Mono Coffee @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

It’s good to see that people in Klang Valley are embracing the cafe culture, which is something I really miss about Melbourne. I had a latte habit for many years and had to stop because the coffee here was simply not up to scratch. But fret not, because now that the competition is so fierce, it’s only going to get better. Well, introducing Mono Coffee, a third wave coffee shop that is designed to serve artisan and creative cooking. Freshly landed in Publika just a month ago, Mono Coffee has a vision to create a comfortable place for coffee lovers to stop by and enjoy a cuppa.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to celebrate the Grand Opening and we also got a little taste of what they had to offer. It was a casual affair, and the event kicked off with a demonstration that included an introduction session to the beans they use. Some of the guests also got to try making their own latte art.

Demo Session run by their barista

Of course, what’s a Grand opening without a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony? Founder & Group CEO Matthew Chong did the honour, while all of us cheered on.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

What’s a visit to a coffee place without trying their coffee right? Risking staying up all night (usually I only do caffeine beverages during the day), I ordered a flat white.

Flat White

Their own house-blend named “Monian” is mainly from a house blend of 3 prestigious kinds of green coffee beans: Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra Lintong. I’m not coffee connoisseur and can’t tell you the tasting notes off my hand but I give you an idea: Ahhh! The familiar taste of my past came lurking back *shivers* (I guess I can get used to this again).

But what really sealed the deal would be the food of course. The styles of food here are veered toward Western cafe food with a bit of creative touch. You’ll find common breakfast item given a Mono twist, thanks to the innovative Kitchen team.

So here are some of the dishes that were served during the evening:

Pods & Chicken Salad (RM16)

Love the pretty colours of the dish and the clean elegant presentation. Essentially a Chicken and Beans salad; it’s dressed simply (love the citrus note) but seasoned well. I love the salty bursts of the feta cheese, and good to have the textural contrast for a little bit of fun factor too.

Beef & Hashed “Benedicts” (RM 17)

The Beef and Hash Benedicts looked tempting with corned beef, grated potato, poached egg, pea sprout and spiced hollandaise sauce; though we didn’t actually get to try this dish (definitely during my next visit).

Stack it (RM14)

The “Stack it” consists of pancakes with beef bacon, cherry tomatoes, maple syrup and a peanut butter based sauce. The combination of sweet and savoury is very appealing indeed.

Our cute little tasting platter.
Pasta Alla Mono

Pasta Alla Mono caters for the vegetarians, with al dente pasta seasoned liberally with extra virgin olive oil, topped with grilled vegetables, a generous sprinkling of arugula, sunflower seeds, and balsamic vinegar. It’s pleasant enough to eat, although some might find it on the oily side.

With the MHB Girls.

Thank you Mono Coffee for the invitation, looking forward to a nice brunch session soon!

MONO Coffee
A2-G2-3A Publika Shopping Gallery
Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 5239


2 thoughts on “Mono Coffee @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

  1. Congrats to the guys on their grand opening, all the best. If your pictures are anything to go by, I bet they will do well. Everything looks gorgeous…especially that stack of pancakes with bacon on top. Drool! Drool!!!

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