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El Sid’s, Medan Damansara

When it comes to pubs in Kuala Lumpur, most people would be familiar with this particular group of British pubs called Sid’s. Yes, I’m highly biased of course because my other half’s involvement but I guess that’s beside the point. Well, El Sid’s is another outlet under the same group and it’s a total different concept. This time, we are going South America (The name is probably a dead giveaway). Think ceviche, tacos, margaritas and tequila. Let’s have a fiesta!

A party we did have, as I held one of my birthday parties (I had 6 rounds this year) last month at El Sid’s with some of my blogger friends. If you would agree that Sid’s Pub is very much a boys night out venue, then El Sid’s would be the female version. The concept was actually conceived by Lian, the wife of Geoff Siddle; and the menu here is designed by Chef Jorge Bernal, who has previously worked in The Majestic Hotel, and Loco at Changkat Bukit Bintang. While it’s not very extensive, it has all the essentials to make a satisfying meal. Though first, let’s have some cocktails!


The bar staff are pretty creative and will surprise you with their creations if you let them. Failing that, there are 10 types of Tequila for you to choose including a super delicious Coffee Patron.

So good! Do not miss out if you like Tequila, or even if you don’t like.

We ordered a few dishes to share and here are the starters:

Ceviche de Langostinos RM16

The shrimps are marinated and served with mango, avocados and a simple tomato salsa. While it’s fresh and zesty, the shrimps have been cooked with heat so it has a slightly different texture to traditional ceviche. No matter though, as it’s still delicious and will appeal to those who are iffy about citrus cured food.

Breaded Jalapenos RM16

I love Jalapeno poppers and here they are made vegetarian, just simply stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, breaded and deep fried.


As you bite into it, the cheese oozes out. The textural contrast of crunchy batter, tender pepper and soft cheese is such a fun experience. The heat is only very mild for my taste, and these are so good pairing with whatever drinks you are having.

El Sid’s Tacos de Pescado RM18

Of course, one does not go through a South American menu without ordering some tacos. Sid’s Pubs’ Cod and Chips has always been pretty good, so I had high expectation for the fish tacos here. Cod is the choice here, and wisely so as it’s lovely and tender. If anything I would prefer the batter to be a bit thinner. I like how the yoghurt dressing is spiked with a little cumin too.

Alitas de Pollo (RM24)

I’ve long heard about the Chicken Wings with inferno sauce here and was looking forward to the burn. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet my expectation (my fellow diners could really eat spicy too and they also thought these were not hot enough) and when I brought it up to Geoff, he brought these babies out.

Can you handle the heat?

The scoville scores of these are in 6 digits and trust me, they are crazy hot! My craving for spice knows no bound and these made me very happy, while some on the table screamed in pain (looking at you, Anna!).

Chicken Wings with Sweet Tomato (RM24)

These are for the weak. Joking. Can’t go wrong with Chicken wings really and these were gone pretty quickly.

Roasted Beef Ribs (RM24)

The highlight of the night would be these fabulous Beef Ribs, which is apparently the most popular item on the menu. I can see why though, as these babies are slow roasted in oven and coated with a tangy BBQ sauce. The meat is so tender with a hint of smokiness, and the BBQ sauce is just perfect with a balance of savoury, sweet, and tangy notes. So good! I would lick my finger but I ate these with fork.

Ensalada El Sid’s (RM16)

We needed to fulfill our vegetable quota so this colourful salad was ordered. Consisting of mesclun leaves, red cabbage, nuts, seasonal fruit (we had a mixture of apple and orange), feta cheese, cilantro, quinoa, finished with a honey lime dressing; it provides a much needed healthy boost while remaining relatively tasty.

Nachos (RM18 for single portion, RM32 for family size)

We also asked for some Nachos to munch on while we continue our merry making session, and my my the family size is rather huge! We opted for chicken (you can also choose either Chili Con Carne, Chili Tuna or Eggplant/Capsicum), and the nachos are covered in Ranchero sauce, Cheese and Jalapenos. Because of its size, some bits of the cheese were melted enough, but these are great to accompany the drinks.

