Lighting It Up With Belvedere Vodka

Several weekends ago, an invitation landed in my inbox and it was none other than Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, bringing the second installation of the “Light the Night” party series to the skylines of Kuala Lumpur. And where would that be? The bar with the best view of KL Skyline of course. Sky bar at Traders Hotel has always been one of my favourite night spots so this was the biggest selling point for us deciding to attend the party.

Pretty in blue.

The whole sky bar is decked up with captivating blue lights and traces of the signature Belvedere Trees in white hues within the glass panels of SkyBar, overlooking the city’s stunning skyline. Some illuminated Belvedere Vodka bottles are seen at the corners of the bars as well, ensuring picture-perfect moment anytime.

Spot the Belvedere Bears.

Girls decked out in sexy white corset fitted with LED light.

Not so picture perfect was me with my sepet eyes, holding on to the welcome drink (and the love of my life).

We were greeted with a choice of one of Sky Bar’s signature Belvedere Vodka cocktails; Lychee Rose Martini, Mata D’or, Caprioska or Cosmopolitan made exclusively by Elvis Sun, Skybar’s seasoned mixologist. Personally I loved the Lychee Rose Martini the best (easy choice for me), and thoguht the Mata D’or was super strong with the addition of Red bull (one Kevin is holding).

Photobooth with a twist (literally)

There is a unique interative light motion photography zone set up at the entrance for us to capture our memories, although shame we forgot to collect our pic as we were too busy catching up with fellow party people.

With Umei and our Uber cool Eye Gear

Pleasantly surprised to see Umei and Jo as a catch up was long overdue. So we joined their table, sip on our Belvedere/Cranberry mix (foregoing the cocktails at this point for maximum enjoyment) and talked about our lives.

Actually, the goggles look even cooler in the dark:

Powered by HTC DesireEye

Our attention was drawn to the dance floor at the party officially began.

Trippy and awesome at the same time.

Specially designed for this party, the light “poi” performance parades a variety of geometric patterns played as the opening act of the night. Showcasing Belvedere’s bold creativity through the stunning performance, these creative rhythmic light movements were traced through the air as the baton changed colours in perfect sync; reflecting the spirit and light of Belvedere Vodka.

DJ Alexis Grace

The gorgeous DJ Alexis Grace took the decks next. A big name which has been making waves in the local party scene, DJ Alexis Grace took no time at all to get the crowd pumping with her knack for Melbourne bounce and electric dance music.

Check out the amount of people on the dance floor grooving as DJ Alexis Grace spinned.

It was all very exciting too to see the sparklers attached to the bottle as the girls presented to the party goers.

Generally, the atmosphere was fun, chilled and we were glad to see some familiar faces, VIPs and socialites alike. It was a great execution of Belvedere’s commitment to style and the good life, and let’s just say we both had enough Belvedere for maybe a month. T’was a great Friday night out indeed.

Thank you Belvedere Vodka for a fabulous party!

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  1. Cool, thank you very much for the review of Belvedere Vodka, you helped me a lot.

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