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Lighting It Up With Belvedere Vodka

Several weekends ago, an invitation landed in my inbox and it was none other than Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, bringing the second installation of the “Light the Night” party series to the skylines of Kuala Lumpur. And where would that be? The bar with the best view of KL Skyline of course. Sky bar at Traders Hotel has always been one of my favourite night spots so this was the biggest selling point for us deciding to attend the party.

Pretty in blue.

The whole sky bar is decked up with captivating blue lights and traces of the signature Belvedere Trees in white hues within the glass panels of SkyBar, overlooking the city’s stunning skyline. Some illuminated Belvedere Vodka bottles are seen at the corners of the bars as well, ensuring picture-perfect moment anytime.

Spot the Belvedere Bears.

Girls decked out in sexy white corset fitted with LED light.

Not so picture perfect was me with my sepet eyes, holding on to the welcome drink (and the love of my life).

We were greeted with a choice of one of Sky Bar’s signature Belvedere Vodka cocktails; Lychee Rose Martini, Mata D’or, Caprioska or Cosmopolitan made exclusively by Elvis Sun, Skybar’s seasoned mixologist. Personally I loved the Lychee Rose Martini the best (easy choice for me), and thoguht the Mata D’or was super strong with the addition of Red bull (one Kevin is holding).

Photobooth with a twist (literally)

There is a unique interative light motion photography zone set up at the entrance for us to capture our memories, although shame we forgot to collect our pic as we were too busy catching up with fellow party people.

With Umei and our Uber cool Eye Gear

Pleasantly surprised to see Umei and Jo as a catch up was long overdue. So we joined their table, sip on our Belvedere/Cranberry mix (foregoing the cocktails at this point for maximum enjoyment) and talked about our lives.

Actually, the goggles look even cooler in the dark:

Powered by HTC DesireEye

Our attention was drawn to the dance floor at the party officially began.

Trippy and awesome at the same time.

Specially designed for this party, the light “poi” performance parades a variety of geometric patterns played as the opening act of the night. Showcasing Belvedere’s bold creativity through the stunning performance, these creative rhythmic light movements were traced through the air as the baton changed colours in perfect sync; reflecting the spirit and light of Belvedere Vodka.

DJ Alexis Grace

The gorgeous DJ Alexis Grace took the decks next. A big name which has been making waves in the local party scene, DJ Alexis Grace took no time at all to get the crowd pumping with her knack for Melbourne bounce and electric dance music.

Check out the amount of people on the dance floor grooving as DJ Alexis Grace spinned.

It was all very exciting too to see the sparklers attached to the bottle as the girls presented to the party goers.

Generally, the atmosphere was fun, chilled and we were glad to see some familiar faces, VIPs and socialites alike. It was a great execution of Belvedere’s commitment to style and the good life, and let’s just say we both had enough Belvedere for maybe a month. T’was a great Friday night out indeed.

Thank you Belvedere Vodka for a fabulous party!

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Estilo Spanish Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill (Revisit)

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Spanish food and one of my favourite Spanish restaurants in KL would have to be Estilo, located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. I’ve introduced it to the Kevin (who happens to be a big fan of Paella like me) and he approves too. By the way, my previous visit was documented here. So when Pei Shyen extended an invite to try out some of their new dishes, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

The reason they have revamped their menu is largely because of their new toy in the kitchen, the Josper Charcoal Oven, which is a unique combination of a grill and oven using an advanced technology that, under high heat, ensures all natural moisture and flavour of the food stays intact. Oooh, fancy! I will also admit I went and google the image of Josper oven to satisfy my inner food geek. Well, let’s take a look at the food then, shall we?

Champinones a la Trufa (RM18)

The first starter happens to be one of my favourite tapas here, the Sauteed Mushrooms, but this time Chef Pedro has upped the ante by adding Truffle Paste along with the intoxicating mix of Garlic, Wine and Cream.  The smell is amazing, and the gravy is just so rich and creamy, I soaked my bread in it and devoured every drop.

