Nepali Private Kitchen, delicious homecooked Nepalese fare

Authentic Nepalese cuisine is not that easy to find in Klang Valley. A quick google search turned out less than a handful of them and the top result is the now-defunct Restaurant Nepal, which I’ve visited numerous times. But what if I tell you, you can now dine at a Nepalese couple’s cozy home for just a small price?

Yes, finally there’s another place for us to satisfy our momo craving, although it is only available for group booking. You might want to start gathering your troop for this.

Knowing my love for Nepalese food, Cheng Yi sent an invite to the test run of the aforementioned Nepali Private Kitchen. What is Private Kitchen? Well, this trend has been around for a couple of years and this enables home cooks to open up their own place to host friends or strangers. I used to run one myself and had to stop because I can’t fully commit to regular hosting. So you know how precious this opportunity is.

So one steamy hot afternoon Kevin and I found ourselves in the lovely home of the Sherchans. Both Mr and Mrs Sherchan can cook! We were first greeted by this humungous platter of meat.

 photo IMG_20160916_124650.jpg

This is Mr Sherchan’s Gurkha BBQ, featuring an amazing spread of bbq meats, accompanied by Mrs Sherchan’s superb chutney. Oh ya, this meal is definitely Non-Halal, much to our delight. Note that this is not part of their regular menu, but can be requested at a separate cost.

 photo IMG_20160916_124721.jpg

We were served quite a few starters. This is Pyazi, crispy onion fritters. Kevin being onion crazy gobbled these up with gusto.

 photo IMG_20160916_124759.jpg

Sadeko Badam, a spicy peanut salad that combines ingredients such as cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, chili, peanuts and herbs.

 photo IMG_20160916_124749.jpg

And of course, the amazing momos! These are filled with pork, which is a bonus. I’m definitely a dumpling monster as I’m pretty sure I had about a dozen of these. Extra delicious with the homemade chutney. If they sell these, I’d buy them in bulk.

 photo IMG_20160916_124857.jpg

Another dish I really liked was the Karela Ko Achar. Underneath the crispy anchovies, soft bittergourd marinated with strong spices. Yes, it’s bitter but the flavours combination is rather addictive. I think during the supperclub they might serve a different variation of this dish because not everyone eats bittergourd. Lucky we got this version!

 photo IMG_20160916_124904.jpg

As a fan of potato I was delighted to taste this dish, Alu Ko Achar. The potatoes here are cooked with a myriad of spices and then seasoned with lime/lemon juice, hence it has a dinstinctive tang. Brilliant way to encourage more potato consumption. I want to try making this one day too.

 photo IMG_20160916_130412.jpg

Oh by the way, if you are a fan of spice you must absolutely try the Nepalese chili, Dalle Khursani. Don’t be fool by its cute round shape, it’s fiery!

 photo IMG_20160916_134554.jpg

The star of the meal would be the Thali set. A very traditional Thakali meal and a hearty one at that. They would be serving this on authentic brass Thali serving ware. Basically, there are a few types of side dishes accompanying the rice. Let’s break it down.

Kukhura Ko Masu is non-creamy chicken curry cooked with fresh spices. Very moreish. The Machha Ko Jhol or Nepalese fish curry  is mustardy, tangy and definitely umami. The fish here is siakap, which to me is an unusual choice for curry but I enjoyed the tender flesh. And next to the bowl of fish curry, a creamy bowl of the best dhal you’ve ever eaten in your life. It’s unlike the Indian version, almost akin to red bean soup with its thickness and creamy consistency. Yum.

The other side dishes included Alu Ghobi (Potato and Cauliflower “curry”), Sauteed Green, a Savoury homemade Plum Pickle, and this lovely pickled radish, Mula Ko Achar.

 photo IMG_20160916_135139.jpg

It’s a feast! The side dishes may vary from time to time. There’s even a Tomato char which I also enjoyed.

 photo IMG_20160916_135004.jpg

And then Mr. Sherchan brought us another Gurkha specialty, a delicious pork curry with tender pieces of pork and amazing depth of flavours. This dish is not included in the Supperclub menu, but just s testament how well the Sherchans can cook! Recipe of this too please!

 photo IMG_20160916_144924.jpg

Last but of course not the least, homemade Yoghurt served with Almonds, Mango bits and special Nepalese sweet. I love Nepalese dessert and polished up Kevin’s portion too.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Sherchan for your fantastic hospitality and amazing food. We want to try to get a few people together and do this again. The location is somewhere in Sunway, and they cater for groups of minimum 6 and maximum 12. It’s priced at RM70 per head for 3 starters, Thakali set and dessert. If you are interested, do make your reservation through Cheng Yi at 012-3240988 or John Sonam at 012-4152512.


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  1. Phong Hong says:

    I know nothing about Nepali food and am quite excited that it looks so delicious!

  2. kyspeaks says:

    So intrigued by the chili and yet… slightly afraid.

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