger. If I had the access to the CPP hotline then, I would have been able to cancel my cards within minutes, and I would even be reimbursed for the mobile phone that was stolen at the same time!

(More info on CPP at

Apart from the protection, the program will also offer membership benefits in the form of vouchers and discounts from various partners. Currently partnered with Hot Assist is the premier hair salon Shawn Cutler, lifestyle beauty salon ReJeune, and Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, while there will be even more lifestyle and beauty partners joining soon.

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care is giving a pair of FREE treatments at their salons worth RM174.00 each (totalling RM348.00) while ReJeune and Shawn Cutler are both giving members discount vouchers which will save users more than RM1,000.00!

So how much does this lifestyle and protection program cost?

Wait a minute! That’s way less than the value of the vouchers and free services that comes along with the program!

This makes Hot Assist more a lifestyle program that by the way also comes with protection in case of robbery.

So ladies, why not have peace of mind when you’re out and about, and men, why not purchase this for your partner or family to ensure their protection?

For more info or to sign up for Hot Assist, head over to Hot Assist.

Triumph Finds The One For You

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How many of you are guilty of not getting your bra fitted regularly? According to a survey conducted by Triumph International, Malaysia’s leading lingerie brand, 7 out of 10 women would wear the wrong size bra and many are clueless on the right ways to find a bra that fits perfectly. What are the consequences of wearing the wrong sized bra? Apart from not having the perfect elegant look for your outfit, there can also be health risks like bad posture, sagging breasts, back/neck/shoulder pain, and even things like scarring of your breasts. Scary right?

Just as important as choosing a life partner, finding THE perfect bra is crucial for every woman. And recently Triumph has launched its “Find the One” Short animated movie that brings to life the magical experience of finding the perfect fitted bra. Here’s the very much Disney inspired musical with a lovely song:

The launch was set at Blue Concourse of Sunway Pyramid, where the area was turned into a fairy tale setting, with triumph products displaying for our viewing and shopping pleasure.

The gorgeous Daphne Iking hosted the event, and shared with us some benefits about finding the right bra through her own experience. With this campaign, Triumph hopes to address the various concerns that Asian women are facing while searching for a bra with the perfect fit for themselves.

To our surprise (pleasant, of course), the animated movie came to life when the 3 girls appeared on stage and started prancing around the concourse.

Daphne Iking was soon joined by supermodels whom also talked about how a perfectly fitted bra gave them more confidence.

After the formality, we had the opportunity to spend some time with the fitting expert for a free fitting consultation. My last fitting was several months ago, so nothing much has changed, though I was recommended a few very pretty bras to complement my body type. We also did some measurements to find my bust age and I’m glad to report that my bosoms are keeping young and healthy.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of Triumph lingerie and I’ve been wearing them since high school. Since I’m not particularly blessed in that department, I’m really impressed to find that the Maximiser collection really delivers its promise. I usually don’t like to wear push up bras, but these are really comfy. A great secret weapon to have in my wardrobe for sure.

Here are some tips for you to find your perfect fit:

Starting from 21 September 2015, Triumph launched a fitting campaign nationwide, targeting to fit 50,000 women across Malaysia ensuring they find the right fitted bra. Every woman who visits any Triumph Boutiques or counters will receive a free fitting consultation conducted by Triumph professional fit experts. From measurements of the correct bust size to finding your actual bust age and body shape, the comprehensive fitting consultation will help women find their perfect one!

So visit your nearest Triumph Boutique/Counter today!

For more information about “Find The One”, please visit Triumph Malaysia

Alainn Clinic – BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Fat Removal Therapy

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Along with the exciting new relationship and the endless foodie adventures we go on together, one unwanted side effect is of course the weight gain. Before you all come around telling me I don’t look it at all, I just want to say that I’m pretty good at hiding the extra wobble by dressing appropriately. Although personally I don’t have a problem with gaining a bit of weight (sign of a happy relationship I’ll say), I won’t say no if I’m offered to review a slimming treatment of course. Especially when it’s one as non-invasive as BTL Aesthetics’ Vanquish Fat Removal Therapy.

Many thanks to Tim who very kindly pointed out I have a visible tummy at one of the recent events, he introduced me to Alainn Clinic, who agreed to let me experience the effects of the brand new BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Me System. A little information about Vanquish: it uses safe Radiofrequency technology to destroy unwanted fat calls and can be targeted the tummy, love handles and the back (you can imagine the most common area to be treated is probably the abdomen). It heats the fat in the abdomen without harming the skin or muscles, and has been proven to be effective to shed those last few stubborn inches of fat.

