Philips Raya Cooking Session with Chef Marina

It's no secret that I am a kitchen gadget geeks, and it shall come as no surprise that I own most of the Philips kitchen appliances because of their functionality and convenience. I use my Philips All-In-One Cooker, Philips Airfryer (older generation so it's almost time to upgrade) and Philips Blender on an almost daily... Continue Reading →


Grilled Eggplant with Ponzu

Bliss, is when you have found a life partner who is just excited as you are to go on food adventures of different kinds. I'm lucky that Kevin and I seem to agree most of the time on our meal choices, and that has brought us some memorable dining experiences, some are hits and some... Continue Reading →

Philips AirFryer: A review

I have talked about the Philips AirFryer in a few posts, namely here, here and here. Today I'd like to share a bit of a detailed review on this time-saver. Better yet, I shall share with you the interesting dishes I've cooked using the AirFryer. But before that, an image of my new love in... Continue Reading →

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