Vanity Trove + Avène Workshop

It’s time for me to reveal what I’ve received in this month’s Vanity Trove! I can tell you that I was very impressed with the amount of products they’ve managed to packed in the box. Let’s take a look:

Full of goodies!
Full of goodies!

I reckon this might be their best month yet! The theme is “Obsessive Beauty” and it has indeed fed my obsession. I love how they covered hair, skincare and make up at once. I shall divide them into groups.

Hair care:

L'Oréal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque
L’Oréal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque

I’m actually using L’Oréal Professional Vitamino Color at the moment and I do love their products. The Liss Ultime promises to repair and smooth thick rebellious hair. Infused with Oil Incell technology (a combination of Incell and nourishing olive and argan oils), the shampoo will soften and nourish the hair while the masque protects the hair against humidity. Beautiful scent too.

Skin Care:

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream, Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil, Payot Speciale 5 Purifying gel
Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream, Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil, Payot Speciale 5 Purifying gel

My favourite product from this series would be the Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream. It’s deeply moisturizing but non-greasy. My skin absorbs it well and feels supple after applying this. I will probably get the full size next time. The Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil contains Virgin coconut oil with a fruity blend of essential oils. The coconut scent isn’t very apparent (not a bad thing) and it’s perfect for my dry skin especially the problem area. The Payot Purifying gel (2 samples) is included as bonus for filing out my beauty profile on their website. It’s targeted for skin imperfections, containing Melaleuca essential oil and Salicyclic acid, both are known for acne fighting benefits.

Of note I must mention that I have unfortunately lost the Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm, probably in Penang somewhere. Such a shame though as I’ve only used it a couple of times and it’s incredibly rich and moisturising. My dry lips are still moaning the loss.

Make up:

Celeb Lash and Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover
Celeb Lash and Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

If you look closely, you can see pretty purple strands on these false lashes, my favourite colour. Not for daily use but definitely great for stage performances. They are my favourite criss-cross style too. The “stems” are quite soft so should be very comfortable to wear. Can’t wait to try it out. A good make up remover is essential for a girl like me and I’ve tried many varieties: the best formula for me would be oil based remover. This eye makeup remover is not as effective as I’d like (had to use more than one cotton pad per eye) so I shall stick to my current one.

Avène x Vanity Trove Beauty Workshop @ Cafe Barbera
Very few things can lure me out of my Saturday afternoon stupor as I usually work (perform) til late on a Friday night. But last weekend Vanity Trove held a special member event in partnership with Eau Thermale Avène. I’m a fan of the Thermal Spring Water spray and was curious to check out their other products. It turned out to be quite an educational afternoon, with decent coffee at Cafe Barbera (the place smells so much like Melbourne.. must be the lingering coffee aroma)
Specialist for sensitive skin.
Specialist for sensitive skin.

We were told not to wear make up at the event (well, not quite, but we were required to wash our face anyway during the hands-on session), which suited me (extra 15 minutes of sleep, lol).

In short, all Avène products are formulated with Thermal Spring Water from this little French village called Avène (sorry to channel Captain Obvious). Apparently, some 200+ years ago, the villagers discovered the magic of their spring water after observing a horse with a skin condition magically healed after playing in the spring water (sounds rather surreal and almost fairytale-like), from there a water research centre and even a hydrotherapy centre was built. The spring water was found to be beneficial especially to people with sensitive and allergic skin (hello, I’m raising my hand here!). Daily use of their products will not only soothe the skin, also improve conditions like ezcema.

During the hands-on session, we were instructed to first wash our face, soothe with Thermal spring water spray, tone, mask, moisturize and lastly apply sunscreen. We all have different skin types and my best combination of products are as follow:

Avène Micellar Lotion (Cleanser and Remover) – a light formula but effective make up remover however I didn’t have eye make up on to test it.

Avène Gentle Gel Cleanser – Non-foaming formula, non-drying too

Avène Thermal Spring Water – the star of the show, it’s wonderfully soothing.

Avène Gentle Toner – Noticing a lot of gentle stuff here?

Avène Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream – although the texture is light, it’s absorbed quickly and provide enough hydration to my skin.

Avène “Very High Protection” Emulsion – armed with SPF 50+, it’s slightly sticky after application but not annoyingly so.

Besides trying out the products, we also got to take home some of them in a special edition of Vanity Trove, tailored to our skin types (according to our beauty profiles), what a great idea!

Including a full-sized Thermal Spring Water Spray
Including a full-sized Thermal Spring Water Spray
Thank you Avene and Vanity Trove for organising the event! I’m officially a fan of the Thermal Spring Water.
Avène Facebook Page:

Want to receive your own Vanity Trove and enjoy special events as a member? To order the July Edition of Vanity Trove, sign up and subscribe at for monthly subscription fee of RM50 or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options.

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