CNY Menu at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

It’s now less than one week to Chinese New Year, the year of Rooster. How’s your preparation going? Have you been cleaning up a storm? Baking Chinese New Year cookies? Most importantly, have you decided whether you’ll be eating at home or eating out for the festive period? Well, here’s an option for you, celebrate it at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team have specially created Festive Menus that will showcase the finest flavours of Cantonese cuisine from 11 January to 11 February 2017.

“Cantonese cuisine is famously subtle and the cooking techniques are kept simple, guests dining at Dynasty Restaurant will be treated to an interesting array of intrinsically light on the palate dishes whilst emphasizing on a distinct primary flavour” – Chef Kok

We were invited to a review session along with the media and bloggers and first impression of this restaurant: it’s warm, spacious, and definitely inviting with definite oriental touches everywhere. There is even a feature wall with all their past MIGF trophies.

The Festive Menu here features their Treasure Pots (Poon Choi), set menus range from 2 persons to 10 persons with the price range starting from RM288nett to RM3288. We were treated to the Fortune Set which is priced at RM2088 for 10 persons.

 photo IMG_20170111_185930.jpg

Yee Sang is Dynasty offers 6 types of Yee Sang, all featuring a colourful mixture of raw fish or other exotic seafood served with crunchy vegetables, crackers and condiments. You can choose between Salmon, Fruity Fiesta, Jellyfish, Lobster & Salmon, Yee Sang of 5 treasures and Mini Abalone & Salmon. The fortune set comes with a Salmon Yee Sang so that’s what we had.

Auspicious wishes must be said when tossing the Yee Sang, and the higher you go, the better the luck! Of course in this state of economic most of us wouldn’t mind having more money for the new year. The Yee Sang is on the traditional side, I liked the balance of sweet and tangy in the sauce and the distinct aroma of mandarin peel.

 photo IMG_20170111_193151_edit_1484197650972.jpg

Next on our table was the Fortune Combination Platter, which comes with four types of hot appetizers -deep fried roll with crabstick and salted egg, money bags, gold ingot with dried oyster and stir fried scallops with asparagus and XO sauce. And why is there Crayon Shin Chan on our plate? Hehehehe actually it’s a rather cartoon-like sculpture of one of the Fu Lu Shou Deities, I’m going to guess it’s Fu (Prosperity), as we have lots of golden morsels here resembling money. I quite like the gold ingot with oyster, though the scallops would have to be my favourite.

 photo IMG_20170111_194633_edit_1484197684294.jpg

Our soup course was a Ying Yang scallop soup with dried seafood. It’s packed with different seafood and the soup itself is pretty light, best enjoyed with a touch of vinegar.

 photo IMG_20170111_195001_edit_1484197733269.jpg

The next dish was a pleasant surprise for us, the Dynasty Treasure Pot of Prosperity (RM428nett for 5 person) with whole sun-dried scallops, tiger prawns, siew yoke, fish maw, stuffed dried oyster, fresh scallop, flower mushroom, fu kwei abalone, farm chicken, roasted duck, money bag, sea cucumber, fish stomach and coral clam. Everything is cooked in this umami superior stock, for that extra decadence.

 photo IMG_20170111_195313_edit_1484197782781.jpg

I always love a simple steamed fish and this Tiger-dragon Grouper here is steamed whole with superior soy sauce, topped with scallion and ginger. The flesh is so soft and the sauce is a good mix of savoury with the natural sweetness of the fish. Yum!

 photo IMG_20170111_200446_edit_1484197816728.jpg

Dynasty does serve pork and what’s more decadent than a whole Braised Pork Knuckle? Here, it’s served with mushroom and sea cucumber. The pork knuckle is fork tender with gelatinous fat layer and skin. It’s heavenly! Personally, I’m not a huge fan of sea cucumber, though they did cook this well, with a slightly chewy texture whilst taking on the flavours of the broth. Buried at the bottom were some iceberg lettuce, which soaks up that delicious meaty broth too.

 photo IMG_20170111_200337_edit_1485077479105.jpg

Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat might look like Lap Mei Fan, but it’s a whole different ballgame. The rice grains were definitely toothsome, aromatic; and there are plenty of waxed meat to go around. Both of us had seconds!

 photo IMG_20170111_201632_edit_1484227194724.jpg

The Golden Prawns with spicy minced garlic got us hesitating because of the shells, but then again the shell took on a delicious flavour you would want to suck on. The prawns are cooked to perfection too. How do you like to eat your unpeeled prawns by the way? My party trick is to just bite the whole thing then separate the shells with my tongue. Yes I know I’m lazy.

 photo IMG_20170111_204758_edit_1485077533984.jpg

After all the rich dishes, it’s nice to have a warm tong sui to refresh ourselves. We had the Double-boiled dried bamboo cane with aloe vera, fungus and tong yuen. The tong yuens are filled with either red bean paste or sesame paste. I love the bits of aloe vera and fungus, always a winner in my book.

 photo IMG_20170111_204644_edit_1485077509260.jpg

There were also four types of Dynasty’s fortune pastries for us to indulge, and I liked the Nian Gao best.

Thank you Dynasty Restaurant for hosting us!

For reservations or more info, please contact 03-2716 9388 or email

Dynasty Restaurant
Level 1, East Wing, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Parking rate: RM10 flat rate for diners)
03-2716 93

Steamed 3 Colour Egg with Mince Pork

When it comes to eggs, there are so many ways to prepare it. Fried, Boiled, Poached, Baked, Steamed, and work into different recipes be it sweet or savoury. And if you are bored of the regular egg, you can trust the Chinese to come up with different ways of preserving eggs. Salted egg is magical stuff. Use it to coat anything, instant umami boost. And for those who are truly adventurous, Century Egg may look funky but has a far more complex flavour. For today’s recipe, I have combined all 3 of them for a truly comforting dish.

