Monte’s by LYN, Bangsar Shopping Center

Even though Bangsar Shopping Center is relatively close to me, I don’t often choose to dine there. But this is probably going to change soon after my visit to Monte’s, a restaurant that’s been serving quality Western cuisine for over a decade now. It’s been under my radar until I was invited to a special birthday dinner; needless to say, I was quite impressed with what they had to offer.

The restaurant itself is spacious with a relaxed homely vibe, with touches of greenery and rustic brick walls, almost reminds me of a winery too. There are separate dining areas to suit different needs, and also a more private area which we were allocated.

Oh by the way, that birthday person is Tim Chew, founder of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers community, also someone who’s been consistently supportive especially when it comes to my blogging journey. Thank you for being an awesome boss! (There I said something nice about you, I don’t ask for much, RM100 ok?) We were hosted by Lyn, who has recently taken over the management of the restaurant and is such a bubbly personality too.

Hi Tim!

I arrived at the restaurant nice and early because being the rockstar I am, I had to rush to play a gig after. But it didn’t stop me from indulging in some sparkling and of course their delectable food. Though I did miss out on some of the courses, I shall let the pictures speak for themselves then.

Escargots 1/2 dozen RM19

After surveying the menu, the starter I most wanted to try was of course these amazing looking Escargots. Baked & basted in Chablis ‘n’ Garlic sauce, they are as decadent as they sound. I love the rich, creamy sauce; punchy with the garlic, perfect to mop up with some toasted bread. Priced at only RM19, this is probably the best value for money too.

Juicy Seared Sea Scallops 1/2 dozen RM39

The Seared Scallops is another great choice too. Here the scallops are cooked to perfection, and served with a delightful sweet potato mash, drizzled with tarragon butter and balsamic reduction. Fabulous dish and I could easily polish the whole plate if I want to.

Nachos RM19

Can’t go wrong with nachos, especially when they are generous with cheese. Here we had a mixture of chicken and vegetarian toppings and both were great in terms of flavour combination.

Taking a moment to pose for a picture.

Yeah… it was Lyn’s idea to get bunny ears for the girls. I like her already.

Cod RM56

I ordered a Grilled Cod Fillet for my main and it comes with sauteed potatoes, salad and lemon soy sauce. I like how they have good dishes to cater for people on different diet needs. Despite the simplicity of the dish it’s rather satisfying, as the cod is nice and tender, seasoned well, made even more delicious with a squeeze of lemon. They also have another Cod with which is paired with Ratatouille and I think I will try that one next.

Here are the dishes that I didn’t get to try:

Seafood Salad (A mix of mini octopus, prawns, smoked salmon & caviar on a bed of fresh garden greens) RM29
Smoked Duck Salad (Tossed salad with sundried tomato and basil) RM28
Fresh Oxtail Soup (Thick, savory, hot & spicy to whet your appetite) RM18
Ribeye (Prepared in Monte’s way to retain its taste, simply grilled and served with seasonal vegetables) RM63
Braised Lamb Shank (Served with mashed potato & stewed mushrooms) RM35

Monte’s is also great for Private dining, with option to customize your menu to suit your budget. I know I will be returning to try the dishes I missed out last time (especially that Oxtail soup). Thank you for your hospitality, Lyn!

Of course, an obligatory group pic! Dress from Zalora, by the way.

Photo credit to Andy Kho and Tim Chew.

Monte’s Restaurants and Wine Bar
Lot F 112, Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Center
Jalan Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2094 1112/3
Fax: (603) 2094 1113
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 11.30 am till 11 pm

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