Oriental Chinese Restaurant Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Dim Sum and Mooncake Launch

Ever since we’ve gone low carb, Dim Sum is no longer as fun as it used to be. So what would I do if I were to eat dim sum for a food review? Bring along a partner who can take it for the team and only touch the meat and vegetables haha. Anyway we visited Oriental Chinese Restaurant Pullman Bangsar a couple of weeks ago to sample their dim sum menu as well as be a part of their Mooncake launch.

The Dim Sum market is super competitive amongst hotels and being pork free, you have to bring it to the next level with good quality seafood to compensate. And I think this restaurant did a fairly good job at that especially with their innovative dishes.


Chef Ng Meng Loong mans the kitchen here and is responsible for these handcrafted dim sum specialties. Let’s start with some of the more traditional items:

 photo IMG_20180713_125654.jpg

Marinated Chicken Meat With Crushed Salted Egg Yolk 金沙鷄肉賣. With these Siu Mai it’s easy for me to strip the skin to eat. The filling is juicy, savoury especially with those salted egg yolk on top.

 photo IMG_20180713_125331.jpg

Australian Scallop And Shrimps Dumplings 原粒澳带餃. Another one that I could eat without the skin, the scallops are so lovely, perfected steamed to remain that little tenderness.

 photo IMG_20180713_125954.jpg

Chicken And Prawn Dumpling With Cordyceps Flower And Black Garlic 虫草花黑蒜賣. Love the herbaceous aroma of the cordyceps flower integrating with the sweetish garlic. The prawn bits are quite prominent too, providing a firmer texture.

 photo IMG_20180713_130242.jpg

Crispy Duck Skin Rice Rolls 焼鴨脆皮腸. I think this is quite unique as I’ve never come across anyone serving duck with their cheong fun. Their accompanying XO sauce is amazing too.

 photo IMG_20180713_125247.jpg

Blue Flower Glutinous Rice With Chicken, Mushrooms And Sun-Dried Scallop 古法藍花糯米鷄. Another interesting dish bringing the Blue Pea Flower in for their Loh Mai Kai, definitely good to create talking point.

 photo IMG_20180713_125531.jpg

Charcoal Bun Stuffed With Salted Egg Yolk Custard 日本竹炭流沙包. So pretty to look at, and that’s all I did. Kevin had the whole bun to himself and in his words it was definitely worth breaking the non-carb resolve.

 photo IMG_20180713_125738.jpg

Red Bean Paste With Coconut Milk Bun 紅豆椰汁包. Mixing Red Bean with Coconut Milk lends an extra creaminess to it, a little too creamy for Kevin’s liking though. Good for those who find regular red bean paste boring.

 photo IMG_20180713_125409.jpg

Matcha Buns With Pumpkin Paste 抹茶金瓜包. Well, you get the gist, they like unusual combination.

 photo IMG_20180713_125946.jpg

Japanese Unagi Cheese Roll Serve Yogurt Sauce 鰻鱼芝士乳酪卷. Who would have thought to pair Unagi with Cheese?! The lettuce and Nori gave extra crunch too. Very nice.

 photo IMG_20180713_125351.jpg

Yam Croquettes Filled With Minced Chicken And Sun-Dried Scallop 柱味鷄粒芋角. Such a huge croquette, providing a wow factor. Tastes like regular yam croquette though.

 photo IMG_20180713_125441.jpg

Cuttlefish Dumpling With Black Truffle 黑松露墨鱼賣. Didn’t get to taste this one.

More Sweet Stuff:

 photo IMG_20180713_125721.jpg

Rice Ball With Lotus Paste 珍珠莲蓉枣. Like a crispy mooncake.

 photo IMG_20180713_125621.jpg

Eggplant Shaped Glutinous Rice Ball With Purple Sweet Potato 紫薯像生茄子. So cute kan?

 photo IMG_20180713_140119.jpg

Durian Pancake 果王班载. Of course, neither of us touched this but it was very well received by the table.

The ala carte dim sum are priced between RM17 to RM28 and for premium Bird’s Nest desserts are at RM88 each. The dim sum are available from 12:00noon to 2 :30pm daily.

Chef Ng is also the mastermind behind Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar’s delectable range of mooncakes during the highly anticipated Mid-Autumn festivals. Taste traditional handmade mooncakes in Oriental Chinese with a modern twist, as we bring back to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival delicious snow skin mooncake flavours that include White Lotus Bird’s Nest & Musang King Durian flavour – of which will be handcrafted by Chef Ng.

Oriental Chinese Cuisine baked mooncakes features a variety of 8 flavours like Pure Lotus Single Yolk, Black Sesame Gold, Red Bean, Pandan Delight, Scarlett Snow, Hana Kisses, Violet Harmony and Green Tea Apricot.

 photo Artboard 6.jpg

The baked mooncakes are packaged in stylish gift boxes with 2 designs to choose from; the Pullman Signature Series (RM138nett) and the Elegance Gold Series (RM128nett). Guests are able to choose from 2 sets of mooncake combination; a) Lotus Single Yolk, Green Tea Apricot, Hana Kisses, Red Bean or Pandan OR b) Pandan Delight, Black Sesame Gold, Scarlet Snow, Violet Harmony.

 photo Artboard 1 copy 3.jpg

The Musang King Durian and White Lotus Bird’s Nest snow skin mooncake series comes in a box of 6, 3pcs each flavour or 6 pcs of the same flavour for RM198nett.

 photo Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg

Mooncakes (Snowskin)

 photo IMG_20180713_140521.jpg

Musang King Durian

 photo IMG_20180713_140549.jpg

White Lotus Bird’s Nest.

All mooncakes will be available for sale at Oriental Chinese Restaurant from 13 July till 24 September 2018 (12:00 noon – 10:00 PM) and at the Lobby shop on the
hotel’s ground floor from 13 July till 24 September 2018 (10:00 AM – 6:00PM).

For more information and custom-made corporate orders please call the retail hotline at +03 2298 1888 (ext 5100) for more details.

 photo Hongkong Flyer.jpg

There will be a treat for dimsum lovers as Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar presents “FOODIE TRAVEL TO HONG KONG” contest where a lucky diner will stand a chance 3D2N stay in Hong Kong, inclusive of flight tickets! All you need to do is just to dine in during lunch at Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, take a selfie and tag 5 friends, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar’s Facebook page and Oriental Chinese Restaurant Facebook page.

Contest period : 1 July 2018 – 31 August 2018 For more info : http://pullmankualalumpur.com/specialoffers/foodie-travel-to-hongkong/

6 Comments Add yours

  1. suituapui says:

    Oh? It’s that time of the year again? Now why would you remove the siu mai skin? My girl is gluten-intolerant so we have not gone for dim sum for a while now – wheat in most everything. Wish we had that blue loh mai kai here – soy sauce is not gluten-free as well, there’s wheat in it.

    1. kellysiew says:

      You answered your own question lol.

    2. kellysiew says:

      To avoid all obvious carbs I strip all the skins of my dumplings and cheong fun, avoid all sauce and will not touch the buns, loh mai kai and desserts.

  2. Phong Hong says:

    It’s amazing how dim sum items have evolved. I really admire your resolve to stay keto in the face of a dim sum feast!

    1. kellysiew says:

      To be honest the hidden carbs from the marinade probably have burst my carb quota to it was more like LCHF rather than Keto that day hehe

  3. kyspeaks says:

    I want the scallop dimsum, I always need them scallop dimsum!

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