Thank You 2016 Part 1

I realise this blog has become increasingly impersonal. Perhaps subconsciously, I had been trying to be more businesslike, and limit myself from sharing personal things. It probably also doesn’t help that I don’t update as often as I should. So before 2016 ends, I’d like to talk about things that I’m grateful for. This is Part 1, and I’ll make this as food unrelated as possible.

First of all, work stuff.

Shows and Perfomances

I’ve been given some really great opportunities this year and I’ll have to say the biggest gig I’ve had the privilege to be a part of would be the Fatty Boom Boom contract. It wasn’t just about going out of my comfort zone and doing something entirely different from just performing with a band, it’s also about the bond and friendship formed from this group. So mama Joanne Kam and Llew Marsh, thank you so much for having me. Sachie, Prema, Ashley, Alesia, Bibi, Izen, and all the Divas whom I’ve worked with: Thank you for the fun memories and I hope to see everyone more next year!

 photo IMG_20161125_191907.jpg
Prema, Sachie and I at our recently corporate gig together

 photo FB_IMG_1474163800091.jpg
Group pic after performing our comedy and music showcase at LOL Livehouse

This year I’ve also done a hotel contract (RP Club, Saujana Hotel) for the first time with Mad Sally. Even though for me it was kinda half-committed (I couldn’t do the full 6 nights a week due to concurrent contract), it was a good experience nonetheless.

 photo FB_IMG_1482818908432.jpg

Another significant job for me would be the Bangsar Shopping Centre gig and for this I’d like to thank Adam Lobo for trusting me with this gig. I love how friendly and supportive the BSC crowd is, especially the kids. The recent Christmas show was so much fun!

 photo IMG-20161217-WA0008.jpg

Corporate show wise: The most significant show I’ve done this year would have to be for Samsung Annual Dinner where our band performed “Phantom of the Opera”. Of course, without Kevin this show wouldn’t have been possible (but I’ll get to you later).

Of course, I want to thank all the corporate clients and newlyweds who have engaged myself and Mad Sally for your events.

This year has been slow in terms of my own production, and this will be something we will focus on for 2017, bringing out more original music or even cover videos for you.


I’ve been teaching at Epsom College in Malaysia (ECiM) for more than a year now and I’m most grateful for Dan who introduced me. And of course, all the teachers who’ve helped me along the way and all the parents who sent their kids to me. I have a bunch of really great students and all of them are really talented. It’s a privilege to be molding and shaping you all into great artists and I can’t wait for them to show the world what they’ve got.

 photo FB_IMG_1482819908912.jpg

Epsom Edge, the first performing art festival held at our school and pretty much everyone got to perform on stage, this was the prep school band. Super proud of them!

Apart from teaching at the school, I also have some private students and it’s always really heartening to see how much they enjoy performing and making music. Of course, not everyone aspires to become full-time singer/musician. But it’s always important to nurture your talent, and channel your passion.

 photo IMG_20161203_155916.jpg

Dan and I in the process of grooming the best girl band in KL.


It’s been such a hectic year that almost all of our little trips were part of our outstation gigs as well. The only proper vacation we took this year was Koh Lipe, and boy was it a well-deserved trip. Total beach bum for 3 days, I also snorkeled for the first time and finally developed a decent tan. Hopefully we’ll get to see the world a little more next year.

 photo IMG_20161213_143250.jpg


He has to be the whole title for a reason. Our relationship started because we worked together (he was the event organiser, I was the singer). Though of course some of you know that we reconnected through Tinder (a dating app). Since then we have also worked together for a few events. And from this year on he has decided to offer his service to me as a manager. If you ask me, this is probably the best thing that’s happened to me (and I’m totally not biased). Of course, we discovered our differences through working together; and had our ups and downs. But fundamentally, we are working together a better future. Thank you for standing up for me when I don’t have enough courage, and always be supportive of what I do, I know the term pillar of strength is cliche, but you truly are that, for me. 2016 has been a year of change for you; and maybe has not been exceptionally kind, so for 2017 let’s be that power couple and conquer the world together (in our respective fields, and crossing over).

 photo FB_IMG_1482820920606.jpg

Nerd Couple at Legoland, Johor Bahru.

 photo FB_IMG_1476036372661.jpg

Singapore Oct 9th. Birthday dinner.

 photo IMG_20161011_125734.jpg

McDonald’s gig: Working together first time after he’s offered to be my manager, though he was also event organisor for the show.

 photo FB_IMG_1482196063662.jpg

At The Social’s Grand Launch Great Gatsby party.

