Flint @ Persiaran Ampang

It wasn’t all that long ago I visited Stoked at Medan Damansara, and now the Vintry group has added yet another restaurant under their belt. Introducing Flint, located at Persiaran Ampang which has a similar concept albeit a different menu and a more rustic interior. It has 2 levels and upstairs resembles a hunting lodge with a faux fireplace and wild-animal portraits, even comes equipped with a play area for kids.

In the kitchen, their prized possession Bertha (cast iron oven fueled by charcoal and firewood) stands proud and tall, and this time also accompanied by an oil-drum barbecue to support more grilling actions. What does this imply then, you might ask? Well, lotsa of meat, of course!

To start off the night we were served some light appetisers (it’s relative really, as compared to what was coming after.)

 photo P1210939.jpg

White Wine Clams with Basil (RM38) was the first dish, and what a way to make an impression! It’s heady with wine and don’t forget to save some bread to dip in the broth.

 photo P1210944.jpg

The Oysters hail from South China Sea (all ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, with the exception of Red meat of course). I’m not aware that we can get such big and succulent oysters near us! It’s topped with a mustardy mayonnaise and baked, retaining the juicy flesh of the oysters. So good.

 photo P1210948.jpg

School Prawns tartine (RM30) was served with assorted vegetable pickles and Remoulade. While the flavour combination are clean tasting, the bread was a little on the hard side for me.

 photo P1210950.jpg

The Beef tartine might not be much to look at (too much white sauce around me think), but it’s an explosion of flavours, especially that Chili Jam.

 photo P1210955.jpg

I always like a good stew and the Spiced Free-Range Chicken stew (RM42) hit the right notes with the Moroccan flavours.

 photo P1210958.jpg

Though for me the Braised Lamb Shoulder with Beans and Apricots (RM76) was the stand out, with fork tender meat and broth with a great depth. Very comforting.

 photo P1210964.jpg

When the Mushroom Risotto (RM49) hit the table, we immediately caught a whiff of Truffle. This is a decent risotto, although I’d prefer the rice grains to be firmer.

 photo P1210965.jpg

The Tagliatelle Pasta with Spiced Beef Ragout (RM40) got us all singing praises though. I liked the al dente texture of the pasta, and the ragout was seasoned perfectly to complement.

 photo P1210977.jpg

One thing I do have to say though, is that Bertha really does wonders to the meat. The Charcoal Roasted Wagyu Beef Brisket is amazingly tender. Although I’d prefer it not to be drenched in the mustard/mayonnaise.

 photo P1210978.jpg

Catch of the day for us was a Trevally. And fortunately this one is paired with a tamarind sauce to break up the stream of that white sauce.

My my, that’s a lot of food right? We haven’t even gotten to the real main courses yet!

 photo P1210983.jpg

One of the current specials is the Australian Black Angus OP Ribs (RM360). A whole kg of meat meant for sharing, or for a super carnivore. Ours were medium rare of course, and the meat is flavourful enough to eat on its on. But better with a dash of pepper.

And speaking of peppers, at Flint you get to pick from these 3 delicious selections.

 photo P1220004.jpg

My favourite is the super fruity Nepalese Timur Berry. I want to take it home!

 photo P1220011.jpg

The Australian Rib eye has always been my preferred cut of steak and here it’s executed well, with the help of Bertha.

 photo P1210994.jpg

The Grilled Lamb Loin was also good, superbly charred outside while perfectly pink inside. Best way to enjoy lamb. This one is also not too fatty/gamey in taste.

 photo P1220002.jpg

There are some really good sides too. The Spiced cauliflower dish reminds me of my favourite dish in Cumulus, Melbourne with the addition of yoghurt and pomegranate.

 photo P1220007.jpg

And the hand cut sweet potato wedges are highly recommended! A better alternative to fries for sure.

All that food and there are still desserts! What have we done to deserve such feast?

 photo P1220015.jpg

Deconstructed Apple Crumble, wish there was more crumble to go around with the sweet, sticky apples.

 photo P1220022.jpg

The Earl Grey Bavarois was very light, with a slight hint of tea. Perfect dessert after the heavy eating.

 photo P1220023.jpg

Rocky Road Orange Brownie. Only dish I didn’t try but good effort considering there were all 18 of them.

Thank you Flint for the fabulous hospitality!

Flint Restaurant & Bar
24 Persiaran Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tues-Sun: 3pm to midnight
Tel: 03-4252-8262

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