I’ve grown up eating Steamed eggs of all kinds of variations. At the very basic, it can be just eggs, water and some seasonings. It’s also commonly paired with minced pork for a more substantial meal. Over time, this dish has evolved to be more and more elaborate. Nowadays, I usually add both salted egg and century egg in our dish for that extra decadence.

 photo 53f142f7-70cf-420b-b778-772d5302483e.jpg

There are a few basic steps to steamed eggs. The water to egg ratio is generally about 1.5 to 1 or less. You can do this by measuring water with the halved egg shells. But I generally eyeball it by the level of the liquid in the bowl. The heat can’t be too high, or you’d risk spoiling the texture of the egg. Some people are particular about the super smooth surface of the egg, you can achieve that by lowering the heat so the water droplets don’t form on the cover to drip down. I tend to be less pedantic about that, even sprinkling the spring onions before the eggs are cooked (I don’t like to eat super raw spring onions). I’m not sure if this one has a scientific explanation, but I was told to used boiled water instead of tap water for better texture.

 photo IMG_20170104_181834.jpg

My not so pretty steamed egg, haha!

Anyhoo, here’s the recipe!

Steamed Pork with 3 Colour Egg
150g Mince Pork
3 Eggs
1 Century Egg
1 Salted Egg
Cooled Boiled Water
Spring Onion
Sesame Oil
Soy sauce
White pepper
Half teaspoon cornflour

Marinate the pork with a touch of soy sauce, white pepper and cornflour and set aside til needed. Steam Salted egg for 5 minutes until cooked, then mash into small pieces. I usually crack it first to steam it in a small bowl. You could also steam the egg whole. Peel century egg and chop into small pieces. In a large bowl, crack 3 eggs and beat lightly, then add water. Mix well.

Prepare your steaming device (basic wok and metal trivet for me), making sure the water level is lower than the plate. Place the minced pork at the base of the steaming plate then pour over the egg and water mixture. Then scatter the chopped salted egg and century egg. Cover and steam for around 10 minutes. Then open up the cover and sprinkle spring onion on top, then steam for further 5 minutes or until done. To check, shake the plate, the egg should be slightlyy wobbly but set. Drizzle sesame oil on top, turn off heat and serve hot with rice.

 photo IMG_20170104_182055.jpg

The two other egg creates a jewel-like effect, very pretty! Usually this portion would serve around 5-6 people nicely, though in our household 3 of us can polish this.

What’s your ultimate homecooked comfort dish?

Thank you 2016: Part 2 (Food)

A lot of people have been saying that 2016 has been a pretty depressing year. The world has gone through some dramatic changes, the economy is not getting any better, and God keeps taking away celebrities we love. It’s been a rough year, but I still want to count our blessings. So continuing from the last post, I’d like to list the TOP 12 dishes we’ve had in 2016.

One of the very first questions I’ve asked Kevin during our early phase of courting was “When did you last had an amazing meal?”. I think that set the tone of our relationship from the very beginning. We love to eat. And lucky for me, I found someone who’s willing to explore the world of cuisine with me. Funnily enough, most of the “amazing” dining experiences we had weren’t at any 5 stars restaurants, but in forms of street food. So, on this list are mostly cheap to mid-range food that has either blew our mind, or had us going back many times over.

 photo IMG_20161112_105756.jpg

Oyster and Fish Noodles at B & Best Restaurant, SS4.

Technically, we started going to this place since late last year. But this remains one of our favourite noodle places and we go there almost once a month. The first time I had it, it completely blew my mind. The seafood here is super fresh and we always opt for Oysters and some form of Fish (often Red Snapper). My order is Dry noodles on the side, tossed with pork lard and dark soy sauce. Add a generous spoon of their sambal to complete the meal. Comfort food and  the best way to boost our zinc level *wink wink*.

A lot of people say it’s pricey. Usually we order one bowl with 2 types of seafood, 2 dry tossed noodles, 2 drinks for around RM38. To me, I think it’s worth it for the quality of seafood and the level of satisfaction.

 photo IMG_20161030_193951.jpg

Mei by Fat Spoon, Desa Sri Hartamas.

This restaurant also has been around for a while although we didn’t get to visit until recently. Comforting Japanese inspired food is their thing and they are probably the one who started the rice bowl trend. We had the Torched Salmon Bowl, which was nice (can’t go wrong with semi raw salmon mixed with onsen egg, mayonnaise and Japanese rice); but it was the Ox tongue rice that won our heart. The thinly sliced beef, sweet-savoury & succulent, paired with cili padi & garlic chips on steamed rice, it’s easy to just wipe the whole bowl clean.

And since we are talking about rice bowls, we have also done The Fish Bowl (Hawaiian Style Fish on Rice) and pretty sure we will be going back there again.

 photo IMG_20161016_105552.jpg

Kampua Mee at Mian, Aman Suria

How can I do a list without my favourite Sarawakian food? There are plenty of places selling Sarawak Kolo Mee and Kampua Mee. But strangely a lot can’t differentiate the noodles and mix them up. The owners of this shop actually hail from Sitiawan, but what matter is the noodles here are authentic and delicious. Interestingly the white noodles here follows a recipe from China so it actually tastes quite different from what we get in Sarawak, in a good way of course. The char siew here is more suited to West Malaysian, none of those thin and dry pieces we get in Sarawak, which is a bonus. Try the ginger duck noodles too, another one of their signatures.

 photo IMG_20161212_092236.jpg

Pork Noodles at Kean Fatt, SS3

I have to confess, I’ve never had Pork Noodles until I met Kevin. And Kean Fatt is the first Pork Noodles place he’s brought me to so I guess I’m a little biased. Pork Innards, tender slices of pork, sweet savoury soup, silky noodles, finish with runny yolk; WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Since then we’ve tried a few places but this remains my favourite. The wait here is not too long, maybe around 20 minutes, so that’s another bonus.