Aubergine Caviar con Mostillo (RM20)

I like how Chef called this “caviar”. It’s basically like Babaganoush, roasted aubergine made into a dip. This one is nice and smoky with a creamy smooth mouth feel, and I might be biased because I happen to love aubergine (ranked top 3 on my list along with zucchini and well, cauliflower). Lovely!

Brandada (RM20)

Brandada is a traditional dish made with Salted Cod and here it’s mixed with mash potatoes, sprinkled with cheese and baked. As a mash potato fan, I love how the salted cod added an extra dimension to the taste.

Escargot with Cherry Tomatoes (RM24)

I’ve had the Escargots at Estilo to but this time it has gotten itself a makeover and this presentation is definitely more eye-catching, with the skewers of entwining tomatoes and snails on a bed of roast potato, swimming in a lovely leeks and cream sauce. The snails remained juicy and tender, pairing perfectly with the rich sauce.

Coca de Anchoas & Boquerones (RM25)

Coca refers to any Catalan bread-based product be it savoury and sweet. The savoury type is very much like the Italian’s pizza, with various toppings on top. Here we have a selection of salted and pickled anchovies along with some smoky grilled vegetables (which has a fancy name called Escalivada). Not only it’s a pretty dish, I love the snappy sound the crust made, and the sweet smoky strips of red capsicum. Although you do have to be careful with the distribution of the anchovies because a little goes a long way.

Ensalada de Calabacin (RM26)

Estilo do their salads very well, and one of their newbies is the Grilled warm zucchini with Goat’s Cheese, Prawns, Croutons, Sundried tomato and walnuts. All my favourite things on the plate, and it can win beauty pageant too while at that. It’s obviously well-thought and I had fun with the textural contrast and that juicy zucchini. You’ll be sure that I’ll be replicating this dish soon.

Costillas de Ternera (RM52)

And for the final dish, a majestic looking piece of Beef Ribs arrived on our table. Cooked with the Josper oven of course, no doubt for a long time in low temp. The meat is buttery soft, with a fabulous smoky note, a mixture of savoury sweetness, with a lovely side watercress salad to cut through the richness and also a blue cheese sauce (of course, I had to warn Kevin to not touch this) to complement. The roast potato is nice and fluffy too. Superb!

In general the new menu looks great and there are some dishes I’m dying to try, so you bet your “insert body part of your choice” we’ll be back very soon for another feast!

Estilo Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill
No 34, Level G2 Block C5,
Publika Solaris Dutamas,
Jln Dutamas 1,
50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 6203 9883
Pork Free but Serves Alcohol
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Ko Skincare Specialist pt.2

I’ve shared my experience with Ko Skincare Specialist in my previous post (along with the background of Ko Skincare Specialist and the range of products they offer). And here are the rest of the products prescribed to me, in addition to my current basic skincare regime.

KO Dermacare Vitality Purifying Essence II 30ml RM180

Because I have occasional breakouts (especially when hormonal or stressed), this essence is recommended for me to use on problem areas (T zone and chin). Basically, it’s designed to reduce skin imperfection while balancing sebum production for a clear and refined complexion. It’s suitable for oily skin, or combination skin. Furthermore, it’s also alcohol free.
Contains: Aloe extract, witch hazel extract, licorice leaf extract, job’s tears extract.

KO Dermacare Perfect Brightening Cream 30g RM380

This product is prescribed for me for extra boost of brightening and hydration. It combines mandelic acid, kojic acid and tranexamic acid to brighten the skin gently and safely. It also works to resolves pigmentation problems such as freckles, sun spots and melasma.

Ko Dermacare Miracle C Powder – RM299 (2 Vials)

In addition to the perfect brightening cream, they have also recommended the Miracle C Powder. High dose of Vitamin C aids in reducing pigmentation as well. I’ve had experience using Vitamin C serum in the past and find it too oily for my skin. This one comes in powder form to mix in with my regular moisturiser which I think is ingenius! I was told they are changing their packaging for this product too.

Dermax Dermax Bio Defence UV Foundation SPF60 6N 30gm RM199

I have a bad habit of not being vigilant enough with my sun protection. It’s mainly because I don’t like to cake on products on my skin. So a product with dual properties is definitely a bonus. Here the sunscreen also doubles as foundation, which saves me putting on additional layer. The coverage is really good though, and it’s suitable for dry skin as it’s on the oily side.

