Alainn Clinic – BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Fat Removal Therapy Part 2

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about my first visit to Alainn Clinic for my Vanquish Treatment courtesy of BTL Aesthetics. Well time flies and I’ve managed to complete 6 treatments in 6 weeks, which is within the recommended amount of sessions.

For those who missed out of my first post, I was recommended this treatment by my boss Tim of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers who also went through the same treatment, as I’ve casually mentioned on my social media I’ve gained quite a bit of happy weight lately. Vanquish is indicated for people like me who has that extra stubborn bit of weight hanging around problem areas such as tummy and thighs.

The clinic I was introduced was Alainn Clinic, a beautifully designed place to reflect the work they do, and of course to provide their clients utmost comfort. Every time I visited, I was greeted warmly and never had to wait too long for my turn. It also has a couple of seating areas completed with beverage station.


Alainn Clinic is equipment with a few treatment rooms, and you can check out their website for a range of services they offer. And of course, I’m only gonig to focus on my weight loss journey with Vanquish:

The Vanquish System

Vanquish is a body contouring device that uses focused radio frequency (RF) waves to heat and breakdown fat cells without damaging adjacent muscles and skin. It is designed to work on problematic midsection areas (abdomen and love handles) for people who are in good overall health. It’s non-invaise, as the applicator never comes in contact with the skin, and the fat is removed through natural apoptosis, and there is no downtime for this treatment. It’s however not suitable for obese people as you can imagine.

During the treatment, there’s no specific preparation apart from wearing comfortable clothings and removing metals from your body (needless to say, having a pacemaker is a contraindication). Generally, this treatment is quite tolerable, the most you’ll feel is a little bits of sharp, burning sensations as your fat cells are heated by Radiofrequency waves. Personally, I prefer to feel something because that means the treatment is working! It can get quite warm too, so I would advise wearing lighter clothing for the treatment. The staff here will try to make the process as relaxing as possible with dimming the light when they leave you alone, and even give you a choice of putting a movie on to distract yourself.

So here’s an image of my stats througout the treatment:


For those who don’t believe I’ve put on weight: the numbers don’t lie! I was nearly 60kg when I started, granted I only lost 1kg in after 5 treatments but I think it’s still progress! Here’s another one with my measurements:


You can see a slight reduction in size overall.

But I guess it’s still easier to see it via photos:


My waist is definitely a bit more prominent after. And abs a little more obvious. Those are not moles, btw, just a little marks for measuring.

It’s good to see that there’s some reduction after 5 treatments, the fat cells will need further time to be eliminated for my body and up to now, I still have little lumps from the treatment. So once those are gone, we can know the actual results. Which is why I’m going back to the clinic for a follow up in 2 weeks time. Will keep you all posted for sure.

Good new for you! If you want to get rid of your unwanted fat, here’s your chance!


Year End Sale Promo:
Vanquish Full Package (20% OFF) :
RM 6,400 for 6 sessions
(Normal Price : RM 8,000 for 6 sessions) 

*First session must begin from:
1ST DEC 2015 – 15TH FEB 2016

For all CIMB and Maybank cardholders, we are now pleased to inform you that the 0% Installment Planare NOW AVAILABLE in Alainn Medispa!

Alainn Clinic is located at:

J-G-5 Jalan SS7/26,
Park Lane Commercial Hub,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Telephone: 03-78028099 or 0122710301
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9.30am – 6.00pm.

More info on BTL Aesthetics at

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