 photo IMG_20160911_120439.jpg

Yung Kee HK Style Beef Noodles 庸記牛腩面, Pudu

There are plenty of Beef Noodles of different styles in Klang Valley and I’m sure everyone has their favourite. Yung Kee serves authentic HK Style Beef Noodles and there are a few quirks are this place: during the weekdays only normal beef brisket and tendon are available. But come weekends, you’ll be able to try out different cuts of Beef, and also dry tossed noodles. The picture above was dry beef noodles with mixed beef parts including tripes. Look at the thickness of the sauce, it’s super amazing. The tendon here is a must order and if you feel like digging deep, go for the wagyu beef. But be careful, the price is steep here. 2 bowls of noodles with an extra order of beef tripes set us back nearly RM50. So this is a special treat kinda place.

 photo IMG_20161120_210328_1.jpg

Fried egg salad at Jatujak Bangkok Street Food, Ara Damansara

Before Kevin, I didn’t care much for Thai Food because I had a preconception that many of them in Klang Valley aren’t that authentic. Frame Thai somehow changed my mind, but it has lost its magic due to a few reasons. Jatujak Bangkok Street Food is only minutes from our place and it’s always reassuring to see a neighbourhood restaurant filled with people even during weekdays. The food here is a mixture of Thai style BBQ, traditional Isan food and Seafood dishes. But that really blew our mind was this simple Fried Egg salad. Golden egg with runny yolk, coats in sweet, savoury, tangy sauce and fresh herbs. Super tasty! The grilled cockles and pork satay here are also really good.

 photo IMG_20161228_134114.jpg

Liver Sashimi at Maruhi Sakaba, Taman Desa

Not many people are daring enough to eat raw food. Even less so would touch a raw liver. But for someone like me who even likes my liver still pink in Pork noodles, this is right up my alley. This is just plain amazing, super tender piece of liver coated in sesame oil and a bit of soy, complete with raw ginger, garlic and spring onion, it’s just an explosion of flavours. I don’t know any other place which serves this so we come here almost once a month too. They also serve Chicken Sashimi, which we always order as well. The other grilled things are amazing too. Great place to have a caveman style meal (meat, offals, vegetables) and nice to wash down with some sake.

 photo IMG_20161001_111856.jpg

Banh Mi at Pho Viets, Atria Shopping Centre or Empire Shopping Gallery

Banh Mi holds a special place in our hearts because our first overseas trip was to Vietnam. For those uninitiated, Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich with heavy influence of French Cuisine. French Baguette, Pork Pate, Sliced Pork, Pickled Cucumber, Radish and Cucumber, Chili, Coriander, can you just imagine how tasty it is? We’ve since tried a few Banh Mi in Klang Valley and Pho Viets is undesputedly the best so far. Pho Viets was the only restaurant ever resurrected from our initial black list (because I wasn’t very impressed with their Pho), and I’m pretty sure it will remain our favourite for long time to come.

 photo IMG_20160918_213740.jpg

Skippy’s Pizza, Damansara Uptown

It’s hard to find a pizza Kevin doesn’t like. But there are bonus points made here at Skippy’s Pizza. One, it’s Pork pizza. Pizza is better with real pork! Secondly, they serve their pizza with freshly minced garlic in oil. His mind was blown. Ever since then we even serve our pizzas at home the same way. The housemade chili oil is pretty amazing too. As for the pizza there? Pretty decent crust, toppings are generous, but it’s not made with woodfire oven.

 photo IMG_20161029_113700.jpg

Pork Burger at Ninja Joe, Tropicana City Mall 

Generally we are no food snob as you can imagine we still hit the occasional Big Mac nowadays. Ninja Joe’s visit was random. We had a Japanese meal and didn’t feel full so Kevin suggested to walk around the mall and see what else we could eat, and ended up passing by this. The burgers do take a little bit of time to make, but come piping hot. The patty is juicy and tender and they have quite a variety of toppings. This one above came with Nacho Cheese, Jalapenos and Lamb Chili too. Tasty stuff.

 photo IMG_20161001_123837.jpg

Tanoshii Desato, Tropicana City Mall (other branches available)

And since we are at TCM, here’s one of our favourite desserts of 2016. Taiyaki is a fish shaped Waffle with filled centre. At Tanoshii, you can choose between Matcha, Red Bean, Chocolate or Custard. Then you can complete the order with ice cream and a choice of fruit. Here we had the custard filling, matcha ice cream and strawberry. The Taiyaki is freshly made, so it does take a bit of time. Worth it though, the skin is crunchy, with pillow soft custard, not overly sweet, and the contrast of hot and cold. It’s a fun dessert.

 photo IMG_20161129_194438.jpg

Watermelon Cake at Naj and Belle, Courtyard SS15 Subang

Last but definitely not the least, this cake is probably the BEST thing we’ve eaten this year. This cake is almost full copy from the famous Black Star Pastry in Sydney,  but it’s not a complaint since we can get our hands on it without having to purchase a plane ticket. It’s just plain genius to have a watermelon slice in between the vanilla sponges spiced with nuts, and you can taste the lychee in the cream too. What a refreshing cake! It’s a little pricey though (around RM16 a pop) we’d glad it pay it for that sensory experience.

There are obviously many more delicious things we enjoyed this year, but these are the most memorable. I hope you had a yummy year yourself and may 2017 be another great foodie adventure! Happy New Year!

Thank You 2016 Part 1

I realise this blog has become increasingly impersonal. Perhaps subconsciously, I had been trying to be more businesslike, and limit myself from sharing personal things. It probably also doesn’t help that I don’t update as often as I should. So before 2016 ends, I’d like to talk about things that I’m grateful for. This is Part 1, and I’ll make this as food unrelated as possible.

