Thank You 2016 Part 1

I realise this blog has become increasingly impersonal. Perhaps subconsciously, I had been trying to be more businesslike, and limit myself from sharing personal things. It probably also doesn't help that I don't update as often as I should. So before 2016 ends, I'd like to talk about things that I'm grateful for. This is... Continue Reading →

My Crazy Week + Beauty Boxes

If you were wondering where I've disappeared to for the past week, don't worry I haven't been abducted by aliens for funky experiments. It was just a crazy busy week. Blogging will resume normally this week after this small summary about what I've been up to recently. Last Sunday we were invited to the final... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks + MIVVA Box

Taking a pause from all the cooking/eating posts and I'd like to talk about a few things tonight before the year of the Dragon draws to a close. Had our very healthy reunion dinner tonight (including a revamped version of Yee Sang), will blog about it in the next day or two. 2013 has been... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Wow, the whole December must have been on fast forward mode. In the food blogging world, there were many themed challenges this month, some of which I was able to participate (sorry Alan, didn't get to do your Aspiring Bakers' Challenge). While in the musical part of my life, it has been a mad run... Continue Reading →

My ‘Beauty’ Secrets

A lot of people have asked me how I keep my face looking youthful and acne-free. You see, when I was around 18-19, I suffered really bad acne. Med school is stressful, I'm sure you already know that. I'd have more than 10 pimples at any one time on my face. It was a horrible... Continue Reading →

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