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask 5pcs/box RM280

Last but not the least, I was recommended the Intense repair whitening masque (starting to see the pattern yet?). This mask is made with 100% natural bio-gel, free from chemicals, preservatives and toxicities. It’s supposed to remove dead skin cells and brightens skin tone. I like how gentle it feels on the skin (the bio-gel has a peculiar texture which is strangely exciting). That reminds me I should apply this tonight (I tend to be too lazy and procrastinate on my skincare).

After using all the products for couple of months, I’m quite sure I’ll be continuing with some of the products, especially the Perfect radiance cleanser/toner, Aqua moisturiser and the Miracle C powder.

To find out more about Ko Skincare Specialist and purchase the produce, you can visit http://www.drkoskincare.com/

To celebrate the opening of their e-store, Dr. Ko Skincare is running the following promotions from 20 July 2015 to 20 August 2015:

– 20% storewide discount
– 50% discount on Ko Series
– Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr. Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shockmediastudio.app.drko&hl=en

Apple App Store – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ko-skin-specialist/id959443985?mt=8

The Dr. Ko Skin Specialist headquarters is located at:

Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,
T:+603 3343 3140
You can also head over to http://www.koskinspecialist.com/ to find the complete list of branches.
Telephone: 1-800-22-33-22


Ko Skincare Specialist

I’ve been lucky enough to not have too much trouble with my skin in general, except for a period of time in my uni days when I suffered from quite bad acne due to the oral contraception pills. It took me a long time and frankly quite a lot of money to get my skin back to optimal condition so I’ve been very careful with my skincare ever since. If the products work for my skin, I’d gladly fork out for them. I’ve heard of Ko Skincare Specialist before but didn’t know that they had their own range of products, so when I was approached to give their products a try, I was curious enough to find out more about them. Here’s a little background on Ko Skincare Specialist.

The founder of Dr. Ko Skin Specialist – Dr Ko Chung Beng, spent 17 years in UK and obtained his specialist qualifications prior to his return to Malaysia in 1994. He headed the Dermatology Department of Seremban Hospital until 1997, then founded the KO Skin Specialist which has since been providing a comprehensive range of in-depth services from dermatology to cosmetic surgery.

When he first started out on his own in 1997, KO Skin Specialist was just a little clinic in Klang, located on the first floor of a shop lot. However the effectiveness of his prescriptions soon spread and today, that little clinic is now the headquarters for the 26 clinics of KO Skin Specialist centres across Malaysia. KO Skin Specialist now has their very own formulation of skincare products which are formulated by their team of professionals to combat signs of aging, acne and other skin problems. The centres also offer the most complete range of laser therapy equipment in Asia. No longer just a Malaysian brand, KO Skin Specialist has a branch in Xiamen, China, and will be opening more branches in the future! How’s that for a Malaysian success story?

There are 4 ranges of skincare under Dr. Ko Skincare Specialist: Dermax Clinicare, KO Dermaceutical, KO Series, and eKo and here’s a brief overview:

Dermax Clinicare

The Dermax Clinicare series is known for its effectiveness in preventing new acne formation. Products in this series are meticulously blended with a natural botanical extracts under strict quality control. It removes impurities; refines open pores; soothes and heals the skin for an acne-free face.

This series comprises a broad range of products, even for dry and sensitive skin. Products from the Dermax Clinicare series may be used together with products from other Dr. Ko Skincare series depending on your needs.

KO Dermaceutical

The KO Dermaceutical series speeds up recovery; protects the skin from sun exposures; combats dullness, pigmentation, dehydration whilst reversing the signs of aging. The serums, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreens complement the needs of most skin types, and is also ideal for post-treatment care. Like Dermax and the KO series, products from the KO Dermaceutical range can be used together with products from other series, depending on your skin condition.

KO Series

The KO series offers a gentle solution to reduce blemishes, which is great news for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin as most blemish fighting products can irritate sensitive skin.


The eKo series is infused with amaranthus caudatus — one of the best sources of vegetable protein known for its antioxidant and skin revitalization properties.