As with all the good things, I guess I should also mention that my social life has kinda taken a toll this year with my schedule. Though there have been many good memories made, there were also friends I might have neglected along the way. If you feel that way, I do apologise; and promise to put in more effort to check out gigs, hang out, have coffee etc etc with you in the new year. Til then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Next post, I’ll talk about all the yummy stuff we’ve eaten this year!


My Crazy Week + Beauty Boxes

If you were wondering where I’ve disappeared to for the past week, don’t worry I haven’t been abducted by aliens for funky experiments. It was just a crazy busy week. Blogging will resume normally this week after this small summary about what I’ve been up to recently.

Last Sunday we were invited to the final of BMW Tennis Open, held at the Royal Selangor Golf Club. Normally I’m not a sports fanatic but I do enjoy the occasional spectating over drinks (keyword here). Thanks to Kronenbourg 1664 Malaysia, we first chilled (literally with the strong aircond) in the VIP Sky Box where we filled our tummies with the buffet spread and Kronenbourg. Then we moved on to this:

VIP seats right next to the guests of honour (some ministers/ datuks), close enough for the ball to almost hit me.

It was a rather intense match with Karolina Pliskova and wild card entry Bethanie Mattek-Sands, and it was Pliskova who scored the eventual victory after her strong third set.

With Partner in crime: Louise
With Partner in crime: Louise

To find out more on the tournament head over to
More photos at

On Tuesday night, I judged the SEGi U Idol’s final (I was there for the audition and semi-final the previous week too) where the T0p 10 contestants put on their best outfits and battled it out on stage. The 2 winners get to compete in the Grand final with the rest of the winners from other SEGI Colleges and I will be there to witness the born of a star, with the power to dictate so (judging again). So as I was saying last time on facebook, if you want to win, bring me the cash! *evil laugh*

Strangely red hue and weird bent arm. I only had about 4 hours sleep that day so excuse the Louis Vuitton under my eyes.
Strangely red hue and weird bent arm. I only had about 4 hours sleep that day so excuse the Louis Vuitton under my eyes.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, it has been a super hot week so I’ve cooked a pot of Old Cucumber Soup to counter the heat. It’s super easy to cook and tasty too. I ran out of Pork Ribs so Pork belly was thrown in with chopped Old Cucumber, Goji Berries, Carrot and Red dates to simmer for over an hour. All I had was this for 2 days. It definitely helped.

Cooling potion.
Cooling potion.

We played a corporate gig (Nestle) on Friday all the day in Melaka. This was my first time in Melaka in my adulthood but unfortunately we were just there for a few hours.

Hello Melaka!
Hello Melaka!

After our soundcheck (which took ages because of the delay in schedule) we had some freetime to rest, and I managed to get myself something local to eat.

Taufu Bakar
Taufu Bakar

It was just ok, but I did enjoy the raw vegetables.

The Common Ground crew
The Common Ground crew

Instead of my usual band line-up, I joined the Common Ground Concept Band for this gig (the same one I performed at Nerofico with). I ought to take more photos of myself though. These boys are vainer than me! After the gig, we drove all the way back to KL. Didn’t get to try Satay Celup, what a shame.

And the next day my own band played at a wedding. Like I said, busy busy week!

Our very own Keyboardist Clinton crooning Justin Timberlake's latest hit.
Our very own Keyboardist Clinton crooning Justin Timberlake’s latest hit.

Hanging out with my bandmates are always fun. I’m truly blessed to have met these musicians. We have come a long way since August 2011.

During the week I also received two beauty boxes. The first one was MIVVA Box which I’ve blogged about previously. It was a lovely surprise to receive another box from them.

MIVVA Box March Edition
MIVVA Box March Edition

My favourite product is the SecretLeaf Pure Oil Series: 100% pure and organic Organic Argan Oil (gold bottle with squeeze top), not only known by its benefits in moisturizing the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it’s also fabulous for brittle hair and nails (I suffer from both). I’m using it for my cuticles and also adding a couple of drops on my towel dried hair.