First of all, work stuff.

Shows and Perfomances

I’ve been given some really great opportunities this year and I’ll have to say the biggest gig I’ve had the privilege to be a part of would be the Fatty Boom Boom contract. It wasn’t just about going out of my comfort zone and doing something entirely different from just performing with a band, it’s also about the bond and friendship formed from this group. So mama Joanne Kam and Llew Marsh, thank you so much for having me. Sachie, Prema, Ashley, Alesia, Bibi, Izen, and all the Divas whom I’ve worked with: Thank you for the fun memories and I hope to see everyone more next year!

 photo IMG_20161125_191907.jpg
Prema, Sachie and I at our recently corporate gig together

 photo FB_IMG_1474163800091.jpg
Group pic after performing our comedy and music showcase at LOL Livehouse

This year I’ve also done a hotel contract (RP Club, Saujana Hotel) for the first time with Mad Sally. Even though for me it was kinda half-committed (I couldn’t do the full 6 nights a week due to concurrent contract), it was a good experience nonetheless.

 photo FB_IMG_1482818908432.jpg

Another significant job for me would be the Bangsar Shopping Centre gig and for this I’d like to thank Adam Lobo for trusting me with this gig. I love how friendly and supportive the BSC crowd is, especially the kids. The recent Christmas show was so much fun!

 photo IMG-20161217-WA0008.jpg

Corporate show wise: The most significant show I’ve done this year would have to be for Samsung Annual Dinner where our band performed “Phantom of the Opera”. Of course, without Kevin this show wouldn’t have been possible (but I’ll get to you later).

Of course, I want to thank all the corporate clients and newlyweds who have engaged myself and Mad Sally for your events.

This year has been slow in terms of my own production, and this will be something we will focus on for 2017, bringing out more original music or even cover videos for you.


I’ve been teaching at Epsom College in Malaysia (ECiM) for more than a year now and I’m most grateful for Dan who introduced me. And of course, all the teachers who’ve helped me along the way and all the parents who sent their kids to me. I have a bunch of really great students and all of them are really talented. It’s a privilege to be molding and shaping you all into great artists and I can’t wait for them to show the world what they’ve got.

 photo FB_IMG_1482819908912.jpg

Epsom Edge, the first performing art festival held at our school and pretty much everyone got to perform on stage, this was the prep school band. Super proud of them!

Apart from teaching at the school, I also have some private students and it’s always really heartening to see how much they enjoy performing and making music. Of course, not everyone aspires to become full-time singer/musician. But it’s always important to nurture your talent, and channel your passion.

 photo IMG_20161203_155916.jpg

Dan and I in the process of grooming the best girl band in KL.


It’s been such a hectic year that almost all of our little trips were part of our outstation gigs as well. The only proper vacation we took this year was Koh Lipe, and boy was it a well-deserved trip. Total beach bum for 3 days, I also snorkeled for the first time and finally developed a decent tan. Hopefully we’ll get to see the world a little more next year.

 photo IMG_20161213_143250.jpg


He has to be the whole title for a reason. Our relationship started because we worked together (he was the event organiser, I was the singer). Though of course some of you know that we reconnected through Tinder (a dating app). Since then we have also worked together for a few events. And from this year on he has decided to offer his service to me as a manager. If you ask me, this is probably the best thing that’s happened to me (and I’m totally not biased). Of course, we discovered our differences through working together; and had our ups and downs. But fundamentally, we are working together a better future. Thank you for standing up for me when I don’t have enough courage, and always be supportive of what I do, I know the term pillar of strength is cliche, but you truly are that, for me. 2016 has been a year of change for you; and maybe has not been exceptionally kind, so for 2017 let’s be that power couple and conquer the world together (in our respective fields, and crossing over).

 photo FB_IMG_1482820920606.jpg

Nerd Couple at Legoland, Johor Bahru.

 photo FB_IMG_1476036372661.jpg

Singapore Oct 9th. Birthday dinner.

 photo IMG_20161011_125734.jpg

McDonald’s gig: Working together first time after he’s offered to be my manager, though he was also event organisor for the show.

 photo FB_IMG_1482196063662.jpg

At The Social’s Grand Launch Great Gatsby party.

As with all the good things, I guess I should also mention that my social life has kinda taken a toll this year with my schedule. Though there have been many good memories made, there were also friends I might have neglected along the way. If you feel that way, I do apologise; and promise to put in more effort to check out gigs, hang out, have coffee etc etc with you in the new year. Til then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Next post, I’ll talk about all the yummy stuff we’ve eaten this year!

Triumph My Beautiful Me Campaign

Recently I had the pleasure to attend Triumph’s My Beautiful Me campaign, held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Partnered with Parkson, this campaign showcased Triumph’s winter 2016 collection, while highlighting Triumph’s expertise, style, evolution and dedication of being the purveyor of women’s confidence.
 photo 15443188_1157171824338799_5255474678493242192_o.jpg

It was an evening of glitz and glamour while guests were dressed according to the theme encompassing “My Beautiful Me”.

 photo 15540724_1157171881005460_7582879275268564953_o.jpg

To inaugurate the momentous occasion a spectacular fashion show was held encompassing the campaign’s highlights of My Beautiful Me – Adore, Cherish and Shine. These three highlights showcased different themes; Cherish being pretty yet sassy, Adore encompassed fun yet beautiful and Shine showcased glamour with a hint of sexiness. Models walked the runway in different Triumph’s stylish designs with beautiful dazzling shades of colors.

 photo 15578184_1157170597672255_1519265518455689183_o.jpg

A familiar face in the local music scene, Poova also performed while the models were doing their thing. Looking every bit the model herself in a sparkly dress strutting up and down and runway, her voice definitely brought plenty of soul and not to mention excitement to the event.

