Just Heavenly Cafe at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Just a couple of months ago, we attended the launch of @the5tory and we had a little taste of what Just Heavenly Cafe has to offer, and it’s more than just heavenly cakes. In fact, the menu here is rather extensive so I guess that’s why Nigel invited us back for a proper foodie get together so we could eat til our hearts’ content.

And feast we did, though not without a little game of ice-breaker in the form of writing a short story which turned out to be a psychology test. Ah…. Nigel, always one to make the party interesting. Anyway, there are many dishes to get through, so I best not digress.

 photo IMG_0249.jpg

We started off with this gorgeous looking Char Siew Chicken Salad (RM21). Oh yeah, Just Heavenly is pork free, but fortunately, this chicken char siew was done quite well, with a bit of fatty stuff to make it nice and juicy, good contrast with the grassy green bits.

 photo IMG_0255.jpg

Something a little more common, the Caesar Salad (RM23), which comes with either beef bacon or smoked salmon and a cling wrap poached egg perched on top, nice touch. Good thing is this is dressed very lightly so you don’t accidentally consume too much calories in the process.

 photo IMG_0262.jpg

Can’t say I’ve ever tried Salmon Spring Rolls before. This is a little Japanese inspired perhaps? Priced at RM17 for a good portion. Interesting bite over a chatter.

 photo IMG_0271.jpg

The Fish Fingers come from the Special menu, and these definitely did not come from a box (ahh… the stuff that got me through uni). The flesh is lovely flaky with super crispy crust. I’d gladly have more of these.

 photo IMG_0263.jpg

This is one of the nicest pumpkin soup (RM17) I’ve had lately, full of the natural sweetness of the pumpkin, thick, creamy, and that garlic toast is something else! So good.

 photo IMG_0273.jpg

We then moved on to the main, with this glorious BLT Burger (RM30), made with Prime Aussie Beef, chunky mushroom sauce, lettuce and tomato on toasted sesame seed served with chunky chips and salad with feta cheese. A good classic tasting burger which will definitely fill you up.

 photo IMG_0275.jpg

The Lamb Burghini (love the name) is Greek inspired. I love Greek Food, but unfortunately, I don’t eat lamb so I had to skip this.

 photo IMG_0279.jpg

The Curryeggy (RM26) looks the most interesting. Egg, Flaky Puff Pastry, Chicken Filling, Curry Sauce. A very hearty combo, best to be shared. Love the crispy curry leaves for that aromatic bite.

 photo IMG_0293.jpg

The One That Got Away is another item on Special. Made just like the proper Fish & Chips in Australia/UK. I think they used Cod for this but my memory is failing me so this is a wild guess.

And it’s not the end yet! We were fed few more dishes in the form of pasta.

 photo IMG_0285.jpg

First the Crab Aglio Olio (RM32). The angel hair is a touch soft for my liking, but the flavours were spot on.

 photo IMG_0287.jpg

Here the Carbonara is served with Penne for a change. Comes with plenty of mushrooms and beef bacon, this is quite creamy and cheesy. Definitely the ultimate guilty pleasure.

 photo IMG_0297.jpg

I saved the best for last. The Linguine Pesto (RM30) is delicious! I’m also slightly biased because Linguine is my favourite shape of pasta. But the pesto here is delightfully aromatic, and I like how they top it with plenty of greens.

Finally, with what little stomach space we had, it was time for desserts.

 photo IMG_0301.jpg

A high tea set! I’m fully stuffed at this point so didn’t try everything.

 photo IMG_0290.jpg

The Play it again Sam, which we also had last time. A tribute to the late Samantha Schubert, Malaysian Actor and Model, this cake is a delicious triple decker melange of Bananas, Strawberries, and Chocolate all topped with fresh cream.

 photo IMG_0292.jpg

The Rainbow Cheesecake is fun to look at, with no compromise on taste. Thanks to Kevin I rarely get to savour cheesecakes and I definitely appreciated this.

Phew! That was a lot of food! I’m hungry again looking at these pictures and I think I need to return for some of those Linguine Pesto (and the Curryeggy) Thank you, Nigel, for the fantastic hospitality once again!

Just Heavenly Cafe
3rd Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur
10am-10pm daily

Jaya One branch
Genting Skyavenue
10am to 10pm

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    I want that crab aglio!

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