New Shanghai Legend @ E.A.T. Village, Publika

Couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the newly opened New Shanghai Legend in Publika for a little tasting session. Some of you might know of their other outlet in Pavilion KL which serves exclusively Dim Sum. The new outlet has a slightly more extensive menu, with main course dishes.

Lovely Interior

Situated in the E.A.T. village at Publika (which dons thematic Chinese art decor with beautiful antique-looking paintings and calligraphy), New Shanghai Legend fits right in with the theme. The interior is decked out mainly with wood structures, with a hint of Victorian inspired by the French Concession. Reminiscent of the elegant and vibrant Shanghai in the 1930s. This outlet has a seating capacity of 50. Suitable for family dining, business meetings, even a romantic date.

Radish Roll 罗卜卷 – RM15

We started our dinner with this refreshing appetiser: Radish Roll (with Carrot filling). The vegetables were pickled, so they are crunchy with a lovely balance of tartness and sweetness. Well executed and elegantly presented.

Chicken Roll with Jelly Fish 海蜇鸡卷 – RM18

Another cold dish, and I enjoyed the texture of the Jelly fish. A little spicy kick helps too. The Chicken was tender enough, but a bit on the bland side.

White Bait Fish with Salted Egg 咸蛋白饭鱼 – RM15

Here comes the hot appetisers. First the Deep fried White Bait with Salted Egg. Salted egg always adds that little “something something” to the batter. It pretty much makes anything taste good. This was no exception. Deliciously umami.

Chicken floss served with Spicy Oil 麻酱鸡丝 – RM15

A little crispy, a little chewy with plenty of spiciness. This dish was very popular with the ladies (and the lone guy). A flavour explosion.

Deep-Fried Golden Needle Mushrooms with Salt & Pepper 黄金珊瑚 – RM15

I love Enoki Mushrooms in any form. When deep fried, they taste a little nutty with a slight piquancy. The crunchy stalks had me going back for more.

Water-Cress with Salted and Century Eggs 西洋菜苗与金银蛋扒 – RM17

Coincidentally, I cooked Watercress soup the day before this review. This version is so much more decadent with the addition of Salted and Century Eggs, infusing the soup with their own unique flavours. I like how the Watercress is still bright green. Crunch seems to be the theme of the night. Not that I’m complaining.

Assorted Dim Sum – RM6.8 per basket. Chicken BBQ Puff RM3.8 each

The dinner took a different direction with this presentation of assorted Dim Sums. It felt a little weird having these at night, but New Shanghai do serve all day Dim Sum (both outlets) so you know where to go if you have sudden cravings! There were Prawn/Chicken dumplings with ‘special sauce’ (right at the front), Prawn and Vegetables dumpling top with ‘caviar’ (middle), Prawn and Pumpkin dumplings (the triangular ones), and Chicken BBQ Puffs (all the way in the back). All contain very generous amount of fillings. Although I’d prefer the skins to be more delicate and thinner. I didn’t like the Chicken BBQ Puffs though, the pastry was a little bland and the filling lacks flavour.

Steamed Village Chicken with Special Sauce 千里鸡 – RM38 (Half Chicken)

Kampong chicken is used for this dish, so you would expect firmer and leaner meat. The sauce is thick with a distinctive pungent aroma of ginger, but also slightly sweet. This would be quite lovely with rice.

Fried Ramen with Bean Sprouts 银芽鼓油皇炒拉面 – RM15

Simply fried with dark soy sauce with some eggs and vegetables, I would happily chow down a large portion of this without all the other fancy dishes. Good amount of “wok hei”, springy noodles. Perfect.

Osmanthus Cake 桂花糕 RM5.8 Per piece (top left)
Soft Cotton Cake 棉花糕 RM 5.8 Per piece (top right)
Green Tea Cake 绿茶糕 RM5.8 Per piece (bottom)

It’s hard to pick a favourite out of the desserts. The Osmanthus Jelly paired Osmanthus flower with wolfberries, said to have many health benefits including promoting beautiful skin, aiding digestion and detoxification, and relieving fatigue. Not only it’s good for you, it has a wonderful aroma with just right amount of sweetness. The Soft Cotton Cake is basically that: soft and cottony. Very airy texture yet a little mousse like which intrigues me. I also enjoyed the Green Tea Cake with a strong Matcha flavour. They are all good!

Group pic with the MHB, Girls from Foodcult, and MHB founder Tim Chew

Very satisfying meal loaded with calories. The night was still young, so we dropped by Rootz for some beer lifting exercise after that. Hehe.

Thank you Jacqueline for the hospitality!

All photos taken by Tim Chew.

New Shanghai Legend
Publika, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6211 6183

New Shanghai
Lot 1.02.00 Pavilion KL
(Opposite Mercato)
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2142 2833

New Shanghai is Pork Free. 

14 Comments Add yours

  1. libishski says:

    This looks like a sick restaurant. It’s funny seeing yum cha being served at night but that’s when a lot of my cravings hit so I would welcome a place like this in Melbourne!

    1. kellysiew says:

      Yeah I think yum cha at night is pretty rare in Melbourne. Though I suppose there’s China bar buffet……

  2. Rebecca says:

    ahh saw the tiny desc at the bottom. Thanks!

    1. kellysiew says:

      Yeap yeap. Prices in the captions.

  3. I still don’t know how you and your lovely blogger lady friends managed to look so slim and attractive, with all these food tasting sessions one after another. Still, what a feast !! Only wish I was there 🙂

    1. kellysiew says:

      Last month was a very fattening month and I’m afraid it will continue all the way until Christmas! I think I have to put in the extra hours and start working out…..

  4. theragingcook says:

    Lol just had dinner, now viewing this post and having chicken and jelly fish and chicken floss cravings oh torture!

  5. I’m so going to try deep fried enoki mushrooms now! They’re one of my favourite mushrooms 🙂

    1. kellysiew says:

      Yes!! They are my favourite too! Deep frying them makes them even more delicious!

  6. CH says:

    Went there last weekend, I would comment this is one of the worst restaurant I visited. I was impressed by the review initially before going, the old shanghai style and taste, but when I was there, only two tables (one couple and the other table is friend and myself). The waitress came and server after few times waving my hand (don’t think they care about it at all), the drink that I ordered (milk tea) totally tasteless, I believe the tea leaf have already been made for many cups and no taste of tea except the milk plus some colouring and sugar, I order the dessert, porridge and cheong fun, only the porridge is good and the rest does not really good as per comment from internet, especially the dessert, it seems like already been kept for quite some time and just taken out from refrigerator to heat it up and served. The prize is totally not worth for the taste of the food and the service. I believe this restaurant will not last long.

    1. kellysiew says:

      That’s unfortunate. A lot of the restaurants in KL suffers from the same thing, just wanting to make a quick buck without real passion. I hope you gave your feedback to the restaurant.

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