Here are a couple of video demostrating her vocal prowess.

Let me treasure you! Emcee of the evening Julie Woon grooving along as well.

Take me down like I’m a domino!

Here are some photos from the fashion show.
 photo 15577920_1157170781005570_3161294555320868004_o.jpg
 photo 15403678_1157171244338857_4384640585374901356_o.jpg
 photo 15443026_1157171521005496_6627924163570708755_o.jpg
 photo 15440483_1157171661005482_5138260333810977849_o.jpg
 photo 15440331_1157170954338886_6632729750301442774_o.jpg
 photo 15443269_1157171377672177_3874708610759529491_o.jpg
 photo 15590913_1157170561005592_834797264968583965_o.jpg
 photo 15578188_1157171137672201_1027492218746802720_o.jpg
 photo 15591076_1157170484338933_7871738333979599463_o.jpg
 photo 15440367_1157171604338821_9152166853049357148_o.jpg
 photo 15419643_1157171157672199_7527965413227497995_o.jpg

My Beautiful Me campaign reflects the journey of Triumph, from wanting women to find the one (the perfect bra), to ending the year with encouraging women to love and appreciate themselves for who they are. The campaign allows women to discover their true selves within regardless of age and shape. It’s an opportunity for women to embrace their bodies, individuality and openly express themselves. Join the journey and feel beautiful with Triumph.

 photo 15403716_1157171144338867_6187351647528657992_o.jpg

Thank you Triumph for having us at the meaningful event.

Photo credit: Triumph Malaysia

For more information about “My Beautiful Me”, please visit Triumph Malaysia

Supperclub KL, TREC

TREC is currently the go-to place if you want to have a good time, with a stretch of entertainment outlets and a neverending supply of Live band, DJs, and of course, food & beverage. Of course, everything there including the parking is a little bit premium, which is why it’s perfect to bring your other half for a special night out, celebrations, or just showing tourists how KL never sleeps.

Personally, I’ve been to TREC quite a few times to perform, or to watch other people perform. But I had never realised that there are plenty of good food here too until I was invited to a review at Supperclub with the MHB girls.

Supperclub is an upscale Gastrobar and Lounge, though it also transforms into a nightclub after hours. But for the purpose of this post, let’s focus on their food and boy, we were for a treat! Entering the outlet, you notice a large island bar, equiped to quench your thirst for alcohol in any way you can imagine. There’s also a swing by the bar (seems to be an in thing nowadays, from Fatty Boom Boom, to Suzie Wong with their super steroid-ed version). You are most encouraged to dine al-fresco while people watching, though they also have ample space inside with lush table setting. I can imagine merry making here with a group of girlfriends; or even corporate dinners.


We began our feast with their signature Oyster shooters. Which is pretty much like a bloody mary shot with a touch of ocean. As an oyster lover, I was most definitely satisfied with the freshness, and the mingling of flavours. Great way to get the appetite going.


Salmon and avocado is a common pairing in Japanese cuisine, so there’s no surprise that someone would think of marrying Salmon with Guacamole (RM28). The Guacamole is nicely done with a good amount of tang, pairing with the tender salmon pieces, topped with briny caviar. Very moreish.


The Scallop Ceviche (RM32) is another appetising dish with good amount of heat, tang and natural sweetness from the tomatoes and scallops.


However, my personal favourite tapas would have to be the Grilled Eggplant with Ruffalo (RM32). Sheets of eggplant grilled with olive oil, then wrapped around a good chunk of mozzarella, topped with pesto. So herbaceous. And the cheese, so smooth and heavenly.


Clearly enjoying the eggplant! Oh and by the way, the cocktail selection is pretty sizable here and I’d recommend trying anything from their Gin section. Delicious stuff.


Seafood is clearly their forte here, with this textbook perfect Seafood risotto (RM38) beckoning us to dive in. Al dente rice cooked in a base of tomato and paprika, filled with plenty of treasures including fresh mussels, octopus, clams, squids, scallops & tiger prawns. Note that there are a lot more seafood buried underneath the rice, makes for a fun dining experience.


Pasta lovers, you’d be pleased to hear that they are pretty competent in delivering tasty pasta dishes. We tried the Squid Ink Tagliatelle, which comes with homemade black flat pasta served with fresh scallops, broccoli & cherry tomatoes. A little bit of heat to complement the brininess of the dish. Love the bouncy scallop and the addition of broccoli to up the health factor.


The dish that truly blew my mind that night was the Foie Gras Pasta. Don’t judge the seemingly small portion because the bowl runs quite deep and it’s packed with delicious silky sheet of tagliatelle coated with the most umami gravy, then topped with perfectly cooked piece of liver. Gosh, I wouldn’t mind having this again!


So good it deserves a second photo.


If you really feel like splurging, go for the Lobster Salad (RM288 for whole lobster), naturally the most expensive item on their menu. Just look at the fat juicy piece of flesh with amazing texture and natural sweetness. The accompanying salad was well thought out with crisp greens and sweet tangy chunks of mango. It’s also available with half lobster for RM148.


Not into salads? You can also enjoy Lobster cooked in other ways. Here, the tail is roasted, and the claws are broiled and served with Rouille sauce. If you ask me, as long as the seafood is fresh, then it doesn’t really matter how it’s cooked, just serve it to me sans sauces!


Meat lovers needn’t panic as they pretty good red meat here, cooked to your liking. All the Angus beef here hails from US, and is Grass Fed too, so you can be assured that the flavours would be rich. We had a slab of tenderloin cooked perfectly medium rare, served with black pepper sauce (other sauces available too). Here’s me looking a little bit too excited.