And speaking of drinks, we had a lot more!

Gold Patron, my friend. Cause this is how we roll.


Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

This tastes like a combination of vanilla and cinnamon, and is so smooth! I recommend to sip it slowly to fully appreciate the body and the aroma.

And more…..

The wine selections here are not too shabby with reasonable price too.

Fortunately, we made it through the night without any table top dancing (trust me, we were ‘this’ close), but it sure was a great night with plenty of laughters. Thank you El Sid’s for the fabulous hospitality!

El Sid’s
1, Jalan Setiapuspa,
Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights
03-2095 7437
Pork Free


Bella Unwind NTV7 Appearance and Spaghetti with Prawns in Laksa Sauce

Just a year ago, I was invited to be on Bella Unwind NTV7 (read about it here), and it was a nerve wrecking, yet memorable experience as it was my first live TV filming experience. Fast forward a year, I’ve had a few more TV appearances, but still pretty much a newbie when it comes to talking into a giant video camera. Well, just a couple of weeks ago, I received yet another invitation from Bella Unwind to appear on their show, this time I was invited to demo a pasta dish with a local twist. Of course, I’m never one to turn these things down, even though it would mean I give up a little bit of sleep to be at the studio (going through a particularly bad period of insomnia at the moment).

I experimented with a few pasta dishes and finally decided on a laksa inspired version with prawns. The day came and as expected, I had almost zero sleep that night (brilliant). We made our way to Shah Alam Studio and it all seemed like I was there not too long ago. After prepping the ingredients and some touch up by the make-up artist, we were ready to film!

Busy busy!

The host of the day was Lisa Wong, whom I had the pleasure to meet several years ago when I just moved to KL, so I was a little less nervous. Though being live TV, my tongue did react a little slower, hah.

Having fun, evidently.

We talked a bit about the different types of pastas and cooking tips, and I went on to demonstrate the dish.

So focused.

Oh yeah, I’m getting the hang off dyeing my own hair, this shade was supposed to be a deeper purple, but because of my bright red hair, it’s gone a little maroon-ish. My dress is from Zalora, by the way.

Trying to stay graceful while cooking isn’t an easy task, I tell you.

I didn’t get a picture of the dish I cooked though, but will share a recipe of the version I did at home.

Groupie pic.

The plate they had at the set was so small, so my plating was a little messy. Oops! The taste was good though, judging by the crowd’s reaction. My mind was completely blank by the time we finished the interview, phew! Hoping for more opportunities like this so I can practise more. Thank you Bella NTV7 for the invitation!

So here’s the Laksa inspired pasta:

Spaghetti with Prawns in Laksa Sauce

Naturally, I used a Sarawak laksa paste to make this at home, but during filming I had gone with a Nyonya laksa paste (I ran out already, uh oh!). I added spiralised (will do a post on my spiral cutter soon) butternut squash and curry leaves along with the prawns. The combination works fabulously, and it’s really quick to put together too.

Spaghetti (100g for 2)
8 Medium Prawns (I used big tiger prawns for the demo, feel free to add any other seafood you like)
Half Butternut Squash, spiralised or julienned
2 cloves Garlic, minced
4 tablespoons Laksa Paste
1 tablespoon Tomato Paste
1/4 Cup Cream
Handful of Curry Leaves
2 tablespoons Sambal belacan
2-3 Calamansi Limes

Cook Spaghetti to packet’s direction in salted water. Generally about 10 minutes, but I suggest under cooking for a minute as you will need to cook it again in the pan.

Fry the curry leaves in a bit of oil until crispy, and set aside until needed.

Meanwhile, saute garlic and butternut squash until soft, then add laksa paste, tomato paste and mix around for a couple of minutes. When it’s aromatic, add cream, followed by the prawns (alternatively, cook prawns separately and then combine with the sauce). Once the sauce achieves a nice thick consistency, add the spaghetti and curry leaves and finally the sambal belacan and toss to coat. And you are done! Squeeze the lime over just before serving.  This takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and so delicious!