The full-size product this time is the Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion (white bottle and blue top), contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract, Black Pearl Powder and Morus Nigra Leaf Exrract which helps to minimize dark spots and brighten complexion. I love the floral scent. Although I found the lotion not all that hydrating, guess I need to level up and use the cream.

The Uriage Hyseac Gentle Cleansing Gel is a gentle soap free formula which is great for combination skin and it’s not drying. There’s also the Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer (I love the Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask from last’s month’s box) and Esllon Bio Gel Eye Mask (perfect for my tired eyes and fully chemical free).

Subscription to MiVVA Box is RM38 per month, which I think is pretty reasonable. It’s great to trying out new products for yourself, or a surprise gift for your BFF.
For more info, check out:
Facebook page:

Vanity Trove
Vanity Trove

I’ve also received the March edition of Vanity Trove themed “Temptress”, will talk about this later when I’ve tried the products.

So how was your week? What did you do to counter the heat?

A recipe post will be up next!

Giving Thanks + MIVVA Box

Taking a pause from all the cooking/eating posts and I’d like to talk about a few things tonight before the year of the Dragon draws to a close. Had our very healthy reunion dinner tonight (including a revamped version of Yee Sang), will blog about it in the next day or two.

2013 has been a pretty good year so far, considering the furry of activities I’ve been through so far. And it certainly hasn’t shown a sign of slowing down even over the festive period. I will be away in Bintulu and Sibu next Monday to Wednesday but will come back for two more gigs next week.

Valentine’s Day at Nerofico.

I’m quite excited about this gig as this will be my first time doing a public jazz gig (previously had been weddings and events) in a prominent venue. So if you haven’t secure any bookings for your Valentine’s day dinner you might want to check this place out! On Friday, we’ll be doing our usual high-energy gig at Show House, Sunway Giza.

So that brings us to the next thing I’d like to announce: I’m now #11 on the Pop Chart on Reverbnation!


When I first changed my location from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur I was sitting somewhere in the 30s. This is quite an achievement and I wouldn’t have done it without my supporters. Thank you all! Silent, or physically present at every gig, you are the best.

Last week I had a little photoshoot and it was interesting channeling the doctor’s image again. To paint you an image, I was one of those girls who wore fashionable dresses and heels to work, and hair down too (unless needing to do procedures, though very rarely in Psychiatry as you can imagine). Well I must say, they did a good job with the styling. Although I didn’t use to wear quite as much makeup to work. Hah!

Here's a sneak peek!
Here’s a sneak peek!

I must say that I could not for the life of me remember the last time I ever wore turtleneck. Well, for the Malaysian media, a little sacrifice I guess? I’ll reveal what this is for in due time. All I can say now though is that I’m going to be a brand ambassador of sort.

Just before I start to sound like I really love myself (well, it’s a bit hard not to sometimes…. *cough*), I’d like to say a big thank you to MIVVA Box for the little present I received the other day. Beauty boxes are all the craze nowadays and there are so many for us to choose. What I love about MIVVA box is that most of the brands they’ve engaged are quite organic. You’ll see why in a minute.

All the goodies in a box, for just RM38 a month.
All the goodies in a box, for just RM38 a month.

Quite a few things I like here. First being the Nature’s Lab Refreshing Body Whip.

Nature's Lab Refreshing Body Whip
Nature’s Lab Refreshing Body Whip

I have pretty dry skin so I have been a loyal customer for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula for many years. The beauty about this product is that not only it’s made with Cocoa Butter, Shea butter; it also contains Grapeseed and Chamomile Extracts. It’s also non-oily and non-sticky, perfect for hot and humid weather. I love the fragrance and the fact that it’s very quickly absorbed, though I’d prefer it to be richer.

Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Toner.
Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Toner.

This is one of the full size products in the box, packed with Gentiana Lutea Root Extract, Black Pearl Extract, NMF Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating component) and Vitamin B3 (brightening component). It has a lovely scent too. I could alternate this with my SKII treatment clear lotion (treatment essence is something I will not skip though).

Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick
Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick

I don’t usually use Lipsticks and stick religiously to Lip Balm. But this cream lipstick is not drying at all. It contains LevensESSENTIE Gold (a 100 years old, time tested, holistic extract made from 22 certified organic herbs) and natural plant oils for the extra moisture. The only problem is the shade I got (maple) is a tad orange. Maybe I could mix it with another shade of lip gloss.