Before I was given the products, I attended a consultation with a Doctor at their 10 Boulevard Branch located in Petaling Jaya. The consultation was to discuss my skin concerns as well as for the Doctor to assess my skin condition. As I’m in my early 30s, I’m realising the importance of combating sun damage in the form of pigmentations and spots (I have a couple of lentigos on my face and has always been prone to freckles), and I suffer the occasional pimple whenever I’m hormonal and stressed. So these are the products prescribed to me:

Since there are quite a numner of them, I shall divide them into 2 groups and I’ll talk about the basic 3 step cleansing and moisturizing routine first.

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Cleanser 1 120ml RM198

First of all of course, the cleanser. This cleanser is designed to cleanse, hydrate and firm the skin without stripping the surface of its natural moisture and protective lipid layer, giving your skin a fresh and radiant glow. Enriched with botanical extracts, it’s gentle enough for those with dry and traumatized skin. The cleanser is clear in appearance and doesn’t product much bubble unlike the commercial ones. And my skin feels clean and fresh but not dry after each wash. It’s even good enough to remove makeup, although I generally do a double cleanse with that.
(Contains: Cactus pear extract, trehalose, lavender essential oil, salicylic acid.)

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Radiance Toner 21 120ml RM198

I always avoid toners containing alcohol so this one is perfect for me as it’s formulated with plant extracts to sooth the skin while inhibiting melanin production (the stuff that causes pigmentation and spots). It works to transform dull, tired skin into a brighter and luminous complexion with long-term use. I love the feel of this toner as it’s absorb pretty quickly in the skin leaving my skin feeling fresh. As a bonus, it can also be used to set or refresh makeup, and it’s fine to use at anytime of the day. I think it has definitely worked its magic because I’ve received a few compliments that my skin looks more radiant now.

(Contains: Cactus pear extract, trehalose, centifolia rose extract, witch hazel extract, cucumber extract, orange flower water, raspberry fruit water, lavender essential oil.)

Ko Dermacare Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer I 60g RM280

My favourite product of all would be this moisturizer. The texture feels incredibly light yet it’s very hydrating. It also feels a bit cool on the skin, which soothes any irritation. It’s water-based, so it’s perfect for acne-prone and oily skin. Since I have combination skin, I also use another additional moisturizer which I’ll review in my later post.

I’ve been using the products for over 2 months now and I’ve noticed my skin is more radiant, although it’s near impossible to get rid of pigmentation just by using skincare products but they are not as noticeable due to the increase luminance. Thank you Dr Ko for the recommendation!

One recent selfie, even complete with Dr Ko's shade of blue!

One recent selfie, even complete with Dr Ko’s shade of blue!

You can now purchase Dr. KO Skin Specialist products online at http://www.drkoskincare.com/

To celebrate the opening of their e-store, Dr. Ko Skincare is running the following promotions from 20 July 2015 to 20 August 2015:

– 20% storewide discount
– 50% discount on Ko Series
– Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr. Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shockmediastudio.app.drko&hl=en

Apple App Store – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ko-skin-specialist/id959443985?mt=8

The Dr. Ko Skin Specialist headquarters is located at:

Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,
T:+603 3343 3140
You can also head over to http://www.koskinspecialist.com/ to find the complete list of branches.
Telephone: 1-800-22-33-22

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Poesy Liang’s Left Hand Art Series and Happy 40th Birthday!

Today, my dear friend Poesy Liang turned 40, an important milestone in life. Instead of celebrating with a party she of course did something that’s completely apt: Showcasing her art at her pop up gallery on the embassy row of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. This time, featuring a brand new series: Poesy’s Left Hand Art.

Poesy is indisputably a survivor, having suffered recurrent spine tumours that eventually caused paralysis from waist down since she was 16 years old. While she managed to walk albeit unsteadily all these years (despite what the doctors said), she still falls every so often. Whenever she does fall, she always try to break the tumble with her right hand. A painful accident happened back in May this year, while she was out with friends in the art circle one evening. She fell and sustained a nasty injury on her right hand after guest performing on stage (she sings too) which put her regular art production out of order for nearly 2 months.

