Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers 2nd Anniversary Party: Part 2 [ADV]

Several weeks ago, the Malaysian Hottest Bloggers celebrated the second part of the 2nd Anniversary Party at Vertigo Club KL. The celebration also coincided with Tim Chew’s (Founder of MHB) birthday, so it was an extra special party.

MHB girls with birthday boy Tim Chew

You might be wondering what MHB is all about? Well, it’s an exclusive community of Malaysian female bloggers formed in August 2010 and today is an established digital media platform that has worked with many lifestyle brands in Malaysia. I joined MHB only a few months ago and it sure has been an rewarding experience since.

My date for the night was of course Frank. Who stole Tim's Johnnie Walker Gold ‘Striding Man’ for a picture opportunity.
My date for the night was of course Frank. Who stole Tim’s Johnnie Walker Gold ‘Striding Man’ for a picture opportunity.

Speaking of which, the iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man was created in 1908 by renowned English cartoonist Tom Browne who modeled the appearance after the brand’s founder, grocer John Walker. The Striding Man was drawn moving forward to symbolize Walker’s innovative thinking and never-ending pursuit of greatness.

This year has been a particularly challenging year for me. Freelancing isn’t an easy feat. And from time to time I do miss the previous luxury I had while working a high paying job. Musicians don’t get paid very much locally (or anywhere really, until you make it really big), so I have to do quite a lot of gigs regularly just to pay the bills. Fortunately, the exposure I’ve been getting has helped attracting more jobs and looking back now, I felt that all my efforts have been worth my while.

Just last week I just played one of my biggest gigs with another well-known band in KL named Mad Sally. Seeing fellow musicians putting the extra miles into their work is just so inspiring. 2 more big gigs to go before 2012 finishes!

Anyway, back to the party at Vertigo. The fine whiskey chosen for the night was the Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve.

Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold

It’s best enjoyed with ice (and a little bit of water) to fully appreciate the taste. Starting off with an intense sweetness, followed by the rich and fresh fruitiness, then mellowing out with a lingering softness. Gold Label is definitely suitable for any kind of occasions and celebrations.

Hello, Chelsea!
Hello, Chelsea! I asked for her beauty secrets and turns out it’s just her good genes.
With Esther, Tim and Wilee
With Esther, Tim and Wilee

While mingling around and sipping our liquid gold, there was suddenly a loud cheer coming from the side as Jane walked in with a massive surprise cake adorned with sparkles.

Look at Tim's big grim seeing the surprise cake!
Look at Tim’s big grin.

You know what that means, don’t you?

More photo opportunities, actually.
Patiently waiting for the cake to be distributed, and let’s all scoff upon the people who drink Gold label with coke. *cough* None of those were my legs k?

If you are an aspiring female Malaysian blogger aged 18 and above who would like to be part of our exclusive community do drop MHB a line at Not only you get to attend events like this, you get to meet a whole bunch of girls and who knows, meaningful friendships could blossom.

For your viewing pleasure.
For your viewing pleasure.

For more information and updates, do follow MHB’s exploits at

Let’s squeeze as many people in as possible!

Special thanks to Vertigo KL for being the venue sponsor of the party. Check out their upcoming event on 21 December 2012.

More details on their upcoming event here:


Vertigo Club KL is located at 6th Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

More info at

If you are a brand owner, find out how Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers can help with publicity for your brand by contacting us at

Find out more on Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve at

More photos at credits to Andy Kho.

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