Capital FM’s 1st Anniversary Party [ADV]

Very few things can lure me out of bed before noon on a Saturday. But last Saturday was special, for it was the celebration of Capital fm’s 1st Anniversary Party. So, even though it was to start at painstaking 11am (for me at least), I dutifully made my way down (or up, to be technically correct) to Bridge Bar, G Tower for join the ladies (and some men) for some cheers.

Capital FM 010
At the registration

The whole place was decked out in beautiful magenta, black and purple, truly a sight for sore eyes. The male models too, I might add (sorry Frank). We even got to put our ‘autographs’ on their bodies… T-Shirt on unfortunately. Hohoho.

Capital FM 021
Did you know that I used to have a phobia for balloons? I’ve outgrown that though.

If you have not heard of Capital FM (Frequency 88.9) yet, you must absolutely tune in. Only a year old, but it has been fast becoming one of the favourite stations amongst the listeners in Klang Valley. It’s unique in its own kind because Capital targets the female population, and it’s all about empowering women. To put it simply “Capital FM is the modern day woman’s information hub with relevant topics and great music”. Personally I really love the music selection, you won’t hear Nicki Minaj here, definitely.

Xandria Ooi (women with many talents), Lynette Ow (the general manager), and the funny woman Joanne Kam
Xandria Ooi (women with many talents), Lynette Ow (the general manager), and the funny woman Joanne Kam

All the announcers on Capital fm are multi-talented; most have already been successful in their respective careers in the entertainment industry prior to joining the team. Xandria is also a TV host, professional Emcee and journalist. Liang (the only male annoucer) is a fabulous singer. Joanne Kam Po Po, as you probably know, is famous for her dirty stand-up comedy.

Back to the party. To reward the listeners, passes to this party were given out on ‘Talk of the Town’ (Mondays to Fridays, 6am to 10am) and ‘The Jam Break’ (Mondays to Fridays, 4pm to 8pm). The ladies are treated to a make-up session (sponsored by Laura Mercier), hair makeover (Miko Hair & Studio Academy), or manicure. I drew the card for make-up session, though I had already done my make-up so all they did was a little magic to highlight my face, and tidied up my eyes.

After the touch up! Got a pic with Xandria.
After the touch up! Got a pic with Xandria too, who’s always looking her best.

I got to know Xandria when I was invited to do an interview with her about my career change. She’s such a fun-loving, witty and straight forward girl. She is also happily married to a talented music producer Mr Yuri Wong. What a combination!

Oh. And food! Bite-size goodies were served along with pretty macarons.

A bit on the unhealthy side but still delicious!
A bit on the unhealthy side but still delicious!

Capital FM’s very own Liang  (The Jam Break) was the Emcee for the day. I didn’t know that he is also quite a crooner, impressed by his rendition of “Love On Top”, joined by Juwita Suwito. Of course, there were some Christmas Carols too.

Chelsia Ng
Chelsia Ng

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Chelsia Ng took over the stage and sang us her two singles “I’m Sorry” and “You and I”. Cute Ukelele! But the highlight of the day has got to be Joanne Kam. Her jokes are both hilarious and wrong at the same time. She even invited the boys on stage for some “fun”. And her idea of fun is definitely not family friendly.

The boys had no idea what they were into.
The boys had no idea what they were into. Hehe

Introducing Yuri Wong, who had a go at some pole dancing.

Sorry, Yuri.
Sorry, Yuri. But the girls enjoyed it. So thanks!

There were lucky draws too. And our very own Miss World Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne was called up to the stage to pick the winners.

Check out those fabulous legs!
Check out those fabulous pins!

The Grand prize was a luxury getaway for 2 to Phuket, with a 4-day 3-night stay at Aleenta Resort with additional RM2000.00 cash for flights. Lucky girl!

What’s a celebration without cakes right? These are particularly pretty.


Have you ever noticed that whenever Happy Birthday is sung at a party, nobody sings in the same key? That aside, it was indeed an eventful day and Capital FM did a great job to keep us entertained. I wish them all the success in the world.

Happy Birthday Capital FM!
Happy Birthday Capital FM!

Check out the report on The Star, because there’s a small mention of myself towards the end. I’m allowed to gloat a bit, right?

I shall sign off this post with a pic of MHBs.

Sarah, Yours Truly, Careen, Jane and Esther
Sarah, Me, Careen, Jane and Esther (Thank you Sarah for the photo!)

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Photo credits to Capital FM. The non DSLR photos are my own.

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