Get into my mouth already.

I love the richness of the sauce, while the squash/pumpkin lends a subtle sweetness, and the zesty lime kick is ever so aromatic. The aroma of the curry leaves is rather addictive too. Next time I crave for laska I might give this a whirl again.

Have you tried any fusion pasta before? If so what is your favourite combination?

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Birthday Dinner at Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel

Can’t believe it’s more than a month since my birthday! Where has the time gone? I celebrated my birthday quite a few times this year and probably eaten more cakes than few years combined. The celebrations span through almost the whole month and of course I have many people to thank for organising the parties/dinners/surprises, as well as all of you who have taken your time to send me birthday wishes (I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply each of you on the wall). Of these, I would like to specially thank Traders Hotel for agreeing to host us for a birthday date. The Traders hospitality is undoubtedly warm and very personal, and you might have read my experience of staying at this hotel here, and I’ve also recently dined at Gobo Chit Chat for their Seafood Buffet. This time, we had a meaty dinner at Gobo Upstairs.

Gobo Upstairs prides itself for serving one of the best steaks in town. The restaurant has gone through a small revamp since our last visit, and now the lighting is slightly brighter with an overall blue hue (which you’ll see affected my food photos) but still has a romantic ambience.

The wall art is so me!

The menu is clearly divided and is pretty concise with good options for Paleo diners, while focusing on seasonal quality produce. The beef comes from Australia (though no mention whether it’s Grain-fed or Grass-fed) and you can go for either Black Angus or Wagyu. There are also quite a few seafood dishes too if beef isn’t your kind of thing. We settled down to ponder over the menu for a while before deciding on our orders. While the waiter brought us some amuse bouche.

Beef Stew served in a lettuce cup.

Tender chunks of beef in a thick gravy, not a bad start to the meal. Though I had to have Frank’s portion as well because he doesn’t like stew meat. His loss, I guess.

Charcoal, Olive and Wholegrain Bread, served with butter and celery puree.

Looks like charcoal bread is still a trend, but our favourite was the olive bread of course, with the fruity note and umaminess imparted from the olives, great with the celery puree.

Goats Cheese Salad RM37

The obvious choice for Frank was the Goats Cheese Salad, which has the perfect combination of beetroot, roasted walnuts, thinly sliced radish, mesclun leaves with a honey balsamic dressing. The sweetness is nicely balance by the slightly pungent goats cheese. I only managed to steal a bite before Frank polished it up.

Pan Seared Foie Gras (RM56)

I decided to totally pamper myself and ordered the Pan Seared Foie Gras (another obvious choice). Here it comes with slices of Smoked Duck Breast atop a Brioche toast and finished with Berries Compote. Berries with Foie Gras are always a winning combination and I like the slightly salty Duck Breast to complete the dish. The Foie itself? Well it’s perfectly cooked with slightly charred exterior and absolutely buttery interior. I was a happy girl that night.

For our mains, we ordered the steaks of course (yes, even Frank who usually go for meatless dishes while dining out). I went for the Wagyu Tenderloin and ordered a Black Angus Tenderloin for Frank, since he likes his steaks well done (it would be a waste to cook Wagyu this way!).

Wagyu Tenderloin (RM198) Marble Score 7

My Wagyu Tenderloin came with a Mesclun salad and Caramelised Onion Relish and I asked for a Bearnaise sauce to go with the steak.

Medium Rare perfection. And check out that beautiful marble!

I always say that I like my cow still bleeding (or still eating the salad on the plate) and here they achieved the perfect doneness for me. Tender, juicy, a little smoky, and full of bovine flavours. It is already delicious without the need for sauce, but I do like the rich, buttery and slightly tangy Bearnaise. The caramelised onion goes really well with the meat too.

Black Angus Tenderloin (RM130)

Frank’s well done Black Angus Tenderloin looked well done even from the outside (I don’t understand people who eat well done steak though, but that might just be me. Hehe), and is served with a roasted tomato with feta herb mayo, and the same caramelised onion relish. He liked it so much that he ordered a second steak! Even the chef was impressed.