Front reception of Alainn Clinic.

Alainn Clinic is tastefully decorated, you won’t even feel like you’ve walked into a medical facility.

Dr Nurul runs this clinic and she obtained her degree in Dublin, Ireland, hence the Irish inspired name for the clinic.

There’s also a refreshment area to keep you comfortable while waiting.

To initiate the therapy, first a consultation with Dr Nurul to explain about the treatment and just to make sure I was comfortable enough to proceed with this. The treatment itself lasts about 30 minutes and you’ll require at least 4-6 sessions to complete the treatment. Apart from being completely non-invasive (non contact, even) there are way less side effects compared to other procedures too. I was told to expect warm sensation during the treatment and perhaps some skin redness after the treatment, some people also might experience small tender lumps after the treatment, which are basically lumps of fat tissues before breaking down to be eliminated.

Moving on to the treatment room, the standard procedures includes measuring the abdoment of course.


I might have been sucking in just when this photo was taken. There will be a proper before and after picture at the end of treatment, I promise.

Weighing in. Check out my sexy gown totally matching my hair and top.

All ready for the “roasting” session.

Once that is all done, time for me to climb on to the bed and the machine is then applied over my abdomen. It gets very close to the skin but does not touch it at all.

When the machine is cranked up to full, I did actually feel my tummy warming up, with intermittent “jabbing” sensation in my flank. But everything is tolerable. For those who are more sensitive to pain/heat, the team will determine your tolerance to adjust the dose. Then it’s a matter of relaxing for the next 30 minutes. They put on a movie for me so the 30 minutes went by super quickly.

After the treatment, I was measured again (generally not expecting to lose anything right after treatment though) and given a glass of water. It’s crucial to drink up around 2L of water after treatment, keep up a healthy diet and do some light exercise to help it along.

I’m looking forward to completing the treatment! Will tell you more when the time comes.

Alainn Clinic is located at:

J-G-5 Jalan SS7/26,
Park Lane Commercial Hub,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Telephone: 03-78028099 or 0122710301
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9.30am – 6.00pm.

More info on BTL Aesthetics at

R.AGE Food Fight: The Workshops

So I guess a lot of you have already found out that I have made it to the Top 5 of The R.AGE Food Fight, a cooking/hosting competition run by The Star’s R.AGE to look for the next Malaysian Food Celebrity. Many thanks to this video (and everyone who contributed to it). You can read more about the competition here too and check out the rest of the finalists. Anyway, last weekend 5 of us got together for a series of workshops and boy was a ball it was!

Introducing (from left) Li-Anne, Ashley, Ahong and Nuril.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we rocked up to Le Cordon Bleu (gasp) at 8am, me having just returned from a gig in Genting early morning. The first workshop we had Chef Rodolphe Onno from LCB, and we were given 3 hours to cook our competition dish. There is only one theme for the dish: we have to use Palm oil. So as it turned out, we had a nice mix of dishes, you’ll see in a minute.

Chef Rodolphe, watching me plate my stuff. Not stressful at all………
And here’s Liang, Singer/Chef (When I grow up I want to be like him) who has been a tremendous support for all the contestants.
Me looking all serious playing with my Pineapple Chutney.

The dish I cooked was something I’ve done before in another competition (almost the same but I changed the protein), but I think the stress must have gotten to me (that and me being slightly out of practise with pastry work) and 3 of the components went wrong that day (that’s almost the whole dish). Hopefully during the final I can be a little more normal. Anyway, I shall present to you:

My prawn tart… and all that Jazz (yes that’s my dish name)

Chef Rodolphe helped me with my presentation, of course. Luckily despite all the disasters I still managed to plate the complete dish up.

Ahong’s roasted chicken with coconut gravy, long beans and rice.

Lucky for us, we also got to taste everyone else’s food. Fellow Sarawakian, Ahong’s specialty is chicken, and this dish had me going back for more. The chicken is juicy as heck, and the coconut gravy totally made my skirt fly up (well, I didn’t get the memo about the dress code so I turned up in a dress…). The long beans provided a nice crunch and I gobbled that up too. Yum. Yum. Yum. Well, Ahong runs a stall at a food court, so we should not expect anything less.