Having her most able limb somewhat out of order, she felt highly disadvantaged; as it was near impossible to go on her daily activities just relying on her left hand. As the Bangkok Charity Orchestra stage for Nepal approached in June and upcoming Europe trip, she had to quickly think of a way around this inconvenient injury. Originally she was crowdfunding for her European tour by selling her travel series of artworks called “Fly Me To The Moon”. After she injured herself, the art production ceased although she still had a sum to raise for her to get to Switzerland for Art Basel, then to South of France for Cannes Lions and to Italy for Venice Biennale. So what did she do?

A few days after the accident, out of utter frustration, she picked up the brush with her left hand and doodled a little Harry Putter (her cat) in her friend’s guestbook during the visit to witness his collection by Malaysian artists. And since that wobbly cat signature, she has not turned back at all. Immediately this Left Hand Art series was born.

Mini version of the Cupcake Cat (one of my favourites)

Soon enough, people started to bid for the running numbers online and requested for her popular favourites
to be done using her left hand. While she waited for her right hand to heal completely, she set her mind to get skilled with the left hand, she even learnt to cook with it too.

The Running Rabbit I reserved for the boyfriend.

For this Left Hand Art series, she stopped at #50 this time to open the show for her 40th birthday weekend. All 50 pieces were done with a Chinese brush. Many of the numbers have been sold before she completed the series, but available for viewing before she delivers them to their respective owners. So if you are free, do drop by at Poesy Liang Art Gallery today (til 6pm) or tomorrow (11.11am to 5pm).

Another one I really like. The International Bank.

To see her art visit here: https://www.facebook.com/poesyart 

Up to #30 of her Left Hand Art is here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1001083473250025.1073741907.202341999790847&type=3

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1620614588212845/


Happy Birthday dear, and may you continue to be an inspiration for many. Much love to you.

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Eco Life Kitchen

I received an invitation from Cheng Yi to visit a Vegetarian restaurant together and I had to do a double take. Cheng Yi? Eating vegetarian food? I have a mental image of him gnawing on a bone… (better still, I have a real image…click here). Anyway apparently a meat man can be meat-ed out afterall. To be fair, Kevin and I had been a little out-of-control with our eating spree lately, so an all organic meal could probably do us much good. Though, as you will find out, we still overate anyway.

I almost had to cancel the dinner because it was day 1 of my Dengue fever (as I found out the day after when I was diagnosed). I run super high fever and felt like I was hit by a truck, aching all over and could barely get out of bed. But a promise is a promise, so I popped a couple of Paracetamol tablets and soldiered on. Turned out, good thing we did because Eco Life Kitchen opened on their off day just for us, how nice of them.

This restaurant is located in Fraser Business Park (which is completely foreign to me), it’s apparently not hard to find if you know the area, just look for Munich Cafe & Bar which spots a very bright signage at night. The owner also runs an Eco Leisure Village called Song Yan in Bukit Tinggi, which comes with a farm. This means the vegetables they use in the restaurant mostly comes from their own farm. The kitchen is run by Chef Steven Siew (long lost cousin?), who has also turned vegetarian himself.

Our welcome drink was a very thirst quenching Fizzy Calamansi Lime Drink, which truly hit the spot for me (as I soon find out I need tons of liquid for my illness).

Mango Sushi Roll

First we were presented a pretty looking sushi roll. It had mango on the top complete with mayo and black sesame seeds, inside there are cucumber, pickled radish, purple cabbage, and pumpkin floss. This item is not yet on the menu, though I can see it being popular if it is. I love the natural sweetness of the vegetables and the lovely textural contrast.

Omelette Roll (RM11.90)

This is not vegan of course because there are eggs. But I love the idea of wrapping the omelette on top of seaweed. Inside there are a variety of vegetables not dissimilar to the Mango roll above. Personally I prefer this one more than the Mango roll just because I’m an egg lover.

Pumpkin Tofu (RM9.90)

The Pumpkin Tofu is done Thai style with julienned cucumber, green mango, pineapple, turnip, carrot and topped with a Thai chili sauce. Kevin as a huge fan of tofu approved of this. I enjoyed the fresh vegetables and fruits although the peanuts kinda put me off the dish (can’t eat peanuts because I’ll lose my voice).

