GoMakan.com Launch at Club Neverland

GoMakan.com, the newest local food directory for Klang Valley has just celebrated their launch at Club Neverland and I was invited by Poesy Liang to witness the launch last Friday. At a club, you say? Yes! With food stalls, unlimited booze (Carlsberg and some bubbly towards the end of the party), games, lucky draw and hosted by none the other Joanne Kam Po Po! What a blast!

After an agonizing journey through the famous KL friday evening jam, I arrived at the venue more than an hour late. By then the party was already in full swing! Joanne Kam was up there doing her thing and I could not believe some of the things she said! Apparently this is a ‘toned’ down version of her usual stand up acts. Brave woman, I have to say!

Not wasting anytime, I dragged Yat along to cruise around the food stalls and sample some of the goodies they had to offer. Starting with some Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla an Chicken wings while we waited for the Infamous Fukuharu Mentai Sushi.

Chicken Delights?

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name of the ‘chicken stall’ but I did enjoy the cheesy quesadilla!

So we were waiting..

Fukuharu stall was probably the most popular that night, having to keep replenishing their sushi supply and you can see the staff charring the Mentai away with a mini blow torch.

Mentai and tamago sushi

No wonder my friends have not been able to shut up about these sushi. Creamy but not overwhelming on the palate, delightfully umami! I managed to have 3 of them! Definitely going back to Fukuharu for more.

And look who we saw at the Curry Puffs stall?

Joanne Kam herself, talking about G spot and the likes while teasing the stall owners.

Well, moving on… we checked out the rest of the food stalls, filling our plates as we go.


Wasn’t terribly impressed with these as they are all deep fried items hence quite forgettable.

More food!

D’fish presented their delectable morsels in plastic spoons, might be pretty to look at but definitely could have done without all these plastic though. From bottom: shrimp, battered fish fillet and marmite chicken.

Macarons and Mr Siew Bao

I was surprised to find these Macarons from Wrapstarzz were actually quite good! Impressive for a place which specialises more on wraps. My favourite was the yellow/cream coloured (popcorn/caramel) one. The shells were suitably crumbly and slightly chewy while the filling was not overly sweet.

The mushroom siew bao had decent filling but I was disappointed with the pastry. It was too thick and not flaky at all.

The rest of the night was spent catching up with fellow foodie friends, some of them I have not seen for quite a while which was nice.

Boys from Socialgroove with us girls

Congratulations GoMakan.com for putting together such a successful event. And do visit their website, browse around for your next dining destination. It is relatively new and there are not many restaurants up there yet, but we can sure look forward to their continuous growth!

And thank you Miss Poesy Liang for the invite! We were feather sisters that night.

Love the contrasting colours.

Thank you Chris Tock for some of the photos!


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