MURAD Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask
MURAD Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask

I’ve used the Exfoliating Mask and I must say I love the intense minty cooling effect once I’ve applied it on my skin. After only 2 applications, my skin actually does feel smoother. Good stuff!

Skin79 White Reviving miniature were also given to me, yet another brightening product. Perfect for my mildly sun damaged skin. Besides the skin products you might have noticed a little flowery brooch and a packet of heart-shaped marshmallows. Well we all know where the marshmallows will go. A very lovely touch indeed.

If you are interested in the March MIVVA Box, you can subscribe here. They delivers every first week of the month and you could even order in bulks for party gifts. Now that would be an excellent idea!

Happy Lunar New Year to all! May you all have a prosperous year ahead and may all your dreams come true. Eat to your heart’s content but don’t forget to have balanced meals. Fruits and vegetables are good for you. 

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Wow, the whole December must have been on fast forward mode. In the food blogging world, there were many themed challenges this month, some of which I was able to participate (sorry Alan, didn’t get to do your Aspiring Bakers’ Challenge). While in the musical part of my life, it has been a mad run with the average of 2 gigs per week. One more gig tomorrow at Jaya One (right in the middle of Palm Square, outside Brussels Beer Cafe) and then we’ll kickstart the year with another gig at Tom, Dick and Harry’s Bar at Pavilion on Jan 1st. Excitement.

Speaking of Tom, Dick and Harry’s, we were just there on Wednesday and it was such a fun gig. I was really glad that so many of my friends came out to play and sing along with us. Even on some of the cheesy Christmas Carols.

Picture taken by Tim Chew.
Picture taken by Tim Chew. How unfortunate to have blocked off both my bassist and drummer.

I got my dress from Many gorgeous dresses on that website.

Own Pic.
Pic by Frank

Here’s a rare moment of me on the keyboard in public. I was playing my original song “You and I

Some of the MHB girls are there too!
Some of the MHB girls are there too, photobombed by random white dude. Pic by Tim Chew again.

Thank you my friends (new and old) for being there for me, not just this time but for all the previous gigs I’ve done. Hopefully you all had as much fun as I did.

As 2012 draws to a close, I’d like to do a quick summary of my favourite recipes through the year. Your opinions matter too of course, as I’ve made the list up based on traffic and number of comments.

Click on the pictures for the respective blog posts.

10. Starting off with the totally crazy Purple Carrot Cake, inspired by mummy’s creation.

Purple Carrot Cake

This was made in conjunction with my blog’s 1st anniversary. I also used it in my slightly weird East Meets West Poached Egg Dish.

9. This dish caught the attention of Yummly.

Pan Fried Salmon, Spinach Quinoa, and Mango Salsa

Nice and healthy dish perfect for the hot weather. It was about the time I started falling in love with Quinoa.

8. Somebody posted this one on and I suddenly got 2000+ hits in a day. It was shocking. But in a good way.

Cheddar Biscuits

This was actually something I made out of boredom. I was thinking to make something with cheese, and these delicious morsels materalised (sadly went to cheese heaven soon after).

7. First time making pasta and most of you were more interested in the way I hung the pasta on the back of a chair. Hehe. Seriously though, the magazine taught me that, so I’m not going to take any credit for it.

Beef Stroganoff with Handmade Parsley and Pepper Spaghetti

That Beef Stroganoff was absolutely delicious too.

6. I’m glad that there are more than one vegetarian dishes that made into the Top 10.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Fritters

You might have also noticed that I’ve recently posted a carrot version too. Fritters are the best way to make vegetables irresistible.

5. One of the many egg dishes I’ve posted and this has to be a personal favourite.

Shakshouka – Egg poached in Spicy Pepper Sauce. Best with Pita bread.

The best breakfast doesn’t have to involve bacon and all the trimmings. I can be perfectly happy going vegetarian.

4. This might not have the highest traffic but it’s one of the most time consuming dishes I’ve cooked this year.

Tonkotsu Ramen

But after having Marutama Ramen, I don’t think I’ll be making my own again. Unless I can get my hands on their secret recipe. Hehe.

3. This is the second most popular Sarawak dish, first being the Sarawak Laksa and that was posted last year.

Sarawak Kolo Mee

Yes yes another noodles dish. I can’t help it!

2. This baking episode has a very painful story attached to it. But turned out to be the most commented post. Do you like to see me in pain?

