Melbourne Culinary Journey: Birdman Eating

Birdman Eating is another restaurant that I have read about several times and had not the chance the visit previously. Situated in Fitzroy, a suburb that Frank has developed a soft spot for, the name comes from the famous Birdman rally during Moomba festival held yearly in Melbourne. If you don’t know about the Birdman rally, read it up, it’s hilarious!

The night before we visited Birdman eating, Frank and I was invited to a members only club Candela Nuevo and got a little carried away with the Whisky tasting. As a result we both overslept the next morning. Feeling a little fragile, we first ran around the city for errands (I did the errands, Frank just made frequent stops to take photos). Having browsed through urbanspoon, I’ve decided to take us to Birdman Eating which serves all day brunch until 5pm.

By the time we actually got to the cafe (tram, walking, tram, more walking) it was nearly 3pm. It was a little too cold to sit outside, so we chose the seats along the window instead.

The menu of Birdman Eating is clearly divided into 2 sections. One for Brunch, and the other Shared plates. The first thing that grabbed my attention was of course the baked eggs. They have their daily combinations on the special board and I don’t really know what possessed me to ordered the one with lamb stew, might be the cold weather. Anyway, Frank ordered the Welsh Rarebit and we ordered the Confit Kipfler Potatoes with Chilli salt and Vanilla Aioli to share.

Adorable Bird latte art

The coffees arrived first, of course. Frank has been shocked by the amount of coffee I’ve consumed during this trip. But hey, good coffee is hard to come by here! Couldn’t really fault the latte, it was robust and smooth, perfect temperature too.

Lamb Stew Baked Eggs

My gorgeous looking Baked Eggs with Lamb Stew arrived in a little pan, still sizzling hot. I expected a full flavour explosion being lamb, a strong flavoured protein, but it didn’t really come. As expected though, the lamb was gamey with a tinge of rosemary (not enough), accompanied by red capsicum and celery which was quite necessary to cut through the meatiness. Unfortunately, there was just a bit too much lamb for me and it got a little difficult for me to finish halfway through. The eggs were perfectly cooked when the dish first came but did become more firm later as they continue to cook. It’s passable, but not something I’d order again. I think I will go with the vegetarian option if there’s a next time.

Pretty Welsh Rarebit

I like the look of this. But I didn’t get to try it because Frank finished it so fast! According to him it was ‘perfection’ and tasted like every bit the Welsh Rarebit is expected to be. Sinfully cheesy. The addition of onion gives it a little ‘zing’. Worth coming back for. #likeaboss

Confit Kipler Potatoes with Chili Salt and Vanilla Aioli

I’ve always loved the waxy nature of kipler potatoes. The potatoes were seasoned well and almost crispy outside. The vanilla aioli sounds a bit strange at first but it didn’t exactly taste like what I thought it might be, dessert like. It was aromatic yet light, with just a hint of sweetness and I use it on the bread which came with my baked eggs dish (ditching the block of butter). A winner.

The service was efficient enough but I must say though the girl who served us didn’t really know the menu well, it got a little awkward when she went umm-ing and errr-ing. Forgivable, she might be new. Otherwise, this place is still worth a visit, just maybe skip the lamb stew if you are not a lamb lover (I’m an idiot) and try the other baked eggs instead. Or you know, other brunch dishes, I’m liking the sound of Red Quinoa Porridge, and the El Grande Celdo. Next time!

Birdman Eating on Urbanspoon

All photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy s2, again.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    It was the best cure in the world after that night at Candela Nuevo. Coffee was superb. And I liked the whole buzz, they even had the music perfect.

    Would recommend to anyone. The fried potato snacky thing was superb. Often these snacky things are too oily to contemplate in some places where they just bathe everything in oil.

    Only Minus: No Ketchup. But that’s a tiny sin.

  2. Frank says:

    One of the most inventine names ever too.

  3. I’ve heard so many good things about Birdman eating ~ But last time I went I was really disappointed…service was bad and the food wasn’t great. Glad you guys really enjoyed the food though I should probably go try again 😀 maybe they just had a bad day when I went hehe ~

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