Nuril’s Fish with Otak Otak and Fern Salad (and a Green Fro)

Nuril also has a firm culinary background, and he runs his family business (Jawi House) in Georgetown, so I know he will impress. This is such a brilliant dish. Let’s start with the Green sauce, it’s localised pesto with lovely herbaceous note, I’d happily douse that on all my food (maybe not dessert, but you never know). The fish is lovely soft, and even though I’m not a fan of otak-otak this tasted good to me. My favourite is that fern salad packing plenty of tang and crunch factor.

Ashley’s Watermelon Tuna Tartare with Basil Ice Cream.

Kuching’s Sweet Heart Ashley made a gorgeous starter. Basil ice cream? That’s rather groundbreaking and fine-dining ish I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever had watermelon paired with tuna before, tasted quite refreshing. Unfortunately by the time we got to taste it the ice cream melted already, but I could still get the flavours and it’s actually quite amazing. Definitely something I’d order in a restaurant.

Li-Anne’s Pumpkin Cake with all that trimming (Yoghurt Ice Cream included)

Finally we also had a dessert dish, made by Purple/Blue haired Li-Anne. It was cute watching Li-Anne breaking down a whole pumpkin (much better than breaking down a pineapple I think). She also made honeycomb to go with the cake (this girl has skills). The cake was on the browner side but still remained moist, I could really taste the pumpkin too. This is the kind of cake I wouldn’t mind having again. It was a shame though I didn’t taste the ice cream, I’m sure I’d love it since it’s Yoghurt. Once again another dish pretty enough to appear in a fine-dining restaurant. Well, she’s a food stylist, so making food look pretty is literally a piece of cake.

Casual chat with Chef Darren

After tasting everyone’s food, we sat down with Chef Darren Chin (of the very successful, and VERY expensive Restaurant DC) to talk about ins and outs of the restaurant business. It was pretty informative, and useful for someone like me who has completely no idea about restaurant business, should I ever want to open one.

With KYSpeaks!

KY is also part of the judging panel, and he joined us to give us a quick talk on food blogging, which very quickly turned into a debate about Penang food (he’s from Penang and so is Nuril).

Another workshop-filled day to come and I’m really looking forward to meeting Chef Wan this weekend.

To follow our journey, head over to and you can also follow me at my newly created ‘fan page’

Wish me luck, will you?

New Dishes at WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre

From its beginnings as a Work In Progress to a now popular hangout spot in KL, WIP is now Whipped Into Place. Located in the upmarket Bangsar Shopping Centre, the outlet offers an elegantly casual ambience with the design feel of an urban-tropic garden. Walking in, you’ll feel temporarily out of the hustle and bustle of a big city, while the friendly staff are happy to guide you through the whole experience.

The direction of WIP’s menu is cosmopolitan, with inspiration from different continents. You can either choose to be safe and order the local favourites, or be bold and try out more unfamiliar dishes. Good news, by the way, as WIP has just launched a few more new dishes to add into the eclectic mix.

Tomato Bruschetta is Italian in origin and here buttered garlicly sliced baguettes are toasted first, then topped with chopped cherry tomatoes mixed with basil. It’s simple, but when all the flavours are right, it can be so comforting and appetizing. Here, they’ve executed this starter particularly well.

The Popcorn chicken was next on the list of starters, and this proved to be great bar snack. The crunchy exterior, juicy flesh, completed with a piguant grain mustard aioli will have you reaching for more, while also encouraging you to reach for your beer/cocktail/wine. Delicious.

Are school prawns more intelligent because they went to school? Well, I don’t know about that but what I do know is that this species of prawn has a distinctive sweeter taste, and can be consumed whole, which is great news for people like me who are too lazy to be peeling prawns. Plus it adds to the whole crunchy factor that is so alluring to many. The chili mayo is creamy with a nice bit of kick, definitely moreish. I’ll happily devour this again.

For the mains, I had the Garlic Pan Seared Salmon, which comes with Black Bean Pilaf Rice, Chili Mango salsa and Sautéed Vegetables (Kale and Asparagus). Very fusion sounding and would definitely be a go-to dish if executed well. But here the Salmon is slightly overcooked for my liking and I’d prefer if there was more condiment (and sauce) to go around. The pilaf rice is surprisingly aromatic despite its pale appearance.

