MIVVA Beauty Box July Edition

Before I get to the review of July’s MIVVA Beauty Box (terribly delayed, I know), I just need to make a huge annoucement. I know that I generally don’t advertise the music stuff here but this is too exciting not to share. My first collaboration with 2 International Trance Producers (produced by Mehrad of Iranian origin, based in Singapore, remixed by Sebastian Weikum, based in Poland) is about to be released in a double-compilation CD in the UK (and online too so you too can get a copy). We are going International! Here’s a preview track for you:

Please do head over to YouTube to like the video, leave a comment and even share it on your social media sites if you have the time. It will definitely help me with my career. Thank you so much in advance! Enjoy the music.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End Commercial Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok now, back to the beauty box. This is my fourth MIVVA Box and I’ve always wondered how they can keep the price so low, yet able to pack in so many products. It’s hard to believe the subscription is merely RM38 when you unbox and see this:

Apted themed: My Pamper Kit
Apted themed: My Pamper Kit

As usual, I’ll start with my favourite product in the box:

UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream
UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream RM98 for 15ml

I’ve never heard of this brand before. Google tells me it’s a local manufacturer though they do use the best natural ingredients and biotechnology in their formulations. This Eye and Lip cream is specially designed to block cell degeneration by scavenging the free radicals and epidermis mediators that could damage the skin tissue fibres. Designed to enhance the biological function of the lymphatic system, thus strengthening the cell metabolism. This helps to eliminate eye bags, dark eye circles, bulging, puffiness and fine lines, making the facial skin around the eyes firmer and brighter. Personally, I like the texture of the cream as it’s quite light and gets absorbed well. I haven’t used it long enough to get rid of my dark circles but eye area sure looks more hydrated. It also reduces my addiction to lip balm somewhat.

Re-gen Oil RM29.90 for 75ml
Re-gen Oil RM29.90 for 75ml

I’ve been a long-term user of Bio Oil and Re-gen Oil contains very similar list of ingredients: PCL Liquid, Lavender/Calendula/Chamomile/Rosemary Oils. To me, the benefits are the same: providing moisture and improving blemished skin and scars. I am naturally klutzy so needless to mention, I have a lot of scars on my body so these products are very much welcomed.

Beautymate Puryfying & Hydrating Nano Toner
Beautymate Puryfying & Hydrating Nano Toner

Beautymate is a pretty reputable brand and this toner is formulated to brighten up skin tone and increase the moisture balance. Nothing can sway me away from SKII FTE though, so this will be given away soon.

Smang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner and Emulsion RM190.90 each for 160ml
Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner and Emulsion RM139.90 each for 160ml

Another brand I’ve never heard of. Obviously Korean, it’s a herbal formula containing extract from chrysanthemum Indicum Flower, Cyperus Rotundus Root, Red Ginseng, Hoelen alba, angelica gagas, white peony roots, chuanxiong and gardenia seeds which improve blood circulation and enhances skin’s natural moisturizing function. The scent is a little strong, but the formula is silky and quite hydrating. I will keep this for my next trip (in couple of weeks’ time).

Elianto Ardour Shadow
Elianto Ardour Shadow RM8

Not a brand I’d go for, but I do like the colour (I use quite a bit of blue as I have a lot of dresses in various shades of blue). This has a matte finish though, so a little bit goes a long way.

Cute little Pumice Stone
Cute little Pumice Stone

Compact enough for travel, this is useful to scrub off the dead skin and calluses on my feet. Sorry if the visual isn’t too pretty (well unless you have a foot fetish….. please do keep it to yourself if that’s the case yeah).

So that’s all for July’s MIVVA Beauty Box. Definitely good value for money! Want to get yours? Head over to www.MIVVA.com to find out how!

More info:
Facebook: fb.com/MIVVAcom
Twitter: twitter.com/MIVVAcom

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  1. all the best on the cd! i’m listening to the preview now at the office before i leave work, and am enjoying the clip. it’s gonna be really enjoyed by a lot of people in the clubs, i bet! 😀

    1. kellysiew says:

      Ooh thank you! 😀 I’m hoping this will be played at clubs at least. Haha

  2. berry upbeat tune! i’m sure club goers will love it 😉

    all the best on the sale of the cd Kelly!

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