TGV Indulge, 1 Utama

If you love your movies and wouldn’t mind enjoying your favourite show with that extra dose of luxury, you might want to give TGV indulge a go. I generally do love going to the cinemas (given that I have time) but to be honest I prefer to be able to stretch out on a comfortable sofa (preferably while snuggling up with Kevin), and normal cinemas just lacks that comfort factor. However, after enjoying our session at TGV Indulge, I wouldn’t mind doing this more often, making this a special date night thing.
The reception/private ticketing counter is easy to spot with its pretty purple hue. Looking especially posh, you’ll feel like a VIP walking through the glass door. You can get your tickets through the counter, then proceed to the lounge to chill while waiting for your movie. The lounge also doubles as a restaurant serving pretty good food (we’ll get to that in a moment) and some drinks too, accompanied by soft lighting and jazzy tunes.
The dining tables, complete with white table cloth, arranged in such a way that there are sufficient lighting from the hanging lamps projecting to each of them, and I also like the beautifully patterned walls. Generally, the ambience is pretty relaxed with a touch of class, nice for a date or maybe girls night out.
We were served our welcome drink (mocktail) while waiting for everyone else in the group to arrive (it was a Malaysian Hottest Bloggers outing with us bringing along our plus ones).
The restaurant itself is open to all even if you don’t plan to watch a movie, but of course, why not go for the whole experience? Let me tell you more about the cinema itself first.
Corridor leading up to the cinema halls
There are 2 cinema halls fitted with large reclining sofas and personalised call-waiter service, accommodating up 72 pax (32 and 40 respectively). Of course, group bookings are welcome and it seems to be quite a trend now to book the whole hall to yourself. As a bonus, there are also blankets provided for that extra comfort, and you’ll be able to enjoy food/drinks in the hall by just calling the waiter by pressing the call button (separate charges, of course), which is the best part.
Check out the large couple sofa, complete with blankets, and you can see the call button just on the handle next to the individual table.
Before we proceed to the movie, we enjoyed quite a feast at the restaurant. Surprisingly, the food is priced quite reasonably here and the quality of the dishes is definitely above average, which makes for a pleasant dining experience. Let’s take a look at the dishes, shall we?
Oven Roasted Tomato Soup RM14

Generally I don’t really hold high expectations when I’m served thick soup, but I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh the Oven Roasted Tomato Soup tasted, with just the right amount of sweetness and piquancy, there’s even bits of crab in there too, which elevated the umaminess. Nice!

Meatballs (RM16)

The Meatballs come doused with a herb gravy and pico de gallo to cut through the richness. Tender, meaty and well-seasoned, these are pretty good pairing with beer.

Speaking of which, you can also order beers (bottled only) while dining out, or even inside the hall. Would be even perfect if they start selling wine too. Imagine hanging out with the girls over champagne.

Butter Mushroom Tempura RM14

I can never resist deep fried mushrooms and these ones have a hint of curry which is a nice surprise. Love the presentation too.

Rocket & Fruits RM18

This salad is pretty simple, with Rocket leaves, nuts, poached grape & mango with roasted sesame dressing. I enjoyed the sweet and savoury combo and sesame dressing makes any salad tastes good really.

Pan Baked Mango Chicken RM26

Pairing mango with Chicken is pretty clever and nice touch for using sweet potato fries for a less starchy meal.

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki RM32

This was my favourite dish of the night, not surprisingly. It’s also impressive that they cooked the salmon just the way it should be, slightly underdone in the centre for that extra tenderness. The side dishes are safe, asparagus, garlic mash potato and sauteed mushrooms, but nonetheless satisfying.

Slow-Cooked Seafood Rice RM38

The Seafood rice is also pretty good, with each grain of rice soaking up the delicious tomato based gravy and fresh bouncy seafood to complement the meal.

Grilled Lamb Rack RM48

The lamb rack is also cooked to perfection, slightly pink in the center thus lovely to chew. It’s served with potato puff, provencale vegetables and a sweet chili mint sauce.

We ended up having our dessert (brownie lollipop) in the cinema hall which is why there isn’t a picture. Kevin had it on my behalf because I can’t touch chocolate and needless to say, he was glad to have BOTH portions.

Even though the movie choice of that night was honestly not the best (Fantastic 4, yes I can hear some of you sighing already), we enjoyed the overall experience especially the spacious sofa (comfortable enough for me to fall asleep, even; and that’s saying something). The size of the hall is large yet intimate enough for a group outing. I can imagine a nice wedding proposal being carried out too, the possibilities are endless! Like I said, we’ll definitely do it again for a date night.

Indulge is open from 11.00am with movie tickets priced at RM45 (meals not included, of course). TGV Indulge is also available for corporate and private functions with food and beverage catering services provided, and is a novel space for functions or events like press conferences, product launches, company dinners etc etc.

More info on TGV Indulge is available at

For more information on Indulge, go to

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