The other half went for the Alaskan Crab Burger, which came with fries and a side of cherry tomatoes not unlike the toppings on the Tomato bruschetta. The crab patty is impressively thick, packed with crab meat and it tastes like the ocean with its umaminess. The exterior is also nice and crispy, pairing nicely with the soft burger bun. Bonus point for the crisp lettuce too.

Our table also shared a pizza: the Triple Trio Supreme, featuring Chicken sausage, chicken ham, grilled chicken, onion ring, cocktail onion, onion marmalade, mozzarella, cheddar and emmental cheeses. The crust is sufficiently crispy, but taste wise a little one-dimensional because it’s just chicken and onion basically. Simplicity is its game I guess.

We also tried out some of the new cocktails they concocted, and my favourite would be the Spicy Cuban Mojito, made with Rum, red capsicum, blood orange syrup, mint syrup, triple sec, lime wedges. Coming close second would be the Madhu Mojito with Rum, lychee puree, lemon, ginger, honey syrup, mint leaves, lime wedges.

I love the presentation of the Muskmelon Sangria. Featuring white wine, mango syrup, melon liqueur, this is a thirst quenching mixture and is definitely suitable for a girly afternoon catch-up.

There are many more dishes which we didn’t get to sample. In hindsight, perhaps we should have been more adventurous and order dishes that we normally wouldn’t. Anyway, we know what to do during our next visit.

Nihari Gosht: Lamb ossobucco cooked with an Indian spiced gravy and servedwith naan
Tiger Prawn Arabiatta: Tiger prawn and basil in a rustic spicy tomato sauce.
Arroz de Morisco: Portuguese seafood rice with soft shell crab, fish, prawn, mussels,clams, olive, coriander and beef chorizo

The seafood rice is the one we most want to try next. Keep moving on….

Lamb Shank, Creamy mushroom risotto, French beans and apricot fig jus

This also looks really appetizing for those with a hankering for red meat.

And then we moved on to some desserts:

Peanut Butter Panna Cotta 

The taste of Peanut Butter is strong in this one, according to the other half.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Unfortunately I can’t eat chocolate, I heard few guests singing praises about this though.


What a pretty dessert! A nicely executed Meringue that was.

Thank you WIP for the afternoon treat!

Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Taste MIGF 2015 Gala Launch

Several weeks ago, we attended the Gala Launch of the Taste MIGF, held at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This was the first time at this venue as previous years it has always been held at Sunway. The more central location certainly has its advantage and it seems that this year it’s also bigger and grander. Of course, we are also biased due to the awesome theme this time: Galactic Chefs: 2015 A Food Odyssey.

During the Gala Launch, we were given a few booklets to purchase tasting portions of food and I also had a little scoring sheets for various categories. So off we went looking around the stations to be enticed by all the participaing restaurants. These restaurants will serve special Festival Menus throughout the month of October, and this year there are 26 of them in total: Samplings On The Fourteenth, Iketeru, Graze, Dynasty, LTITUDE Restaurant Bar & Lounge, Imperial Rama, The Olive, Lafite, Shang Palace, Qba Latin Bar & Grill, Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar, Busaba Thai, Dewakan, Enak KL, Maison Francaise, Marini’s on 57, Minori, Neroteca, Nerovivo, Ruyi & Lyn, Soleil, Tanzini, The Oak Room, Vineria.IT, Yezi and Zender’s Restaurant & Bar.

So let’s take a look at some of the dishes we had the opportunity to taste:

Ruyi & Lyn

You might have already seen these pretty miniature “sushi” on Instagram, that’s right; that’s indeed a miniature Nasi Lemak with all the trimmings. Gimmicky it might be, but the flavours are good.

Sampling on the fourteen

We had the Foie Gras terrine from this station and boy was it good! Highly biased because we love our livers.


Some Molecular Gastronomy at play here. We had the duck liver terrine with port wine jelly (the brownish tube on the spoon).

A little Red Meat to entice the carnivores.
Lovely Juicy Scallops
Nerovivo: Arancini
Nerovivo’s take on Tiramisu


Imperial Rama’s Decadent Chicken Abalone soup, which happened to be one of our favourites of the night.
Deep fried goodness from Enak KL
More Foie Gras, this time by Maison Francaise, was another hightlight for us.
Thai Rice Dumplings stuffed with minced chicken,  from Busaba Thai
Mini Tacos from Qba
Interesting looking Kuroi Karaage from LTITUDE Restaurant & Lounge.