Linzer Torte

Kidding. I know I’m a walking accident. Oh and by the way my knee is almost painless now. It’s now time to start with the rehab exercises.

1. *Drum Rolls* This is a special one because it’s THE competition dish. Something that’s actually enjoyed by a bunch of strangers (and friends).

Pineapple and Tomato tart with Poached Egg, Olive Pâté and Balsamic Reduction

Watch out for the January edition of nourish magazine for a short feature on the Top 3 contestant from Nutriplus Pastry Challenge.

That’s it, folks! See you in 2013. Happy New Year to all!

My ‘Beauty’ Secrets

A lot of people have asked me how I keep my face looking youthful and acne-free. You see, when I was around 18-19, I suffered really bad acne. Med school is stressful, I’m sure you already know that. I’d have more than 10 pimples at any one time on my face. It was a horrible time. Fast forward 10 years (yes I am turning 29 on Tuesday), it’s no longer something that I have to worry about. There are a few things that have helped along the way and I’d like to share them with you today.

1. Beauty comes from within.  

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “You are what you eat”. True enough, as our diet affects greatly on how our skins  look. I indulge in a variety of vegetables and fruits each day (the more colourful, the better!). I make sure I drink at least 1.5 litres of liquid, that includes at least 6-8 glasses of water and perhaps some freshly squeezed fruit juice. Alcohol not counted. Besides going vegetarian 2-3 times a week, I also go vegan now and then for the whole week to purge toxins out of my system because of my semi-party lifestyle.

Here’s everything that’s good for you.

2. Lemon is the secret weapon

Before I eat anything during the day, I’d start with a glass of hot water with lemon juice sweetened with honey. Not only it helps to kick start the metabolism, it’s rich in vitamin C, citric acid, and B vitamins. From time to time, I’d used dilute lemon juice on my face. It helps to decrease pigmentation, exfoliate, and keep the oil level in check. For sensitive skin, simply add some honey or yoghurt for a milder face mask. Make smoothies with fruits, yoghurt, honey and lemon for a healthy breakfast drink that’s good for you inside and out. Yum.

When life throws you a few lemons, you make your skin beautiful!

3. SK II

SK II is the best thing that has happened to my skin. I’ve started using it since 2006 and I saw a clear transformation. My cleanser and moisturiser change from time to time, but one thing that has remained constant, of course, is the Facial Treatment Essence aka “Miracle Water”. It improved my complexion dramatically, repairing tired skin and refining the texture. My skin became much more radiant and youthful. Few months ago, I’ve started using the Facial Treatment Repair C (works like a serum), recommended by my mum (Yes, she’s a huge SK II fan too), which reduces fine lines and help maintain skin renewal.  Here are all the SKII products I’m currently using.

From left: Facial Treatment Repair C, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, Skin Rebooster, Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil. Bottom: Facial Treatment Mask

There’s actually one thing missing from the pic: Skin Signature Cream. I’ve finished that few days ago and discovered that it’s now RM519 a pop! I’ve decided to try out Olay Regenerist, recommended by several bloggers. So far so good. As for cleanser, I’m using Bio-essence’s Bird’s Nest Nutri-collagen and Whitening Cleanser. It’s gentle enough but cleanse effectively. Inexpensive too.

4. Let your skin breathe

Contrary to what you see in the photos. I actually don’t wear make-up majority of the time except for events and gigs. Although I already use a pretty good combination of foundation that won’t clog the pores, I still prefer to have nothing at all. But when I do, I use a BB cream and a mineral powder foundation on top for light coverage. Make-up removal is vital. I like using an oil based formulation for a better result. These are great for mascara and eyeliners too. I use the SK II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, followed by a foaming cleanser.

So far the best make up remover I’ve used.

5. Rest and relaxation

It goes without saying how important a good night’s sleep is for one’s well-being. If I don’t get enough sleep, my skin looks blotchy and dull. Stress can also cause break-outs. When I’m going through a particularly difficult week, I make sure I give my skin plenty of attention. A face mask is great for this. Not only it replenishes your skin’s need, it’s also relaxing. Do it with music. 🙂 I love the SK II Facial Treatment Mask. If I don’t have time to lie down with a mask on, SK II Skin Rebooster is another great product. I just need to put it on for about 10 minutes after my cleansing routine, rinse off and moisturise as usual.