So much food! Yet, there was more space for dessert of course. First it was the Tiramisu.


I didn’t try the Tiramisu because I can’t eat chocolate. So luckily they also served us the Creme Brulee. And the Creme Brulee here is really good! They used a shallow ceramic dish so you get more crunchy burnt sugar goodness per bite, and that’s more than okay in my book.


Stephanie trying to keep all the Creme Brulee to herself lol.


Haven’t found a place to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s eve? Well, look no further than Supperclub. You can dine here, party here. And if you want, wander along TREC to find your next party spot! I can guarantee you’d bump into a lot of familiar faces anyway.

Thank you Supperclub for hosting us! Photo credit to our resident photographer Andy Kho.

Supperclub KL
Lot 12-14, TREC, Electric Boulevard, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
+603-2110 0866

Opens 5pm to 3am daily

Donate, Support and Recycle your Old Bras with Neubodi

This past few months have been such a whirlwind in terms of shows and gigs, I haven’t even got the chance to update you guys about them. Come to think of it, it’s almost madness to be doing 2 contract jobs. One of them spanning 6 months long, but I can tell you that it’s the best gig I’ve ever done: The Fatty Boom Boom show with super talented singers/friends Sachie Amire, Prema Yin and Alesia Dhana. It was truly a blessing that we got to work together through this platform and grew together in this big steep learning curve. Even though the contract has come to an end, we are working on more future shows together and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

 photo IMG-20160922-WA0011.jpg

Just few weeks ago, we were invited to a very meaningful event to perform a song. It was my first time participating in Neubodi’s annual charity campaign, Neubodi Bra Drive. This year, the campaign revolves around three core values — DONATE.SUPPORT. RECYCLE. The launch was held at Spaceseven, quite a quaint event space which was decked out in bright girly colours to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

 photo Event Space.jpg

The gorgeous Nadia Heng and Diyana Hashim were the emcees, and the party kick started with the arrival of Ms Ranjit Kaur, President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA), Pn. Sri Akmal, Patron of BCWA along with Neubodi’s Starlets — Amber Chia, Belinda Chee, Carrie Lee, Azura Zainal, Lee Yvonne, Chloe Chen, Dilly, Azah Yasmin Yusof, and Joanne Kam Po Po just to name a few.

 photo Carrie Lee_Diyana Hashim_Azura Zainal_Nadia Heng_Linora Low_Nadine Ann Thomas.jpg

“Neubodi started this campaign in year 2013, with the aim to bring smiles on the faces of the less fortunate women. In year 2013, we managed to collect 5,361 bras, which were subsequently donated over to Free The Girls organisation, which supported the victims of sex trafficking in Africa. Subsequently in year 2014, with all your generous support, we manage to collect a tremendous amount of 11,037 bras from the public. These bras were then further hand picked, laundered and shipped over personally by my team and me over to Kathmandu. In 2015, we collected about 15, 118 bras and we managed to ship them to Village Focus in Cambodia. This year, after three years of collection, we have decided to add on a new chapter to our charity journey, we will recycle the unusable bras through RPF process and save Mother Earth as well! So now, no bras will go to waste and we would have made the world a better place to live in. Now, tell me, isn’t this the most satisfying and wholesome campaign you have ever heard of? At the end of the day, it is about the number of lives we have touched, and the changes we make along the way. Ultimately that is what defines us, as humans.”

Director and Founder of Neubodi, Ms Anne Tan in her welcome speech. 

 photo Anne Tan_Wen Chiam_Models.jpg

This year, the good conditioned second-hand bras donated will go towards supporting Asha-Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal. These bras will a medium for their start-up business in the second hand trading market as bras are considered an extreme luxury in Nepal. The unusable bras will be recycled through Refuse Paper Plastic Fuel (RPF) technology, whereby the raw materials of the bra will be converted to hard fuel to power up generators in industrial areas, thus reducing carbon food print and landfills in Malaysia.

This year Neubodi aimed higher to raise awareness for breast cancer, not only did they designed an exclusive wirefree PINK BRA selling at only RM55 to raise a mimimum of RM20,000.00 for BCWA, they also partnered with the reknowned makeover team in Malaysia, A Cut Above to surprise three lucky breast cancer survivors for their personal makeover and video journey with the ever so elegant, Dr Wendy Liew, the founder of Image Creator. Lastly, Neubodi also partnered with professionals this year to further solidify their efforts for breast care. Dr Evelyn Ho from Park City Medical Centre shared a few words about breast care and what leads to breast cancer through her engaging “Sharing is Caring, Q&A Session.”

After the formality, it was our turn to perform! The crowd was super supportive and we sure had a lot of fun with our routine. The song “Wings” by Little Mix was all about female empowerment and a fitting song for the event.

 photo Fatty Boom Boom Girls.jpg

Our mama Joanne Kam Po Po performed after us, doing what she does best, even putting 2 guys in bra for them to experience how it’s like to be a woman for few minutes. Needless to say, the audience was in stitches.

 photo Joanne Kam.jpg

The event came to a closing end after Ms Anne Tan and Ms Wen Chiam officiated the Neubodi Bra Drive Bin by ripping two 8 feet tall box and out stepped two lovely models clad with etheral-like costumes and proudly wearing the new PINK BRA deisgned exclusively for charity. And by the way, everyone was pleasantly surprised by a Pink bra taped underneath their chair. The excitement nearly tore the roof down!

 photo IMG_20160922_155319.jpg
Thank you Neubodi for having us!