For us the clear winner would be everything from Dewakan:

Roast Mushrooms: Super pretty starter, don’t you just love the whole rustic feel?
Pulut Ice Cream, Gula Melaka, Meringue. Definitely the winning dessert.

Each station also made plenty of effort dressing to the theme and our favourite would be the Tanzini Station, adhering perfectly to the Galactic theme:

The opening itself featured an MIGF spaceship, from which MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day and the Festival Master Chefs disembarked, amidst resonating applause from the crowd. “Fabulous food, fun, friendship and fellowship – this is what MIGF represents,” declared Dato’ Steve in his welcoming speech.

The Chefs participating this year also did a little on the stage and striked their poses before taking their place on the side of the ship flanked by stilt-walking aliens and galactic storm troopers. Festival Royal Patron, YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Ja’afar, Tunku Laxamana Negeri Sembilan and Guest of Honour, Dato’ Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, Director General of Tourism Malaysia, then joined the assembly on stage to officially launch the Festival under a magnificent explosion of confetti.

As per past year, we washed down our delectable treats with plenty of wine and it was a great session catching up with fellow foodies.

MIGF 2015 will culminate with a Grand Finale at Connexion +Nexus, Bangsar South on 6th November, 2015. The full list of the participating restaurants can be found on the Festival Website;


Oktoberfest at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Oktoberfest is upon us again and this year, we were invited to witness the beer tapping ceremony at one of my favourite German restaurant, Brotzeit. Located on the outside dining strip of Midvalley Megamall, Brotzeit is a popular watering hole and it serves pretty authentic German cuisine. The kitchen is head by a friendly German chap Chef Helmut, who is easy to spot with his height. Brotzeit has been around for quite a few years (actually celebrating their 5th Anniversary today, how fitting!) and now also has a few other branches including one in Sunway Pyramid and another in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

It was a lovely catch-up session for us few (Cumi & Ciki, Jason with his dates, Fireangel and her fiance) and we sat down to a feast for sure. But first, the ceremony. By that I mean the beer. 

The Paulaner came all the way from German and after the ceremony, everyone gets a glass!


There was also a liveband to entertain us with traditional Oktoberfest tunes as well as popular oldies and current hits.

Half of the band I’ve worked with before, which is pretty cool. Cathy looking especially pretty in that cute outfit.

We started with a trio of Appetisers: Smoked salmon tartare with cream cheese and chives, Obatza (Typical Bavarian crème cheese with onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes); and Pork liver pate with onions and herbs, all served with a side of German bread. Of these, my favourite would have to be the Salmon tartare, as you can really taste the briny fish and the chives just liven up the dish. We also enjoy the Pork liver pate by default as offal lovers.

We also had a German style Pizza (Fladen), which came with tomato sauce, mozzarella, baby spinach, feta cheese, vine ripened tomatoes, onions, garlic and mushrooms. The crust is denser than pizza (more German bread like), and the toppings are abundant. Love the hint of savoury feta cheese too.

If you come in a big group, you should order the sharing platter. It’s an impressive looking board loaded with food, just take a look at this!

Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle, Thick Slices of Bacon, Sausages, Pork chops, it’s a carnivore’s playground. The deep fried pork knuckle features amazing crackling and the flesh remains tender with a slight chew, and the gravy goes superbly with this. The sausages here are really excellent too.

A closer look!

You can also order your choice of 2 side dishes and we had potato salad and sauerkraut. The sauerkraut here is the real deal, with sufficient tang and great to cut through the richness of meaty dishes. I also love the potato salad here, fluffy and a little creamy, also with a citrusy tang. Definitely moreish.

We also tried Schnapps for the first time and we got to pick from several different flavours. I think mine was apple. You are meant to drink it like a shot and while it’s lovely and sweet, it’s pretty potent too.

White Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Bacon

Have you ever tried chocolate bacon before? If you haven’t, you need to! I am a sucker for sweet and savoury combo and even though chocolate might kill my voice, I couldn’t resist a bite. Worth it, though.

And what happens if you are a singer and you go to another party with a liveband? You get called out to the stage of course.

And here’s me belting out a classic, I will survive by Gloria Gaynor (Photo credit to the BF).

Thank you Brotzeit for having us, and if you want to participate in the Oktorberfest fun, they are repeating the party this weekend (9th and 10th October) at all their branches. Prost!

A group photo taken with Umei’s phont. It was a fun night for sure.

