AFF Taiwan: Oyster Omelette 蚵仔煎

Phew.... another crazy week has gone by and can't believe this is already the end of August! Today is also Malaysia's Independence Day and I basically spent the whole day recuperating in bed. Well, and cook, of course. And since this is the last day for the Taiwan leg of Asian Food Fest, I better... Continue Reading →


MFF KL Selangor: Fish Head (Fillet) Noodles

Sunday afternoon, alone at home, knackered from all the exciting activities all week (catering for 50 pax is probably something I will think harder before committing next time), what better than a soothing bowl of noodles with soup? That was my lunch today and it sure hit all the right spots. This is something that... Continue Reading →

Penang MFF: Char Kueh Tiaw

I have only been to Penang a handful of times and all I remember (with the exception of most recently trip when we just went in and out for a gig) was how much I ate each time. But I'll say my very first trip there back in 2009 was the most "filling". Here are... Continue Reading →

Bintulu/Sibu Trip and Giveaway!

Last week we did a whirlwind trip to Bintulu and Sibu, because we were to celebrate my paternal grandma's 80th birthday in Sibu. For clarification purposes, I come from a mixed Foochow (paternal) and Teochew (Maternal) heritage. Most of my Foochow relatives reside in Sibu, and Teochew relatives pretty much everywhere (Bintulu, Miri, Kuala Lumpur,... Continue Reading →

Teochew Style Steamed Halibut

Hello!! I'm back from Melbourne and it was a whirlwind trip! Rehearsals, catch ups, filming, studio recording and managed to sneak a few glasses of wine in between. Needless to say, I ate tons of food (which will be blogged about in due time). To those who complain about the miserable cold weather, you might... Continue Reading →

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