Hotel Review: Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Ever since Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral opens its door to the public earlier this year, I have been there numerous times for events, dinners, and even work (gigs). Safe to say I have a special soft spot for this hotel. The icing on the cake would be when Amanda extended a Staycation invite for us.

Infused with the DNA of the hip and cool W hotels, Aloft KL Sentral is designed to cater to the modern traveller: the tech savvy Gen Y. One obvious feature is the free WiFi throughout the hotel (the most important factor for me when I book hotels). The decor might take a little time to get used to if you prefer the “Old World” design, as some had pointed out that the lobby looks a little like an airport with the industrial theme. Yet it’s brightened up by vibrant pop-up colours throughout. The location of Aloft hotel is another bonus, as it’s right next to the KL Sentral with the airtrain link to KLIA, it’s perfect for travellers who wants convenience.

"Cool Concierge"
“DJ Booth” Check in counter

Our check in process was smooth and we went up to 25th Floor to check out our room. The elevators are completed with a small screen playing current Top 40s (mostly Katy Perry’s Roar, I think I still have that song stuck in my head)

Aloft's signature platform beds
Aloft’s signature platform beds

I like the cool colour scheme and they injected a touch of humour in the form of local art hanging above the head.


The room also comes with 42″ LCD TV (no doubt that was Frank’s favourite feature), a working desk (for me to blog), and one other thing that really impressed the night owl in me: black out curtain. Of course I know that’s not new but I specially like the complete black out in the morning.

Bathroom (Spot me in the mirror)

Even though the door of the actual bathroom is of opaque glass (seems to be the trend these days), the whole area can be completed closed as there’s another wooden door. I like how spacious the bathroom is. Opposite the bathroom, there’s tea/coffee making facility, a closet and some relevant magazines. See the music note on the bathroom door? It’s a small reminder for the travellers that there is a live band on Friday nights at the W XYZ bar (I have performed there before too).

Purple, my favourite colour
Purple, my favourite colour

The oversized showerhead packs plenty of water pressure.

w xyz bar with "The Light Fantastic" duo
W XYZ bar with “The Light Fantastic” duo

The live act goes in line with the Aloft hotel theme; this fantastic duo liven up the bar every Friday with Top 40 hits. This was actually taken the week before our stay for the “Live at Aloft Hotels” MTV Asia Collaboration Launch. Aloft hotels is now paired with MTV Asia to promote local up-and-coming music talents who will perform at the “Live at Aloft Hotels” showcase at W XYZ bar across China, India, Malaysia and Thailand. The collaboration will provide an enhanced Aloft guest experience with live music access while on-the-go. Specifically, travellers can access the MTV Asia website to learn about the performers’ bio and check out their photos and videos. Take a look now at

As W XYZ mainly caters for Happy Hours, party goers may consider going up to 30th floor where Tiki Themed Mai Bar is situated. We actually spent our first night away from the hotel so we didn’t get to check it out. However I have actually been there a few times for several events. We did check out Splash (the pool) the next day though.

Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool

Yeah, it was raining rather heavily but there were a couple of brave souls still in the pool. We played safe and went for drinking.

Now, I’m sure you all want to know about food, right? There is Nook, which is the main dining hub for Aloft KL with A la Carte dishes and buffets (breakfast, lunch, dinner). We also utilised the room service well, starting from our first night.

Frank's vegetarian sandwich
Frank’s vegetarian sandwich

I have to say that the food in general is pretty good at Aloft. Frank was definitely a happy boy devouring this rye sandwich. Though as a result of staying up super late, we missed our complimentary breakfast buffet and slept til noon (nothing out of the ordinary for us, however). Eating before noon is abnormal for us! Anyway, we did wander down to Nook for our lunch and decided to go A la Carte.

Salmon "Cocktail"
Salmon “Cocktail”

The menu is sizable with sufficient Vegetarian and Paleo friendly options. My Salmon dish is perfect for a light lunch, though for RM21, I think a little more leaves won’t hurt.

Another vegetarian sandwich for Frank.
Another vegetarian sandwich for Frank.

A Ciabatta version of vegetarian sandwich. Filling but not as tasty as the room service version.

Frank checking out the alcoholic beverages at re:fuel by Aloft.
Frank checking out the alcoholic beverages at re:fuel by Aloft.

The mini bar in the room is actually empty, but there are plenty of food and beverage to purchase from re:fueal by Aloft, and it operates 24/7 too. The selection of food is quite decent, including their signature truffle mac n cheese.

Spot my instagram and twitter postings
Spot my instagram and twitter postings

Another cool feature is the big board by the lounge, next to W XYZ. Jenn of Chasingfooddreams and I had fun spamming the “wall” for sure. Just tag #aloftkls whenever you post a picture at Aloft KL. (Now don’t go spamming the wall, yeah)

Nook, buffet spread.
Nook, buffet spread.

The next day, we forced ourselves to wake up for breakfast. And I decided to make it a cheat day (for Paleo) and had Sarawak Laksa. Breakfast is served buffet-style in Nook between 6.30am to10.30am daily.

Sarawak Laksa sans Prawns.
Sarawak Laksa sans Prawns.

Unfortunately, Kyspeaks took all the prawns before me so mine looks a little sad. But the broth was thick and spicy! Almost a little bit too spicy for breakfast. I still prefer A la Carte option because the toppings are fresher.

Other items I tried.
Other items I tried.

There are also things like yogurts, muesli, dim sum, muffins, nasi lemak, mee goreng, croissants and fresh fruit.I liked the frittata and mini croissant but didn’t bother to pick up any sweet stuff. We went back to the room to nap for a little while more before checking out. Wonderful stay, thank you Aloft Hotel.

It’s relatively easy to get a cab here although we only sticks to MyTeksi app. It would be useful if Aloft is actually listed on the app though because we have to manually type in Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 etc.

Thank you Aloft KL Sentral for a wonderful weekend! Check out my review of Nook and Mai Bar here. For Nook’s MIGF 2013 review click here.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
No 5 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2723-1188

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy Tong says:

    errr the room loook bit empty….I expect the room to look very comfy…and no bath tub…

    1. kellysiew says:

      Comfy for us for sure as we both slept very well both nights. 🙂 I have a bath tub at home and have never used it. I guess it suits a specify type of people.

  2. kenhuntsfood says:

    I like the pool! It must be awesome to have a morning dip in that pool!

    1. kellysiew says:

      Yeah, although if you swim too near to the edge it gets a little bit scary.

  3. suituapui says:

    Lovely place, great food…lots of people blogging about it, it seems. I do wish they could make the stage a little bit bigger for the performers. Looks like they may just fall over the edge anytime. 😀

    1. kellysiew says:

      When I was performing there there was no platform. I think it’s pretty cute la

  4. The Yum List says:

    I was hoping for pics of you guys boogying away to the Dance Off game on the Wii in the lobby. 😉

    1. kellysiew says:

      Well, Frank can’t dance!

  5. Baby Sumo says:

    This is a great hotel, affordable and love the public spaces.

    1. kellysiew says:

      Yah, good to see them doing well too

  6. libishski says:

    LOL @ durian sign.

    Wi-fi is very important to me when travelling so will check this place out if I’m ever in KL 🙂

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