Hwan by Chakri, Midvalley Megamall

Thai food seems to be all the craze in Klang Valley all the sudden, with a few new additions sprouting up everywhere. Of these, Hwan by Chakri (obviously run by the same Chakri Palace people) stands out with a slightly different concept. The owner created this concept after her visit to Thailand. There she met Chef McDang, a celebrity food expert, who brought her to sample some amazing Thai food and desserts and this inspired her to open Hwan.

A giant mountain of Mee Krob (a sweet savoury fried noodle snack) by the eye catching logo.

Yes, it’s only a kiosk, which caters to shoppers who wants a quick bite to recharge after shopping til they almost drop. I think the location is quite strategic, as it’s right in front of the McDonalds, and this Chinese herbal hall which I can never name (is it Eu Yang Seng?). Hwan actually means Sweet in Thai, so you will expect a small variety of sweet treats, but fret not for those without a sweet tooth as they also offer some delectable thai snacks. In fact, let’s start with the savoury items.

Mieng Kham

A fun thai snack, Mieng Kham consists of ingredients like dried shrimp, chili, lime, roasted peanuts and a thick palm syrup sauce flavoured with herbs and fish sauce, wrapped in a leaf so you can imagine the complexity of the flavours. A great appetiser.

Som Tam (RM5.90) Green Papaya Salad

Som Tam is my favourite Thai dish and what’s not too love? It’s crunchy, citrusy, spicy, slightly sweet and definitely umami with the addition of fish sauce and dried shrimps. Best still, it’s a steal at only RM5.90 for that big portion.

Som Tum Mamuang (Green Mango Salad)

The Green mango version has slightly less crunchy but nonetheless packs a punch of flavours. Both salads are made on the spot, so freshness is guaranteed.

Thai Fish Cakes

The Fish cakes, however, had to be heated up in a microwave which explains the slight rubbery-ness. It’s also a little on the salty side. I would stick to the salads for sure.

Mango with Sticky Rice

Mango with Sticky Rice is probably the most well-known Thai dessert and although I’m not a fan of sticky rice as dessert, I managed to steal a couple of slices of that sweet, sweet mango.

Sticky Rice Ice Cream with Red Ruby.

I’m not familiar with Red ruby so I have no point of reference but my first impression was pretty good.

Durian Sticky Rice Ice Cream

I dug into this not knowing it was Durian and had a shock when I tasted it. Durian lovers should give it a go as it’s strong!

Tab Tim Grob (Rubies in Coconut Milk)

More rubies, this time served with a thick coconut milk concoction. It’s refreshing enough, and they used smoked coconut milk which has an intriguing aroma, an acquired taste.

Everything served at Hwan by Chakri is RM10, a rarity these days when it comes to Thai food. I know I will be going there if I have my Som Tam craving!

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  1. suituapui says:

    I love Thai! But I’ve never tried that one that’s wrapped in leaves, the Mieng Kham. Sure hope to do that some day. No more Thai places here. 😦

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