The Pinnacle of H-Artistry Event Report etc

The finale of Hennessy Artistry for 2012 has come and gone. Held at MIECC just like last year, there were more than 4000 party people under the same roof. We endured a hellish traffic jam getting there, made worse by the heavy downpour. Despite being urged by the organisors to not drive (they even blocked off the parking at MIECC), most still did and opted to park at the nearby shopping centre. Tsk tsk tsk, whatever happens to responsible drinking?

Soda for me, Ginger for Frank

Surprisingly, we got there way before our friends did and the two of us spent a good half an hour roaming around checking out the venue. Of course, after a stressful taxi-ride, we made a beeline to the bar for the Hennessy long drinks.

With Ashleigh and Chelsea

Bumped into these 2 gorgeous ladies at the entrance, love the sexy corset, Ashleigh! If you think Chelsea looked familiar, you might have seen her on TV! My outfit was a recycled one (having worn it a couple of time on stage etc), a gold sequined number by one of my favourite Australian Designer, Ruth Tarvydas.

Obligatory shot with Frank 🙂

The Art of Mixing Zone (aka the chill out/waiting area) was packed with fury of activities. Smack bang in the middle there was the famed 360 Cam with perpetually long queue. We had our turn however I’m still waiting for Hennessy Malaysia to upload that video! *hint hint* Fret not as photo opportunities were aplenty. Sometimes I think we spend more time taking photos than actually partying. *Ponders*

With Karen and Chenelle

We were one of the first bunch of people to walk in the Zone O and I’m glad we did too, as it got crowded pretty quickly. The spot we picked was rather strategic, comfortable, nice and close to the bar (very important). The thing with KL party scene is that you’ll always bump into the same familiar faces, but that’s not a complaint at all.

The East Malaysians + Benjamin 😛

Sarawakian girls reunited! Anna had this really cool flashing ‘ice cube’ in her glass, must find out how to get one!

The MHB Girls, all dressed to the nines.

Always cool to hang out with a huge bunch of girls etc.

The stage was setup right in the centre, providing a 360 degree view, a refreashing idea. Although the position of our zone gave us the view of the ‘back’ of the stage. No worries, there were huge LED screen atop for easier viewing. I didn’t care much for Block B as I’m rather out-of-loop when it comes to K-Pop scene, but their performance was quite energetic and had the crowd going crazy. Shame we couldn’t hear much of the singing as the music drowned their voices out. Nevermind, we were there to see Alexandra Burke!

X-factor Winner in action

Photo courtesy of Hennessy Malaysia, otherwise you could only enjoy the view of her behind. Lovely behind, anyhow. After listening to her live performance, I much prefer her ballads. It is indeed not an easy task to dance and sing at the same time. Love her voice anyway!

We didn’t stay there long enough to for Evol (a korean girl group), DJ Havana Brown and Starkillers. It was getting late and Cinderella must return home. By that time we both had plenty of ETOH in our system so off we went to chill out a little at the Art of Mixing Zone for some complementary mineral water. But before that, last photo of course.

Chelsea again!

It would have been the perfect night, if not for the transportation issues. It was a good idea to have Party taxis and Party Shuttles implemented for an Alcohol event, but I think Hennessy Malaysia should have warned us that the party taxis would be charging us higher rates than usual. From home to MIECC it was RM45 (with some ridiculous RM12 booking fee). We were asked to fork out RM57 for our way home even after the RM20 rebate. The taxi fare calculator told us our journey should not cost more than RM45 with afterhours charges. Needless to say, Sunlight taxis must have made a huge profit that night. Next time, I’ll stick to myteksi app instead.

Thank you Hennessy Malaysia for the exclusive invites, the party itself was pretty well-organised and the masses definitely enjoyed the free-flow Hennessy. Looking forward to the next one! If you would like to score invites for the next one, keep checking for updates on future H-Artistry events slated for 2013.

Photo credits:  Hennessy Malaysia, Dusty Hawk, Chenelle, Ah Bok, and Benjamin Foo.

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