Skin Rebooster and Treatment Mask

6. Choice of Contraception

This might or might not come as a surprise for you. If you are on the pills, or considering going on the pills, you should know that there are some combinations that would either causes break outs, or eliminate them. In my earlier years, I’ve tried a few that did really bad things to my skin (Levlen, Microgynon 30, Microgynon 20). It wasn’t until I started using Diane-35, my skin was finally free of troubles. Every individual reacts differently to different hormone combinations. So get plenty of advice from your doctor, or your friends who are on them.

Make informed choice. If you must.

I hope that’s been useful for you, feel free to ask me any questions especially for point no. 6. 😉 Off to do a face mask before Oktoberfest Party tonight.

Signing off with a naked pic of myself… I mean naked face.

Start taking care of your skin from today!

(Taken with my phone, time to get a new camera, perhaps?)

Qualities that I think the boys should have [ADV]

Here’s a non-food post for the weekend. Busy whipping up cupcakes today, and I’m going to attempt making pasta for the very first time before my brand new pasta maker gather enough dust. It’s another long weekend for Malaysians too, which means parties everywhere! Looking forward to the Arthur’s day pre-celebration at Sid’s Pub tomorrow.

Lately, there have been a few controversial YouTube videos by a few ladies talking about what they are looking for in a guy. I wish I could show you Redfm DJ Linora Low‘s video, but it has been taken off the web due to the public reaction. The most criticised one, however, is this one posted by Felixia Yeap, an Ex Playboy Bunny. The heated discussion even led to her closing the comments on YouTube and banning a few people to comment on her fan page. But that’s a story for another day. Here’s the video by the way.

Aside from the revealing outfit (she was going to attend a party after) and the questionable accent (she said she was just over-pronouncing the words, you be the judge), she has raised a couple of decent points. She prefers her man to be healthy and free of beer belly (fair enough), smart, talented or skillful at something, and not selfish (oh and not scared of cockroaches). Fair points right? I suppose every girl have different expectations and here are the qualities that tick my boxes.

1. A wicked Sense of Humour/Wit

I love a man who can make me laugh anytime, even when I’m sad or upset. Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. A witty person can make anything funny, even if it’s politically incorrect sometimes. It’s not about retelling jokes you’ve heard (unless they are actually really funny), you either have it or you don’t. These days, a sense of humour is more important than ever. As Bill Cosby once said: “You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.” So, if he could make me laugh until my tummy hurts, he’s the man I’d adore.

2. Dedication to his career

It doesn’t matter what field of job one’s in, the most important thing is the fire and passion. Have goals in life, and work the hardest to achieve them. I’m a firm believer that you should live your life doing what you really want to do as there are too many unhappy people in the world. There’s nothing worse than listening to a man whinging about his work 24/7.

3. Grooming

I think this goes on every girl’s list. And this is not about the physical attributes, although if I have to be able to stare at the same face/body for the rest of my life, it would be a bonus if he is easier on my eyes. It goes without saying a malodorous man is an instant turn off. Look after your body, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and wear clothes that fit. Get rid of unwanted hair if you are on the hairy side. Don’t shower yourself in perfume. That’s another major turn off. It’s all about balance.

4. Adventurous Palate

As you all know that I love cooking and experimenting with new dishes, and also discovering different cuisines that are out there. I’m adventurous myself and love trying weird things, though I’d stop at unethical stuff, and umm… insects. Naturally, I appreciate a man who can accept all cuisines and be open to try most things. It’s boring to do it on my own.

5. Respect/Compassion

Respect the ladies. Understand our needs and know that there will always be differences and reach a compromise. A compassionate man is a sexy man. He doesn’t have to be a tree hugger, but there’s nothing worse than seeing one doing unnecessary damages to the mother earth. Cat or dog lover would be a big bonus.

6. Honesty/Loyalty (Fidelity)

I think this is quite obvious but I would just like to throw it in. I have to be able to trust my man. You might not know this, but women can usually tell when men are lying (most are not very good at it anyway). This does not only apply to relationships, but to friends and business partners/associates too.

That was quite a list! Do you agree with what I think, or maybe you have something else to add?

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian!

Blog awards and random facts about myself

Here’s a non-food post for the start of the month. Can you believe it’s already the second half of the year?! I just hope that I’ll be able to achieve my goals by the time 2012 slips through my fingers.