Grilled Tenderloin with Foie Gras (RM150)

Lex, Communications Executive of Traders also joined us for dinner and this was his very pretty plate of Grilled Tenderloin with Foie Gras, which induced a pang of dish envy. The Bordelaise sauce looked amazing, I should order that next time I’m there.

We ordered a few side dishes to share as well.

Saute Asparagus with Parmesan (RM19)

Simply sauteed and then sprinkled with Parmesan, great for asparagus lovers like me.

Saute Baby Spinach (RM15)

Though my favourite was the Sauteed Baby Spinach with Raisin and Garlic, simple but so comforting to eat especially with its smooth texture.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes (RM15)

The Irishman was happy with the mash, which says a lot.

At this point I was actually pretty full, but it would be a sin to skip dessert during my birthday month (self-imposed rule?). In hindsight I really shouldn’t have though, you’ll know why soon.

Vanilla Panna Cotta (RM22)

The Panna cotta is served with candied hazelnuts and lime caramel sauce (!). It has the telltale wobble and wasn’t too cloyingly sweet, which suits my taste.

Uptown Girl (RM22) – Chocolate, Rum and Raisin, Strawberry.

Even though this is pretty simple (childish, even), it ticked the boxes for Frank the ice cream lover.

Just when we were about to wrap up our dinner, this appeared:

A. Whole. Chocolate. Cake.

A whole cake, along with Happy Birthday song. I sure was being spoilt rotten! Even though I could only manage a small slice that night. That cake sat in my fridge for a few days and made Frank a happy boy. I think he had enough Chocolate for a month at least.

So I just want to say this again and this goes out to Hui Zhen, Lex Ariff and all the staff at Gobo Upstairs: Thank you for making my birthday special. Looking forward to visit Traders Hotel again!

Gobo Upstairs Lounge and Grill
Level 6
Traders Hotel
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Malaysia
+6 03 2332 9910


Whole Tomato Rice

Wow 2 recipe posts in a row! That’s a vast improvement I’ll say. Well this is a quick one as the recipe is super easy. Whole Tomato Rice has taken the internet by storm! I believe it started from Japan, and now has gone completely viral in Asia. If you aren’t living under a rock, you would have seen the photos everywhere. Here’s a video posted by a popular food YouTuber, Ochikeron:

Basically, it’s steamed rice with a whole tomato on top along with some seasoning. At the most basic, it’s just tomato, rice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Steam like how you would with plain rice, then mix everything together and devour. It induced serious curiosity just because it looks super fun and highly customizable. If you have a rice cooker, this is pretty much a no-brainer meal. I am a weird Asian with no rice cooker at home (in fact I hardly eat rice anyway), so I did mine on the stove top. Still easy enough. Let me show you my takes on this super trendy meal.

Whole Tomato Rice: added bacon, garlic and celery (not pictured).

After about 15 minutes on the stove top:

Mix it all together!

I only cooked half cup of rice with a large tomato, so it’s quite pink! (Half a cup equals to 2 meals for me by the way)


It’s a complete meal with the vegetables and bacon, and tastes a lot like a lighter version of risotto. Of course, this is highly dependable on the quality of your tomato. Bland tomato = bland rice. Also, make sure you use slightly less water because of the water content in the tomato. You don’t want it to turn into mushy rice/porridge (although that is quite yummy too).

Second day, I couldn’t help but made another version.

Added Celery, Butternut Pumpkin, Chili, Garlic, and Swapped the Olive oil for Butter.

After cooking:


Time to stir it altogether!

Love the golden hue from the pumpkin.

Topped it with Smoked Salmon.


I’ve seen people using Prawns, Sausages, Mushrooms, Corn, Carrot, Onions, even Scallops. You can also add some fresh or dry herbs to further enhance the taste, and swap the water to stock. It’s highly versatile! Luckily I’m out of rice now (I usually only buy a 1kg bag which can last for a couple of months), so I can practise some restraint. Otherwise all that carbohydrates won’t do much good to my waistline!

So would you give this a go? And if so, what do you think you’ll add?


