2OX @ The Row, Doraisamy

2016 sees a lot of exciting new restaurants sprouting up in Klang Valley and to all Francophiles (me included) alike, rejoice as we welcome 2OX, a proper French Bistro serving us all the classic French dishes with a flair. Conceived by the dream team of Sainy Chun and Chef Thierry Le Baut, who are also behind the very successful Maison Francaise, one can easily see the great potential of 2OX.

 photo P1210169.jpg

Well, let’s talk about the interior. Stylish and chic, yet casual enough for a leisure lunch. Similar to Maison Francaise it’s blessed with plenty of natural light and features a lot of white. One side features a large bar with high tables, the other with white marble table tops and wooden chairs. And in a middle, drawing attention is a large feature wall by the courtyard, injecting a splash of colours. We felt like we were temporarily transported to somewhere in Europe for that afternoon.

 photo P1210167.jpg

Wine enthusiasts should take note as the wine list here is pretty impressive, encompassing an array of International wines carefully selected by Sainy herself, having sampled more than 200 wines. The prices are kept super reasonable as well.

It’s obvious that the menu here is created with a lot of heart and soul, as some of the recipes came directly from Chef Thierry’s mother, and the rest drawing inspirations from his culinary journey. It’s good honest French cooking, and most of these dishes are enjoyed regularly at a typical French family too. Speaking of his mother’s recipe, here’s one that got both thumbs up from Kevin and I, as lovers of all things Pate.

 photo P1210176.jpg

Pate de Maman (RM40) is a provincial style pate, which means it’s more rustic and hearty with bits of pork and liver along with some gelatinous bits, perfectly seasoned with a mix of herbs. Spread plenty on the toasted bread and enjoy the savoury bites with the tangy cornichons and pearl onions. Heavenly.

 photo P1210190.jpg

Carpaccio might be Italian, but all is forgiven when such great quality beef (Australian) is used. Kevin has somewhat of a cheese phobia so Chef very kindly kept his portion “clean”. His loss, really. As that is some fine Parmigiano Reggiano. RM68 for this beauty. 

By the way, the current set menu is really good value for money. You get to choose one starter, one main and one dessert for RM88++ (some items do come with additional charge). If you take note of the prices of individual dishes you’ll see why it’s super worth it.
 photo P1210200.jpg

We also had the Fried Squid Rings (RM38) with Tartare Sauce to share, and this one works fabulously with the aromatic Savignon Blanc we had. I love how the Squid is still tender, and the sauce has a good balance of savoury note and acidity.

 photo P1210201.jpg

Coq Au Vin is one of my favourite French dishes and this version (mom’s recipe again) sure didn’t disappoint (RM55). I believe the Chicken was marinated in wine beforehand. The aroma of wine permeated through and through. This is as hearty as it gets. Chef, please tell your mom we love her already.
 photo P1210207.jpg

Oyster blade (RM88), not the easiest cut of beef to cook as often it can be a little tough due to the large sheet of fascia (this comes from the shoulder, by the way). Here it’s cooked in low temperature for at least 7 hours (depending on size, some can go up to 12 hours), manually no less. The result, a fork tender beef, falling apart at the lightest touch. Finished with a full bodied gravy. Loved the dainty presentation of the sides too. The mash potato tasted light on the butter, which balances out the richness of the dish.

We moved on to the desserts and there was no way I was going to leave the restaurant without trying my all-time double favourites: Creme Brulee and Lemon Tart.
 photo P1210216.jpg

Just a classic Creme Brulee (RM15) made to textbook perfection.

 photo P1210219.jpg

It gives me great satisfaction to crack open that burnt sugar to reveal that luscious baked custard. Nothing to fault at all.

 photo P1210214.jpg

The Lemon Meringue Tart (RM15) is just sensational. The zesty lemon layer, paired with the fluffiest meringue ever, I closed my eyes and reached food nirvana. I don’t even usually like meringue and this totally changed my mind.

 photo P1210227.jpg

We really enjoyed ourselves and will not hesitate to return for another date.

56G Jalan Doraisamy
50300 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. doubtless says:

    I need some of those beef!

  2. suituapui says:

    Love the mural on the wall – reminds me of my good ol’ dancing days so long ago.

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