Ames @ A Melbourne Girl at Heart has kindly nominated me for a lovely blog award. First one for this blog! Thank you for the shout out and the encouragement. It’s really nice to know that there are people out there enjoying what I write. Gives me more motivation to continue doing this. 🙂

I suppose I shall pass this on to 15 other lovely blogs. And if you have been double tagged I do apologize. Maybe just do it once?

So, instructions for this award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
  • Tell them 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award.
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination.
Here’s my list of current favourite blogs:
1. Jane @ Rice Bowl Tales
2. Daisy @ Never Too Sweet  (Double the love!)
3. Lena @ Frozen Wings
4. Veron @ Quay Po Cooks
5. Yen (Baby Sumo) @ Eat Your Heart Out
6. Michèle @ Iron Chef Shellie
10. Lianne @ Food Made With Love
12. Norma @ Garden To Wok
And here are 7 facts about myself:

1. I’m highly myopic (shortsighted) since I was 11. My degrees are -7.50 Left eye and -8.50 Right eye. I also have quite significant astigmatism. So without my glasses (or contact lenses) I’m completely hopeless. I blame those years of reading Chinese novels in bed. And my genes.

2. I’ve graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Medical degree and also a Bachelor of Medical Science. Practised for 3 years in Melbourne and started my training as a Psychiatrist. Then I decided to move back to Malaysia to pursue a singing career. So right now I’m freelancing and performing twice weekly at The Scot’s Jaya One until further notice, also waiting to start recording my Chinese EP, hoping to release that by the end of the year. After that? I’m not sure yet but going back to Oz is definitely part of the plan.

Here’s a graduation photo. One that I’m rather proud of because this was used as the display photo for the studio for a couple of years after. *Just let me gloat for a bit*

3. I might have a digital piano at home and play it sometimes but I’ve never had piano lessons. I started learning Organ (the instrument, not the body part) when I was around 5-6 then changed to Violin when I was 13. But if you ask me to play something on the violin I would freak out completely.

Umm, here’s a super cringe-worthy photo of myself in the church orchestra… taken somewhere in 1997 or 98.

Not telling you which one. No prize for guessing either. Heh.

4. I’m more of a cat person. In fact, I’m catsitting 3 adult felines now. Here’s a wee introduction.

Aren’t they just so adorable?

I guess that makes me a Cat Lady. Only for 2 months though.

5. When it comes to shopping, I shop like a man. I hate wasting time browsing though clothes so I only concentrate on the new arrivals. I never stay in a shop for more than 5 minutes (usually just a quick walk through) unless there’s a line for the fitting room or counter, then again that usually makes me give up waiting. Online shopping is the best! My favourite online shops are ASOS, Doublewoot and The Book Depository. More suggestions welcome!

6. I get very annoyed with poor customer service. Similarly, a disappointing dining experience makes me grumpy. I’ve known to give staff tellings off about the quality of food. (Eg. I was served cold steak last night with instant mash for RM65++.  This is the kind of things that should not happen in a mid-range restaurant or above.)  If they make a mistake they will usually hear about it. I realise that makes me a total b*tch but I believe if I fork out a significant sum of money for food I deserve at least decent experience. Plus, that’s what service tax is for right?

Here’s the offending cold rib eye with no flavour and way too much sinew. Obviously a poor cut of meat. Everything on the plate was cold. (Meatworks, Solaris Mont Kiara)

Of course, this doesn’t apply to RM6 Chili Pan Mee or RM3 Kolok Mee (Mind you sometimes they taste much better than some of these so-called ‘fine-dining’ restaurants). What you pay is what you get, after all.

7. Last one! Phew this has not been easy. What else should I tell you? Ah! I’ve joined way too many competitions up until few years ago. I hold a title of 1st Runner up for Miss Chinese Melbourne Pageant 2008 and 1st Runner up for 2007 International New Talent Singing Championship in Melbourne Division. That has landed me quite a few performing opportunities with TVB and I have also judged a couple of singing competitions. Ah.. the good old days.

Some of the trophies stored in Bintulu from when I was younger.

And I shall dig out the pageant photos….

Haha! I love this photo.

Ah!! It was a great experience, to say the least.

Now that I’ve finished the list, I’ve realised I’m also profoundly long-winded. I hope you are still with me and have not fallen asleep on your sofa/chair/bed. Have a great week everyone!