WeChat TV Commercial Launch at Neverland [ADV]

Last Tuesday at Neverland, WeChat, a mobile phone chat app, threw a big party for a large group of bloggers from all walks of life. It was to officiate the launch of their new local TV commercial, featuring 2 Malaysian personalities Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam.

If you own a smartphone, you have probably heard of WeChat. It was developed and first launched in China. Initially launched as WeiXin in 2011, it was rebranded as WeChat just a year ago and has now gathered over 300 million users worldwide.

So how is it different to the existing communication apps such as the widely popular Whatsapp, Line, Viber to name a few? Well, apart from the convenience of text messaging, hold to talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging (one to many), video-chat, photo/video sharing, location sharing the contact information exchange, it also supports social networking via shared streaming content ffeeds and location-based social plug-ins (“Shake”, “Look Around”, and “Drift Bottle”).

Posing with the WeChat Speech Bubble Plushie.
Posing with the WeChat Speech Bubble Plushie.

Formality aside, the party was filled with special performances, a substantial buffet line and games to keep us entertained. Mr Poshu Yeung, vice president of Tencent International Business (company behind WeChat) gave a welcoming speech to all, followed by the showcase of the TV Commercial.

I honestly did not expect such a huge turnout, the ‘club’ was rather packed with very little space for us to move about. I spotted quite a lot of familiar faces but was pretty much stationed at the corner doing my people watching. The food was standard buffet fare though these did catch my eyes.

WeChat Cupcakes. Nice touch.
WeChat Cupcakes. Nice touch.

There was nothing to shout about the performances except I think Mr Awi Rafael has a pretty unique voice. Just didn’t like the way he said he would have brought his Jay Chou minus one since there were many “Chinese friends” in the audience. Malay songs are perfectly fine.

Vivian Chua and Henley Hii having a chat with Rudy after their performance.
Vivian Chua and Henley Hii having a chat with Rudy after their performance.

I did not know these 2 local artists which is probably very ignorant of me. Have to say their performances weren’t that memorable (harmonies were totally out during their duet). Maybe they would do better singing their own songs.

Daniel Wong: Lead singer/keyboardist of local band Wanted Symphony, collab soon!
Daniel Wong: Lead singer/keyboardist of local band Wanted Symphony, collab soon! Photo by Jaz Khai

Pretty sure Daniel would have been a better choice for the stage. This guy can really sing!

Obligatory girly photo.
Obligatory girly photo. Photo by Tim Chew

What do you do when you are surrounded by bloggers? Well, let’s just say most of the attendees were busy with our cameras.

Here's another one!
I got all my sisters with me. From Left: Chelsea, Naomi, Stephanie. Photo by Tim Chew again.

After the games and some lucky draws (and witnessing Rudy trying to flirt with Brigette Yu, failing miserably *facepalm*) the party ended with DJ SykoGroove on the deck.

WeChat is now available on iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices (first the only social messaging application available on all major mobile platform) and is supported on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G date networks.

More info on WeChat at:

Official Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/wechatmalaysia
Official Website : www.wechat.com

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  2. thammelissa says:

    Happening event! I’ve just downloaded the wechat…*slow me* :-p

    1. kellysiew says:

      Most of my friends are still using whatsapp anyway, I use WeChat for news and jokes from some official accounts.

  3. TheJessicat says:

    I had a good time there, catching up with lotsa friends! Didn’t see u there hun!

    1. kellysiew says:

      I was hiding at a corner. Lol

  4. heard a good crowd that night, I didnt make it due to another event clash…. 🙂

    1. kellysiew says:

      Probably a bit too many people to be comfortable but pretty good night.

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