Gobo Chit Chat’s Seafood Buffet Dinner

Diners in KL are spoilt for choice when it comes to Buffets as there are plenty of quality ones out there. But if you are into Seafood, then you should not miss out on Gobo Chit Chat’s Seafood Buffet at Traders Hotel during Fridays or Saturdays. We sure had a roaring good time stuffing ourselves with the sea creatures. Of course Trader’s hospitality is always great and you can read about my previous experience here.

Wonderful view!

This Seafood Buffet features every seafood you can think of; from freshly shucked oysters to Alaskan King Crabs (the giant legs in the picture above). Let’s check out the cold section first.

My favourite: Oysters!
Baby Lobsters and Moreton Bay Bugs.
Big big scallops.
Super big clams.
Big is the theme I guess. So here are some more big prawns.
More crustaceans.

Moving along, my second favourite thing at a Buffet. Can you guess?

Sashimi, of course!

Incidentally I was craving for Sashimi that day so needless to say I was very satisfied with these. I also helped myself to several servings of smoked salmon, another one of my weakness.

And a variety of Smoked Goods. Yum!

There is a Teppanyaki/Grill counter with full range of seafood for us to choose, as well as different cuts of meat. Choose either chili, garlic or simply salt and pepper as seasoning. With fresh produce, there is no need to overpower with seasonings.

All eyes on me.
Non Seafood Options for grilling.

To balance your meal, of course there are salads.

Fibre galore.
More salads.

Let me show you some of the hot dishes as well.

Butter Prawns. These are so delicious!
Seafood Linguine.
Colourful Seafood Paella and I couldn’t resist a serving. The rice is aromatic and goes well with the seafood.
Grilled Salmon.
Some red meat for the non-seafood lover. Or just for a bit of variety.
Grilled Chicken.
Lamb Rack.
We made a beeline for these huge asparagus, grilled to perfection.
I enjoyed these Teriyaki Grilled Squid, tender enough and well-marinated.

However, I’ll say the most popular dish at this Buffet located at the live cooking station where you can see the whole row of these…..

Mud Crabs!

There are 2 types, Flower crabs and Mud Crabs and the cooking style is the same: Buttermilk sauce. Simply choose your crab and the chef will cook it in a sauce made with butter, condensed milk, curry leaves for a few minutes. I love the aromatic sauce, it’s finger-licking good! Worth dirtying our fingers for.

Our Single Mud Crab. It would be perfect if we had some deep fried mantou with this!

Not pictured are the noodle bar section as well as the Malaysian/Indian section with a bunch of curries and vegetables. I ran out of stomach space for them, unfortunately.

Check out my first plate:

Happiness on a plate.

And more!

Mmmm heaven on the ground.
This Chinese herbal clam soup is highly recommended too.

The dessert bar is no joke either as it’s filled with all sorts of cakes, pies, tarts alike complete with a giant chocolate fondue. I was told the Melted Cheesecake is amazing (unfortunately ran out by the time I get to desserts).

Sweets for my sweets.
The seafood buffet dinner is priced RM108++ per person and is available every Friday and Saturdays from 6pm to 10:30pm. For reservations, call (60 3) 2332 9905 or email foodandbeverage.thkl@tradershotels.com.
Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088, Malaysia
Tel 03 2332 9888
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/kualalumpur/traders/

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  1. Whoa, now this is a feast. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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