Paleo Chicken Stew

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe, and I do apologize. Like I mentioned in my last post for Fish stew, I went through a phase cooking various types of stew. And of these, Chicken appeared the most often. Even though I have kitchen gadget (looking at you, Mr Pressure Cooker) that can save me a lot of time, I still prefer the traditional method of slowly searing the chicken, and then slowly simmer it to extract flavours proper from all the ingredients. I guess I’ve mentioned it previous this is rather therapeutic for me, especially when I’m on a day off after a few shows in a row. Even better when the result looks like this:

Paleo Chicken Stew

There are many variations you can make with a chicken stew, and I usually just dig out whatever I have in my fridge. The basic mirepoix (carrot, celery and onion) is quite essential in this recipe, but the rest of the vegetables can be anything: zucchini, capsicum, green beans, eggplant, tomato; whatever rocks your boat. Tesco delivery sent me a massive bag of garlic the other day, so I decided to throw 2 whole garlic (merely cut in half lengthways) in my stew. If that scares you, let me reassure you that after cooking for a long time, garlic becomes super mushy and sweet. It also lends the same sweetness into the broth. Really delicious stuff.

Kelly Style Paleo Chicken Stew Recipe:
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 stalks Celery, cut into bite-size pieces
1 Carrot, peeled, cut into bite-size pieces
3 strips Streaky Bacon, sliced
1 small Onion, chopped
2 Whole Garlic, cut into halves (of course, feel free to cut the amount)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
200ml Chicken stock
1 teaspoon dried Oregano
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon Paprika
500g Chicken Drumsticks (about 6)
2 Tomatoes, diced
100g Green Beans, cut into 2 inch piece
1 teaspoon tapioca starch (Optional, can use Potato starch too or just add Plain flour in the beginning)
Handful of Parsley leaves, roughly chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat a non-stick pan and sear the chicken drumsticks until brown. Remove from pan and set aside.

Add olive oil and sauté celery, carrot, onion for few minutes, then add the garlic, followed by dried oregano, paprika, tomatoes, tomato paste, bay leaf and chicken stock. Bring to simmer and put the chicken drumsticks back in. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When the cooking liquid has reduced to a stew consistency, add green beans, remove the bay leaf, and cook for further 5 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. And as an optional step thicken with some tapioca starch mixed with water. Serve warm as it is, or with bread (rice is good too, if you swing that way).

Mmmm so good!

The reason I love using drumsticks for this is that it’s super forgiving and super easy to achieve tenderness. You can of course use thighs too which is about the same, and if you use chicken breasts, cut the cooking time so it doesn’t go stringy. Love the natural sweetness extracted from all the vegetables, and the slight tang from the tomatoes. The tender chicken and mushy garlic is so comforting, while the green beans provided a much needed crunch.


I enjoyed mine as it is, but feel free to pair yours with bread, rice, or even pasta! It’s as versatile as it can get. Ok, now I must sign off and get practising for my next show!

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Join the Lazada Online Revolution

News flash: There is a huge sale happening right at the moment at many online retail stores, and Lazada is one of them! For someone who loathes crowded shopping malls, Lazada is a great site for me as it’s reliable with its secure payment gateway, and it always offers great discounts for most of the items. Better yet, I can shop in my comfortable Tshirt knowing that the delivery will be almost instantaneous (usually next day or day after).

Lazada shakes up the online marketplace with their “Online Revolution” – the biggest sale of the year in Southeast Asia, starting on 11 November 2014, which will see Lazada offering shoppers a month of sales, discounts and promotions with all the best deals at one site! Expect a wide range of products on offer, from mobiles, tablets and consumer electronics to fashion, household goods, toys, and sports equipment.

Lazada also makes shopping easy and safe by providing a fast, intuitive and secure online shopping experience. If you prefer shopping from your mobile, you can also do so with the Lazada smartphone app. For added convenience and peace of mind, Lazada offers the widest reach of delivery and cash-on-delivery service, so shoppers from all over Malaysia can buy now and pay only on arrival. Citibank customers within the Klang Valley may also shop online using their Citipoints.