R.AGE Food Fight: Ayam Masak Merah with Cauli “Nasi Tomato”

What’s red in colour, delicious, and also uniquely Malaysian? Ayam Masak Merah, a Kedahan dish commonly seen at Hari Raya Celebration and Malay Weddings, of course. Do you know what else is red and Malaysian? Red Palm oil, which is the star of the day in this blog post. Needless to say, I decided to cook this dish because I was inspired by the colour, but it also happens to be one of my favourite Malaysian dishes, due to its rich aroma, and a nice balance of savoury note, sweetness, richness, piquancy and just enough heat to tickle your system.

Did you know that Malaysia is the world’s second largest producer of Palm oil? Interestingly enough most of it is exported and we don’t really see a lot of Palm oil used in cooking locally. It’s not that Palm oil is not good for us, in fact, it’s high in antioxidants, which is responsible for combating free radical damage. It also has virtually no cholesterol, just like another super cousin of it, the coconut oil. It has its signature red hue due to high level of beta-carotene, which is a precursor to Vitamin A (the Vitamin that’s good for our eyes), and it’s also high in Vitamin E. In short, it comes with pretty attractive health benefits, but of course as with all fats, consuming in moderation is key.

Ayam Masak Merah with Cauli-Nasi Tomato

This recipe is super nontraditional as I’m adding my own twist to it. For example, a good amount of recipes calls for canned tomato soup for the gravy, and I’ve opted for canned tomatoes instead for a fresher taste. I’ve also added lemongrass in the spice paste for an extra depth of aroma. Ayam Masak Merah is commonly paired with Nasi Tomato, and I’ve done my own interpretation of a low carb substitute using Caulifower instead. Although this means that I can’t cook it the traditional way infusing milk, spices and tomatoes slowly into the grains, but nothing a good dose of gravy over won’t fix, right? This way, you even get your vegetable quota sorted. By the way, it’s also Gluten-free and Paleo friendly, how about that?

The cooking process is a little complicated, and involves deep frying (*gasp*) as this is the way we can keep the chicken juicy with a nice firm texture. You might also work up a sweat if you don’t have a fancy food processor (which I don’t), but with the end result this delicious, I can assure you it’s all worth the effort. Now let’s get cooking! To make this a little extra special, I shall include a full cooking video for your viewing pleasure.

Ayam Masak Merah (Malay Red Cooked Chicken) with Cauli-Nasi Tomato

Spice Paste:
5-6 Shallots
3 Red Chili (or more if you like it spicier)
1 thumb sized Ginger
5-6 cloves of Garlic
1 Stalk Lemongrass

Spices (roast in pan beforehand):
2 Star Anise
3-4 Cloves
1 stick of Cinnamon

500g Chicken Drumsticks (or any other part you like)
1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder
1 teaspoon Salt
1 canned Tomatoes
300ml Coconut Milk
Palm Oil

Cauli Nasi Tomato
Half head of Cauliflower
1 tablespoon Tomato Paste
1 tablespoon Ketchup

First, to make the spice paste. Place everything in food processor/blender/pestle & mortar/or anything that can chop things into small pieces and process til fine. I had to make do with a smaller device on the day of filming the cooking video so my spice paste isn’t as paste-y as it should be. But well, still tasty! Set aside until needed.

Then we move on to deep fry the chicken. The Chicken drumsticks need to be marinated with turmeric and salt for at least half an hour. Fill a pot with Palm oil (great choice for deep frying because of the high smoke point), and when it’s hot enough (you can test it with a wooden chopstick, if it bubbles up it’s ready) add the chicken pieces to deep fry until they are starting to take on a glorious colour. Remove from oil and drain on paper towel.

Pour most of the oil out leaving around 3 tablespoons, and add in the spice paste to stir fry. You want to cook until it’s nice and fragrant and starting to split from the oil. Then add in the canned tomatoes (I’ve actually used my hand to squeeze the tomatoes into smaller pieces, you can also use a blender for this job), followed by the roasted spices and coconut milk. Mix everything well, and add the chicken drumsticks. Turn the heat to medium low and simmer for about 30-40 minutes until chicken is fully cooked and the sauce is nice and thick. Taste for seasoning, adding salt and sugar if needed.

While the chicken is cooking, we can prepare the Cauli “Nasi Tomato”. Cut the cauliflower into small florets, and use a blender/food processor to pulse a few times until the cauliflower become rice grain like (do not over process!). Heat the pan with Palm oil, and add the cauliflower rice, follow by tomato paste. Cook for 3-4 minutes until cauliflower is softened. Serve hot.