Penang Rojak (RM9.90)

How do you make the Rojak sauce without prawns? Chef Steven said that the sauce is derived from Seaweed for the ocean taste. The group enjoyed the dish, while I had to avoid it again due to you know what.

Mushroom Satay (RM8.90)

Of course, it won’t be surprising to see a lot of mushrooms in the menu. Because of the earthy note and the chewy texture, mushrooms can be very good meat substitute. By the way, you won’t see mock meats (basically gluten… eeww) on the menu, which can be a turn off for many. The mushroom satay is made with Coprinus Comatus mushrooms (杏鮑菇), which are typically very big and chewy. These are great as beer (if beer is allowed) snacks.

Vegetable Steamboat (RM23.90)

It’s nice to see a whole platter of fresh organic vegetables and I was happy to spot some of my favourites: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Enoki Mushrooms, Bitter Gourd, Pumpkin and various green leafy veg. The foojuk (fried beancurd skin) is popular amongst the table too. There are 2 types of broth to choose from: miso and old cucumber soup. Both are lovely.

Nasi Lemak (RM14.90)

This is a very photogenic dish. The nasi lemak here is made healthier with brown rice cooked with coconut oil (instead of coconut milk), curry vegetables made with cashew nut milk instead of (coconut milk), and on the side we have sambal, belinjo, tempeh, cucumber, and an enoki mushroom tempura (I’m deliberately ignoring the peanuts, of course). I thought that the curry is packed with flavours and I enjoyed the homemade sambal with the rice. The coconut oil isn’t so pronounced though. Nevertheless it’s quite a filling dish and I’d say it’s suitable for sharing, unless you are focusing on this dish alone.

Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh (RM16.90)

Bak Kut Teh in an Vegetarian restaurant? Are they crazy? In fact, this dish is one of their pride and joy, as there are over 14 herbs used in the recipe for that maximum flavours. Instead of fatty pork, you get a variety of mushrooms, tofu, foojuk etc. The broth is surprisingly flavoursome, though cleaner tasting. There’s a very meaty tasting mushroom in there called Monkey Head Mushrooms, which I must try and source and cook one day.

Assam Laksa (RM13.90)

The noodles used in the Assam Laksa is the Korean Sweet Potato Noodles which is one of my favourites, however I’m not a fan of Assam Laksa at all so can’t say much for this dish (no benchmark, you see).

Indo Curry Mee (RM13.90)

The Indo Curry Mee however, fared a lot better owing to the same delicious curry from the nasi lemak. I like how they used thick udon noodles to soak up all that lovely gravy, though few bites later this does feel a little cloying for me because the curry is really quite thick.

Lei Cha King (RM14.90)

Lei Cha (Hakka Thunder Tea) is a very foreign dish for me because I’ve never had it in my life. Here it’s made really colourful with brown rice, carrot, pumpkin, peanuts (again), radish, beancurd, Chinese white cabbage, chickpeas and a green sauce made with basil, mint, and a host of other herbs is poured on top before eating.

Green sauce pouring action.

Once again I have no benchmark for this dish so I can’t compare it with the rest. However, I really liked the combination of texture and the clean flavours of the vegetables and herbs. This is something I’d probably order again, sans the peanuts.

Spinach Pesto (RM13.90)

I wasn’t kidding when I said we overate. There were 4 of us for all these dishes! The last dish that came out was a very good looking plate of Fettuccine coated in pesto topped with spinach and mixture of carrot and pumpkin. If I wasn’t so full I’d gladly devour more of this because I really love the pesto!

To finish, we had a couple pots of flower teas (caffeine free of course) to cleanse our palate.

Thank you Eco Life Kitchen for accommodating us and we can’t wait to visit the resort in Bukit Tinggi!