Visit Lazada (www.lazada.com.my) on 11 November 0214 as the Online Revolution launches with a day of mega sales featuring a flash sale every hour from 11.00am to 11.00pm, with discounts up to 82% off the hourly-promoted product.

That’s not all as Lazada will also be giving away 3 pairs of Air Asia flight tickets to the top 3 spenders on 11 November 2014. The lucky winners may choose to fly to Koh Samui, Bandung, or Cambodia for free.


The fantastic daily deals continue on 12 November and there are special deals throughout the week:

MasterCard Monday – Enjoy 10% off when you pay with a MasterCard

Trendy Tuesday – Find great bargains on the hottest items in Fashion, Home & Living and Watches

WOW Wednesday – Go crazy with up to 70% off a bestseller item when you purchase with Lazada’s mobile app

Tech Thursday – Get tech-savvy with this steal on our latest technology gadgets and innovations

Flashsale Friday – It’s fastest fingers first every Friday for timed deals and steals. Ready, get set, click!

Wireless Weekends – Save money on-the-go with our mobile app exclusive sales on Cameras every weekend

Bargain hunters can also visit Lamido (www.lamido.com.my), Lazada Group’s C-to-C online marketplace, for other deals.  Lamido is a buy and sell platform, empowering merchants and consumers with an easy way to conduct safe transactions.


Daily Specials – Enjoy the biggest 11 deals on 11 November, and thereafter 11 special daily deals until 22 November

Seller Promotions – Check out the Lamido homepage for huge seller promotions such as free shipping, storewide discounts and more

Competitions – Facebook fans can “like” daily deals and share it with friends to unlock a special item at the lowest price in the market. Consumers can participate in a treasure hunt on the site to find hidden treats in store.

Mobile App – Discover more fabulous daily offers for our Lamido mobile app users


Tiffin by Chef Korn, Midvalley Megamall

Tiffin by Chef Korn is another newbie in town at Midvalley Megamall. If you think Chef Korn sounds familiar to you, that’s because he’s behind the well-known Thai restaurant Erawan. This new outlet is more casual in setting, featuring Chef Korn’s village-style cooking, dishes he grew up loving and eating.

The location is a little tricky, but here’s a tip. Locate Daiso at Third Floor, then take the stairs (inside Daiso) up, walk outside and turn right and you’ll see the restaurant. The decor is kept simple, with tiffin carriers placed all over, clearly referring to the name of the restaurant.

Before we talk about the food, let me recommend a couple of tasty drinks they have to offer:

Passion Tea and Tom Yam “Mojito”

The Passion tea is made with real whole passionfruit, peach tea and mint leaves. It’s on the sweeter side, and feels very “girly”. An absolute thirst quencher. While the Tom Yam Mojito is much bolder and punchier, with ingredients you can find in a Tom Yam soup: Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Chili (!), Galangal and Soda. If I’m not worried about the caloric count, I’d happily gulp down glasses of this.

The menu here is huge so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Pork lovers should take note because more than 50% of dishes here contains pork (which I will go back and try next time). We let Chef Korn cooked us whatever he liked when we visited, and here are all the starters.

Hugging Prawn (RM23.80)

The prawns are wrapped with wantan skin and deep fried, then served with 3 different sauces (my favourite is of course sweet chili).

Fire balls (RM19.80)

Do not miss out on these Fire balls, made with minced pork, ground roasted rice, dried chili. spring onion, coriander and shallot. Break the ball apart and enjoy with crunchy raw vegetables (to balance out the salt and spice), but be careful as it’s fiery!

Salted Wings (RM15.80)

The Salted Wings are surprisingly crispy despite the lack of dredging, a testament to Chef’s skills.

Tiffin’s Pop Corn (RM15.80)

While the “Pop corns” are actually mini corn tempura, with bits of sweet corn mingling with fluffy batter fried to a crisp.

Boxing Chicken (RM15.80)

The boxing chicken is a little bit on the saltier side though. Good to pair with beer, I suppose.