To assemble, place the cauli rice (using a bowl to mold if you want it nicely shaped) onto a plate, then pick your drumstick, making sure you also get plenty of that nice gravy on. Garnish with sliced tomatoes, some coriander and serve with achar if you like.

I love everything about this dish: the vibrant colours, the addictive gravy, succulent chicken, piquant cauli rice (with the added bonus of health), and the fact that the goodness of Palm oil is fully utilised. I hope you get to try this dish at home too, as it will sure impress your taste buds, and your family/friends.

Spaghetti and Zoodles with Cauliflower Pesto, Bacon and Shrimps

One click to check my blogging history and I realised that I have not posted a recipe for *gasp* 6 months! That’s too damn long for one who claims to post ‘a lot’ of recipes on her blog. For this, I do apologise for those who have been waiting for me to post something (I’m talking about you Michelle, and few others who have specifically asked for THIS recipe). First, maybe an overdue update on my personal life.

I went through quite a significant life change over the past few months. A new relationship, new living arrangement (I’m now a PJ girl), new job (started a teaching job at an International College), new routines (no longer the night owl, though still a party girl during weekends). Needless to say, it took a few months for me to readjust and now that the dust has settled and I’m comfortable around the new kitchen, I can get back to recipe blogging again.

Of all the recent dishes I’ve cooked and posted on social media, this dish seemed to be the most popular so I thought I’d end this drought with this recipe: Spaghetti and Zoodles with Cauilflower Pesto, Bacon and Shrimps.

2 major things about this recipe: 1. It’s low carb. 2. It’s dairy free. And let me just tell you that it’s absolutely delicious. Zoodles are noodles made with zucchini by the way. If you have the magical gadget that is called the Paderno Vegetable Spiral Cutter (in short Spiralizer) you’ll be able to turn any hard vegetable into noodles = instant low carb meal (unless you use potato, of course)! If you don’t have the spiraliser, you can use a julienne peeler too. As for the sauce, I’ve used cauliflower to emulate the creamy texture because I didn’t use cheese in the pesto, keeping this recipe ‘almost paleo’. The reason I’ve added actual spaghetti is that Kevin still likes his carbs and I’m not going to deny him of his pleasure. If you want it to be completely guilt free, omit pasta altogether.

This is a great way to up your daily vegetables intake and chances are, you won’t even realise there is cauliflower in the mix. The zoodles do have a slightly different texture to pasta and that does take a bit to get used to, but nevertheless this dish will give you satisfaction as do any other pasta dish. This dish is also super quick to put together, making it a perfect weeknight dinner, while also suitable to impress your dinner guests. So let’s get cooking!

Spaghetti and Zoodles with Cauliflower Pesto, Bacon and Shrimps

(serves 3 persons, or 2 with super hearty appetite)
2 medium zucchini, spiralised into zoodles
100g Spaghetti
12-15 Shrimps, peeled and deveined
4-5 strips of Streaky bacon, cut into lardons.

Cauliflower Pesto
Quarter of a head of cauliflower, cut into small florets
1 supermarket packet of fresh basil (1 big handful)
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 Walnuts
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the spaghetti according to packet instructions in salted water until al dente. Add the cauliflower florets in the last 5 minutes and drain out separately.

To make the cauliflower pesto, add a whole bunch of basil into the food processor, along with 2-3 cloves of garlic, a generous pour of Extra virgin olive oil, walnuts (or pine nuts if you want to stay more original), salt and pepper, followed by the drained cauliflower. Process until almost smooth, scraping down the sides a few times. Adjust the liquid level by adding some pasta water if you wish, taste for seasoning.

Heat oil in pan and add bacon. Cook until starting to brown, then add thyme and zucchini and stir for 3-4 minutes. Push everything aside and add prawns to stir fry for 2-3 minutes until just cooked. Turn the heat to lowest, add drained pasta and Cauliflower pesto and stir to combine. Serve immediately, with or without chili flakes. Refresh even more with a squeeze of lemon juice if you like.

If you like pesto and pasta, you’ll definitely love the lighter take of this dish. It’s as herbaceous as it can get, and the cauliflower lends an extra creaminess without actually adding any dairy products. This is going on high rotation in my household, and in fact, I have 2 zucchinis waiting in the kitchen for me as we speak! Enjoy cooking!