Eco Life Kitchen
40-4 Fraser Business Park
Jalan Metro Pudu
Off Jalan Loke Yew
Tel: 03-2389 0228
Closed Wednesdays

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Topshelf, TTDI (Revisit)

Time really waits for no man. I remember saying to myself following my first visit to Topshelf that we definitely want to come back again. Who would have thought that one year could pass by so quickly? Chef Christopher Yee has kindly extended an invitation for us to sample the new menu, and I was not about to say no to good French food! Although it did take me almost 2 months to schedule this in due to frequent sickness (I really need to buck up and get healthy, have recently just recovered from Dengue fever…. more on that later perhaps).

Topshelf is blessed with a proximity to many well-known pubs/bars in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, though it’s situated at the quieter side of the shophouses. The ambiance can be quite romantic at night though remains casual enough for all kinds of customers. The menu here is kept tight for better quality control, offering mostly French favourites along with some Italian influences. The new menu now includes Pork, which is good news for the Porcine lovers.

On the night we visited, Truffles happen to be in season so we were lucky enough to be treated to this beauty:

Truffles, Poached Eggs on Red Wine Braised Puy Lentils.

Look at the generous shavings of Truffles! The alluring aroma tickled our noses as this dish hit the table and of course I couldn’t wait to poke at the egg.


What a sight to behold! And this tasted as good as it looks, of course. The lentils fully soaked up the full bodied red wine sauce and the overflowing egg yolk adds to the richness, while the truffles just complete the whole gastronomic experience. I loved the simplicity of it too, as nothing is overwhelming in flavour profile.

Hand Dived Scallop (RM30), Braised Leeks, Miso Eggplant

I love the presentation of this dish. A single scallop sitting atop an Eggplant round, a bed of braised leek, complete with white wine jus. The scallop has a beautiful sear on it while remaining lovely and soft in the middle, just the way it should be. The sweetness goes well with the umaminess of miso on the eggplant, while the braised leeks have been cooked enough for its natural sweetness to be released too. While the Truffle dish was the bf’s favourite, this was my highlight of the night.

Orange Quail (RM27), Bacon Hash, Poached Egg.

I don’t often order poultry at restaurants though this was a great choice by Chef Chris. The dainty quail is roasted to a perfect golden brown, nesting on a bed of fried leeks. On the side is a bacon potato hash and a poached egg. It’s obvious that the dish has been given a lot of thoughts. Before digging in, another YolkPorn is warranted. The bf obviously saw this dish in a different light and took a rather obscene photo which is inappropriate for this blog (let me just tell you a ‘kangkang’ quail can be a little porn-ish)…. so I’ll spare you the pain…

Ooooooo sexy!

The marinade for the quail is subtle but complementing. I highly recommend putting bits of everything together and savour at once. The juicy quail flesh, slight crispy bacon and potato, crunchy fried leeks, and luscious egg… just an explosion of flavours and texture.

Whole Baked Snapper

It’s rare to see whole fish presented in an non-Asian restaurant, but of course we live in Malaysia, which allows us to experiment with different presentations. For me, I always feel that serving a whole fish is pretty impressive, not to mention celebratory. Here we have a whole red snapper (locally sourced), baked with Provencal vegetables in a white wine bouillon. Once again it’s a simple dish with super clean flavours, and you’ll need the fish to be super fresh for it to be good. Did it pass our test? Flying colours. I love the light broth with a hint of wine.

Iberico Loin (RM56)

The Iberico Loin features a thick piece of pork loin cooked to just right (a hint of pink in the middle), served with mash and sauteed vegetables. It was decent at best, the loin has a nice bite to it while the vegetables remains sweet and crunchy, though not as impressive as the previous dishes.

Chocolate & Coffee Cremeux (RM19)

I forgot to inform Chef I don’t eat chocolate (not that I don’t love it, but it’s to protect my voice) so this amazing looking Chocolate & Coffee Cremeux came to our table, not that we would complain. Made with 70% noir dark chocolate,the dark bittersweet chocolate and coffee cream had a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt (because salt and chocolate is a match made in food heaven), complete with berries and a touch of olive oil. I love the sweet and savoury combo, and despite my ban on chocolate I finished a good portion of this (coughing afterwards, but worth it).

Thank you Chef Christopher Yee for you fabulous food! And hopefully we’ll return sooner this time.
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Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727 7277
Website: www.topshelf.com.my
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