The “Neubodi Bra Drive” starts from the 22nd September – 7th November 2016. For more information on this charity campaign, log on to Neubodi’s Facebook at or Neubodi’s website at

 photo IMG_20161027_165029.jpg

The Pink bra is now almost sold out, so they have also added 2 new colours: Navy and Blue. Each bra is priced at RM119 and RM10 goes to BCWA. I’ve started wearing them and because the COMFYflex is Seamless, Wireless and Supportive, it’s really great for lounge wear and even light exercise.

 photo IMG_20161027_182902.jpg

I really love the Navy one, goes with my mostly dark coloured wardrobe, Nude is of course super practical too. Been wearing them since I got them and I don’t think I ever want to wear anything else. But of course, it’s important for us to wear wire bras still and I got one from Neubodi as well. Maybe I’ll post a picture on instagram later.

The campaign is ending in a few days time, so make sure you get to your nearest Neubodi store for the COMFYflex!

Oriental Lasagna with Cream Crackers

How many of you grew up eating Cream Crackers? Well I certainly did as my father has been working with Hup Seng for the longest time as a wholesale distributor and if there’s anything that’s omnipresent in our household, this is it. There are many years Malaysians love to enjoy Cream crackers. Some of you would probably vouch for Milo + Crackers as your breakfast growing up. Kaya is a popular one as well I’m sure. I used to drizzle condense milk on my crackers, definitely not the healthiest but since we are already going there, why not go all the way right?

I remember once I was at a house party in Bintulu (of course I was still very young then), and I came across this savoury snack made with cream crackers, or we used to like to call it Ping Pong biscuits back then. It kinda did blow my mind. The eggy filling with something as simple as luncheon meat was all the more comforting. That was my only encounter with this Foochow hybrid snack. I don’t even know what it’s really called. But google turned up some results and I guess I’m gonna go with Oriental Lasagna.

 photo IMG_20161019_162924.jpg

It resembles a lasagna because the cream crackers act as “Lasagna sheets”, you’ll do either 5 or 7 layers (depends how much crackers you want to consume). Although, the egg and milk filling also makes it similar to a quiche. The fillings always include Luncheon meat and onions at its simplest, especially back in the days when luxurious ingredients aren’t readily available. I added mushrooms in mine to errr lighten it slightly, haha. When cut up, it looks like this:

 photo IMG_20161019_180735.jpg

My layers aren’t so distinctive because my egg/milk ratio is slightly higher thus the layers look more filled up. Which is fine for me because I love the filling. How to make this? Very simple, even kids can do it!

Oriental Lasagna (苏打饼千层糕)adapted from My Cooking Escapades.

27 pcs of Cream Crackers (36 if you are doing an extra layer, which is what most people do I think)
1 can evaporated milk
5 eggs

1 Onion, finely chopped
1 can Luncheon Meat, diced
Button mushrooms, a handful and roughly chopped
chili flakes
salt (optional)
White pepper

In a pan heat oil on high heat and saute onions until translucent, then add mushrooms and luncheon meat. Cook until slightly coloured and season with pepper and salt if you want to. i didn’t add any salt at all. Turn off heat and set aside. Depends on the amount of layers you might want to divide into either 2 or 3 portions.

Beat evaporated milk and eggs together and soak cream crackers in small batches (I soaked 9 at a time so I can do the whole layer, you can do it in even smaller amount). Just a few seconds would be fine, you just want the crackers to be less brittle to handle, since you’ll be drowning everything later anyway. Meanwhile, oil your square cake tin too (23cm x 23cm would be ideal).

Start lining the soaked cream cracker, your tin should fit 3 x 3, if not you might want to consider biting off the edges (just kidding, a little bit of overlapping won’t hurt). Spread half the luncheon meat mixture over, then layer with more cream crackers. Spread the other half of the meat mixture, and finish with the last layer of cream crackers.

Pour the remaining of the egg mixture over the top. Use a spatula to press down the top layer gently to ensure all layers are submerged. Steam for around 30minutes, or cover the tin with foil to bake for 40 minutes in 180C oven.

Let cool slightly before removing. I’d suggest at least 30 minutes. It’s lovely when warm, but perfectly fine room temperature. Serve it with chili sauce for extra oomph. I recommend Lingham’s.

 photo IMG_20161019_162955.jpg

Don’t underestimate the serving. I think this easily feed around 10 people. I’m pretty sure this just blew Kevin’s mind today too. The sweetness of onion, savoury crackers and luncheon meat make such good pairing. A dose of chili sauce really elevates the whole experience too. This is something that will appeal to all ages for sure.

 photo 12322928_10154471196391163_1836912019030246980_o.jpg
Our breakfast!

This can keep in the fridge, although I’d guarantee there won’t be much leftover. Just reheat in the oven or re-steam before serving. I use my trusty airfryer of course. Though I’d recommend try baking it for a slightly crispy top for that textural contrast.

Please do try it at home and let me know how it goes!

Double the Dim Sum, Double the Indulgence at Tao, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

Dim Sum culture is still very much alive in Klang Valley, and in fact probably in any Chinese community around the world. It’s a great way to bond with family and friends over food and always a decadent experience popping little expertly made morsels in your mouth. Although, most dim sum places are always super packed during the weekends and you might have to wait ages to get a table, which is why the two of us very rarely do it these days. If you want to dine in comfort, why not give hotel dim sum a try?

 photo IMG_20160928_133001.jpg

Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur houses an award winning Chinese restaurant called Tao; and from now until 27th November, they have a buy one free one promotion for their dim sum items every weekend. Instead of 3 siew mais, for example, you get 6! Of course, there are more than just your run-of-the-mill dim sums. Master Dim Sum Chef Lo Tan Sion has been making dim sum for over 20 years. Having trained in China, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia, he is recognised for his talent in creating the delicate bite-sized savouries. His secret? Using premium quality ingredients and adaptation to the likes of local diners’ palate with stronger flavours. Better yet, each dim sum here is handmade from scratch and prepared fresh daily.