Yam and Tapioca Balls – 6 pieces (RM9.80)

We also got to try the Yam and Tapioca Balls, which is actually a dessert dish. I love the fluffy texture of the yam, it’s only minimally sweet, which is a bonus.

Next, an interesting display came to our table.

“Discover Thailand Flavours” with Dips and Condiments

Depending on availability, the condiments may differ day to day. We had Fried fish, perfectly hard-boiled duck eggs, fried chicken skin, fried eggplant and various blanched vegetables (this is always available).

This set represents a taste journey from North to North Eastern, Central and Southern Thailand.

I shall start with my favourite dip of the 4:

Nam-Prick-Ong – Minced pork and tomatoes dip (RM20.80)

Everyone is fighting for this one, it goes especially well with fried chicken skin, and the hard-boiled duck egg.

Nam-Prick-Noom – grilled green chili dip (RM20.80)

This is slightly smoky, slightly sweet and slightly spicy, goes well with everything. I wouldn’t mind more of it now.

North-Eastern: Pon-Plaa-too – grilled fish and fermented fish dip (RM20.80)

Roasted Kembong fish with fermented anchovies, roasted chili, garlic, shallots and lime juice, it’s as tasty as it sounds.

Central: Nam-Prick-Phaow – Roasted Chili Paste Dip (RM20.80)

This one is the most robust in flavour and a little bit goes a long way.

Chef Korn was very keen for us to try the noodles dishes so he brought out not 1, not 2, but 4 types of noodles! It was not an easy task going through all of them. The first one is not on the regular menu (but if the customers like it enough, it might just become permanent), and it’s a dish sure to please Malaysian palate.

Northern Thai style chicken curry noodle” (Monthly Special)

Pairing Chicken Curry with noodles is not uncommon. But here he also added raw shallots, spring onions, fresh lime juice, and most importantly homemade preserved vegetables. The broth itself is bordering cloying rich but with the addition of the toppings, there is a lovely balance of sweetness from coconut milk, tang from the preserved veges, and aromatic spices. I heard this is only available on Tuesdays for now.

Beef Ball Noodles (RM28.80)

I have heard about the Beef Ball Noodles long before I visited this restaurant (long is operative, as this place is only about 2 months old), and was looking forward to tasting it. It’s so exciting to eat the generous serving of meat (Australian shin meat and beef slices) and beef balls. The dark brown broth has a great depth of flavour and I couldn’t resist a second serving. To be honest though, I probably can’t finish the whole bowl by myself, it’s huge!

Shall we share?

Test tubes of fish sauce, chili flakes, vinegar and sugar.

At Tiffin’s, you are encouraged to play with your food. The test tubes are provided with the noodles dishes so you can adjust the taste to your liking. Though I would say there is no need to add anything except a healthy dash of chili!

Pink Ocean Noodles (RM28.80)

What a pretty name for a dish! The pink hue of the soup comes from a “foo yee” sauce, and this bowl is full of fresh seafood, perfect for those who pretty oceany flavours.

Tiffin’s Style Suki-Yaki (RM 28.80)

Suki-Yaki means stew or hot pot in Japanese, but here at Tiffin it comes in a form of glass noodles served with seafood, pork and vegetables. I was very full at that point so didn’t try this, but my fellow dining partners were singing praises.

Candied Bananas with Light Coconut Milk (RM 9.80)

I wanted to wave my white flags but Chef Korn insisted we try the Candied Banana. Here the bananas are candied, so they are super sweet, but served in unsweetend coconut milk flavoured simply with salt, which balances the sweetness. I certainly wouldn’t mind having it again (as a fan of bananas it gets 2 thumbs up from me).

I will definitely pay another visit (or more) to sample more of their ala carte dishes (think Green Pork Curry, Stewed Pork Knuckle, Village Pork, Crispy Belly Pork….. I want them all). Thank you Chef Korn for the great hospitality!

Tiffin’s by Chef Korn
#T068/69, 3rd Floor, Mezzanine (North Court),
Mid Valley Megamall.
Tel: 03-2201 7368

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