We were invited to sample some of his creations. First up, a soupy one to whet our appetite.

 photo IMG_20160928_133606.jpg

We enjoyed the Double-boiled Abalone and Sea Treasure Dumpling in Bouillon, with it delicate flavours.

 photo IMG_20160928_133242.jpg

The Steamed Diced Prawns, Chicken, Turnip Moneybags with Oyster sauce were well-received, with fun texture and bouncy prawns in each bite.

 photo IMG_20160928_133212.jpg

The Steamed Smoked Duck “Mo Mo” Skin Rolls with Red oil sauce showcases Chef Lo’s creativity, condensing your typical Peking duck experience into bite-sized enjoyment. Love the slight smokiness mingling with numbing chili oil.

 photo IMG_20160928_134855.jpg

You won’t get those ordinary rice noodle rolls here (not dissing the original, they are pretty comforting to eat), this one comes with soft shell crabs inside, and sesame sauce on top, inspired by Hong Kong’s “Zha Leong” when they usually use Chinese fried dough sticks (Yao Zhar Gwai). Needless to say, this is pretty decadent. Maybe even a bit too rich for us.

 photo IMG_20160928_134925.jpg

We loved the Pan-fried Noodle Rolls with Dried Shrimps and Spring Onion. It’s full of umami flavours and the texture is amazing, with super crispy exterior, fluffy soft centre. We ordered a second serving!

 photo IMG_20160928_142000.jpg

The Deep fried Taro pastry (Yu kok) here is pretty good too. The filling (smoked duck I think) has a wonderful depth of flavours and the Yam itself aromatic.

 photo IMG_20160928_142956.jpg

I think I have a weakness when it comes to Radish cake, and here they come stir-fried with Tao’s own spicy scallop sauce. Moreish and comforting.

 photo IMG_20160928_143036.jpg

We also had their Siew Mai, which is pretty decent for a non Pork version.

 photo IMG_20160928_144850.jpg

The signature dessert here is a medley of Mango puree, Basil seeds, Pomelo and Ice cream. Refreshing after all that savoury indulgence.

 photo IMG_20160928_133421.jpg

If you are after heavier dessert they also serves Egg tarts in Bamboo charcoal cup, which unfortunately we didn’t get to try. The Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao was not available during our review either (first photo).

Thank you Intercontinental for hosting us!

Tao Chinese Cuisine

Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

165 Jalan Ampang
Opens daily 11:30am tp 2:30pm, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
For reservation call 03-27826128 or email

Toast the Macallan @ Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

A couple of weeks ago, the MHBs was invited to Toast the Macallan a prestigious pop-up styled whiskey tasting event held at Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, where we got to savour Macallan’s latest range of highland single malt scotch whiskies, as well as learned about the harmony behind cask and color; oak and flavor.

 photo 14500560_1164782256901573_4875972379273134446_o.jpg

It was indeed a rare occasion for me to attend an event like this, and I was glad it was Macallan, which is one of my favourite Whiskies. Arriving at the event, I spotted Spicy Sharon who was also early. We paired up to roamed around a little, and checked out the scent bar.

 photo 14500414_1164782820234850_2422322613490603325_o.jpg

After exploring the different types of scents derived from the drink, my personal preference pointed to the Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old to be suitable to my personal taste.

 photo 14570573_1164784486901350_5826033795096520233_o.jpg

Not long after we were ushered in the ballroom for the main event. Hosted by The Macallan Brand Trainer, Keith Nair and Brand Advocate, Randall Tan, they were an entertaining pair. We were not only introduced to the history behind the Macallan brand, and also how each whisky is made. Fascinating stuff.

 photo 14570573_1164784486901350_5826033795096520233_o.jpg

Keith adds stating that The Macallan constantly reinvents themselves to not only uniquely conduct their tasting sessions in an interesting manner but also better educate consumers to understand their whiskies better and be able to differentiate one great whisky from another.

Founded in 1824 and immersed in its rich history, The Macallan has seen an increased interest in single malt scotch whisky across Asia and Malaysia is becoming one of the key countries to see a significant preference for single malts, which is an appreciated lifestyle of the affluent. With this in mind, Toast The Macallan is aimed at individuals who are brassy and keen to learn more about the esteemed single malt whisky.

 photo 14468564_1164784163568049_6120749587470767310_o.jpg

The Macallan has also unveiled its newest series dubbed the Trilogy, which consists of, The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Years Old, The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old and its latest expression The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old. We got to try all of these along with an exclusive addition for this tasting session.

 photo 14525172_1164785916901207_6442796355927013401_o.jpg

“The Macallan has always been one of the leading brands in the single malt category and we are very excited to introduce our newest range, The Macallan Trilogy. This platform would allow consumers to experience what The Macallan really stands for and why our whiskies are exceptional in its class” explains Chief Representative of Edrington Malaysia, Mr Edwin Yeo.

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old is a single malt that tells a journey; a story that brings together two different worlds. Bringing new oak from America across the seas to Spain, the casks are crafted and seasoned with sherry before making its way back to their distillery in Scotland and left to mature for at least 12 years before harmoniously blending them with the very best sherry-seasoned European Oak Casks.

Commenting on the Double Cask, Bob Dalgarno, The Macallan Master Whisky Maker; said, “This is a single malt which celebrates the coming together of two styles to create a fully rounded and distinctive flavour.” It is often said that when two worlds come together, they create something magical and this is what the Double Cask represents.

 photo 14500752_1164788736900925_3815040448990627442_o.jpg

After the tasting session, we were then led to another room equipped with multiple bars for various cocktails or neat whisky shots (no question which one I went for of course, I always believe that you shouldn’t add anything more than a little ice to whisky to fully appreciate the flavours).

 photo 14566193_1164789020234230_3967159676559883728_o.jpg

Thank you Macallan for the wonderful evening!